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  1. ABK has been so poorly run that this is nothing but a good thing for everyone involved. When your employee union is celebrating that you're being acquired? You know that the company was in seriously dire straits. This acquisition actually gives hope that we might see ABK's studios finally be released from the COD dungeon, and gives hope that the likes of THPS and Crash Bandicoot might yet live again. It also means that Nintendo platforms will finally stop being left out of major ABK releases like COD. This is a good thing... and the fact that it's taken a $70 billion acquisition for Kotick's head to get out of his company's arse is the real travesty here.
  2. That's really cool. Crazy that it's only his 7th ever role! Nintendo seem to have a bit of a knack for finding up & coming talent... he joins the likes of Xander Mobus and Adam Howden in that regard; and if their post-Nintendo discovery careers are anything to go by? Afghani has a hell of a future lined up for him
  3. Well that decides it then. The 27th it is
  4. I’d suggest going on without me, I’m working next Friday as well, so if you guys wanted to wait for me, you’d be waiting all the way until the 27th… It’s fine, I’d rather you guys enjoy yourselves
  5. Name changes are in-bound!!! Is nothing sacred? (Neosquid is definitely not long for this world... and that's fair enough, because that's almost certainly a 1996 Microsoft Excel incorrect character name swap related gaff). I wonder who's gonna replace Bruce Lee... Little Mac perhaps?
  6. Princess Peach Showtime (March 22 2024)

    Agreed. Does smack a bit of Dreamworks... and the SMB Movie... It's nice to see Peach be a bit more expressive in general though, and to see Nintendo allow their characters to continue going a bit more off-model. But they had better not start letting the SMB Movie designs bleed over into the actual games...
  7. So Kamiya has done the in-thing and has started a Youtube channel... Right now, he's under a non-compete contract clause that prevents him from working in the games industry for the next 12 months... So he's currently spending his time bumming around and making homemade curry, while driving his Lambo to the job centre. He won't say explicitly why he quit Platinum, but it basically sounds like he doesn't like where the company is heading with its push for GAAS and wants to carry on making traditional single player action games. He's planning on continuing to make games after those 12 months are up, so he's not retiring (unlike Sakurai), and wants a company to pay him a totally reasonable $670,000 yearly salary for him to join. He will also still block you on Twitter. Sounds like he'll be alright
  8. Unlimited sadness I'm guessing that means that Project GG has been cancelled then. Doesn't sound like an amicable split at all... Wonder where Kamiya will end up next...
  9. PC Gaming Discussion

    Oh shit!! Okami's gonna look SICK in S3D!!! Whelp! Guess I'm playing through Okami again now
  10. All Bond Games

    The Stealth Affair definitely sounds like a Delphine Software game. Massively ambitious, but the execution just doesn't match up to the vision. Shame really. Also wow, there are a lot more micro computer Bond games than I thought there would be! Would've figured the license to be too expensive for developers/publishers of the 80s, but I guess I was wrong!
  11. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Still every bit as ugly as the original
  12. General Switch Discussion

    Pretty scummy that they killed Pac-man 99 for this. It looks like decent fun, but there's no way that I'm playing it, just out of pure principle.
  13. Vampire Survivors

    Just unlocked the Astral Stair and got the relics within... The amount of new mechanics that the game is still throwing at me after all these hours is nuts!
  14. PC Gaming Discussion

    Also worth keeping in mind that the Steam Deck has a bespoke OS that has native support for things like sleep/wake, hardware level FPS caps (that work perfectly with no microstuttering), brightness etc. It feels like an actual handheld device, rather than a Windows/Linux PC shoved uncomfortably into a handheld form factor. That makes a big difference to the end-user experience. You can just use it as if it were a console.
  15. Wii U General Discussion

    Very sad news. We knew this day would be coming soon enough, especially with hackers screwing around with Nintendo's Wii U/3DS servers, but it's still sad to see happen. Hope we can get a few NE nights in for some Wii U and 3DS multiplayer fun before the doors close.
  16. All Bond Games

    Nah, clearly he means the Wii game... or maybe the PS3/360 version?
  17. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    That was some sick Simon gameplay from @RedShell at the end there! (not from you though Simon ). Fun times as always
  18. Update inbound! https://x.com/HolyWowStudios/status/1707111454413889606?s=20
  19. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Very interesting… Wonder if this means that Sony Japan might now have a chance to wrestle back a bit of power…
  20. General Retro Discussion

    I got myself a goodie… He’s on fire! It may just be an Arcade1up, but I have my first Arcade cabinet! Was going for £400 (down from the usual £700 it goes for), so I couldn’t let it slip by me! Have upgraded it with a better screen and proper Suzohapp buttons, very happy with it! Was gonna wait until I moved into my new place before I started buying proper arcade cabinets (real Candy Cabinet ones, not Arcade1ups), but this one offers a four player control deck that the ones I’m eventually going to buy will not; so it will still have a unique use in my new place when I do move. That was my excuse for jumping on that deal
  21. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    Considering that they’re doing the same thing with Mario Kart 8? I actually don’t think that’s the case. They probably just wanted something for the Xmas season and came up with a half-baked product.
  22. Vampire Survivors

    New "Whiteout" update coming out soon. New stage, new weapon, new character, new enemies, more stuff! https://x.com/poncle_vampire/status/1706686384327602427?s=20 Cool
  23. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

    Remove the micro transactions and you’ll have yourself a sale S-E!
  24. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    Worth noting that this does NOT include the second DLC pack on the cartridge (The Indigo Disk), it's a seperate download. Really hope that they eventually do a print that has all of the DLC on cart, like what they did for Sword/Shield...