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  1. General Retro Discussion

    Aww man... If I didn't already have two of the things I'd totally cop a purple one!
  2. Tell that to Limited Run Games...
  3. Yeah, NetEase does seem like the most likely candidate. Chinese developers/publishers are just offering better pay & conditions than their Japanese counterparts right now, and all the big Japanese developers are suffering brain drain as a result. For someone like Kamiya though? You’d think that every big Japanese giant would be tripping over themselves to throw money at the guy… Still, I think he’ll want to remain as independent as possible, and I can’t see anyone other than NetEase being willing to let him establish a new studio on their dime.
  4. Unlimited sadness I'm guessing that means that Project GG has been cancelled then. Doesn't sound like an amicable split at all... Wonder where Kamiya will end up next...
  5. All those nice touches, yet they can’t be bothered to ensure that the games don’t run like arse on Switch
  6. Well that came out of absolutely nowhere! Glad to hear that its fully backwards compatible with PS4! The raytracing stuff is all gravy really, but the BC is the real kicker! 3D audio (presumably Dolby Atmos) is also really cool and I'm glad that its apparantly a big focus with the PS5! SSD storage is also a big surprise; that's surely gonna cost a fortune!? Now there's officially no reason to buy a PS4!
  7. Yeah, Unity is done. They really just don't get it. Wonder if Nintendo's partner studios will also ditch the engine now as well...
  8. PC Gaming Discussion

    IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!! It works just as well as I was hoping it would! Like a little diorama come to life Yeah, if you crave the 3D experience again; I massively reccommend this screen! I gotta try out some Virtual Boy and 3DS games on this thing...
  9. Great game, amazing multiplayer title! This is gonna be awesome with online play
  10. Sonic Superstars

    Brand new 2D sidescrolling Sonic game with 3D graphics. 4 player Co-op. You’re welcome @Cube…
  11. PC Gaming Discussion

    I… I bought it… (got it on a discount at least) I just tried it out… I just saw the greatest avocado I’ve ever seen in my life! This thing is the real deal! It works exactly as advertised! I cannot WAIT to play Octopath Traveller 1 & 2 on this thing!! (But it’ll have to wait until Saturday). God it’s SO fucking cool! I LOVE it!
  12. Yup. Only Octopath Traveller 1 content that Sony fans will find are the DLC songs in Theatrhythm. They got OT2, but no OT1. Yes it is as bizarre as you’re thinking.
  13. https://www.gamingaccessweekly.com/2022/05/eiyuden-chronicle-rising-sets-the-stage-on-pc-and-consoles-today/ Switch version confirmed today! It's no longer being held back for Switch 2 (guess the devs got tired of waiting), so now it goes in the Nintendo Gaming forum! New trailer for both Hundred Heroes and Rising got released today too... I suspect that the Switch version will end up being a trash afterthought port (just like Bloodstained before it), but hey! It's coming to Switch now, so have at it.
  14. At least they actually got both games, unlike a certain competitor’s console
  15. Spikeout confirmed!!! Also has SEGA Bass Fishing as well (presumably the Model 3 version, rather than the usually ported Dreamcast release).
  16. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Apple called, it wants its Mac Pro rubbish bin back.
  17. Xbox hardware roadmap from 2022 - 2029 There it is. So the decision about ARM vs x86 should already have happened by now. OHOHOHO! Next console should be launching in November 2028 in this case.
  18. Xbox wanting to buy Nintendo isn't a revelation in the slightest, hell; they tried to buy them multiple times before, as far back as 2000. This is fully public info, even appearing in the Xbox 20th anniversary documentary and museum website! I bet Jim Ryan would also love to buy Nintendo... it's never gonna happen though
  19. Potential switch to ARM for the next gen Xbox? Ohoho! Xbox does what Nintendoes! Speaking of which... looks like Xbox controllers are finally getting motion controls! Only took 'em 3 generations to catch up! Bethesda's lineup looks disappointingly dull though. Who asked for another Ghostwire Tokyo!? And while it's nice to see more Nu Doom, I would rather have seen ID do something a bit different like a new Quake or something.
  20. I think the bigger issue than raw sales is the fact that F-Zero is typically positioned as a bit of a tech showpiece franchise for Nintendo. Much like its sister series Pilotwings, F-Zero was developed as a tech demo for the SNES' Mode 7 tech, and then used to show off advancements in 3D technology. With Nintendo moving away from pushing graphics horsepower, and the Switch not exactly being much of a powerhouse itself? F-Zero is in a bit of a bad spot from a creative perspective... Though that being said? It would certainly be a great fit as a launch title for Nintendo's shiny new Switch successor Anyway, thoroughly enjoying F-Zero 99 myself. Though the physics don't really feel quite right here, and it does feel a bit sluggish as a pure F-Zero racer, the sheer chaos of fighting against 98 other racers on the track is always fun. It's always funny seeing like 20 other racers all explode right as you come to the end of the final lap Haven't managed to win a race just yet, but I haven't had much time to play it yet. I'm sure my time will come soon enough though!
  21. I quite enjoyed 12 Minutes myself. Sure, the plot is full of holes and is overly reliant on the Unreliable Narrator trope (much like Heavy Rain… also lambasted for very similar reasons), but I quite enjoyed the gameplay and how you can experiment with changing the outcome of the story and unlocking new parts as you figure out the game’s structure. But much like Heavy Rain, it’s a story that only really works within the context of an interactive game; and it genuinely takes advantage of the medium to present a unique form of storytelling. And while everyone is overly focused on the actual story itself (and their use of the Unreliable Narrator trope; as well as the “eww gross!” factor of 12 Minutes), they do make good on their respective gameplay/narrative structure promises. That’s worthy of recognition, and it’s not fair to dismiss their legitimate accomplishments. Also 12 Minutes lets you stab yourself for no reason, and that always makes me howl with laughter every time I do it
  22. Funnily enough, I just so happen to already have a Your Gaming Diary post ready to go for Wand of Gamelon and Superman 64! In short? Wand of Gamelon and Faces of Evil are actually not totally awful. They’re really both victims of the horrible console that they were made for, and the terrible circumstances that they were made under; but they’re honestly nowhere near as bad as their reputation makes them out to be. They have some good ideas with some questionable execution, but they’re genuinely entertaining; both in spite of, and because of, their limitations. And any game that can offer legit entertainment value can’t really be all bad. Also, their soundtracks are banging… I haven’t actually played the fan-made remaster yet, but I can honestly imagine these games becoming genuinely decent if it manages to address the big technical flaws with the original CDi release. Superman 64 though? Nah, that actually does deserve its reputation. It’s utter trash, with no real redeeming features. It is at least fun to point and laugh at though… unlike Perfect Dark Zero (ugh…). Honestly, Perfect Dark Zero might actually be a genuine contender for worst game I’ve ever played. While it’s perfectly functional as a piece of software (unlike Superman 64), it’s just so utterly mind numbingly boring to play; with some of the absolute worst level design I’ve ever seen. It’s just so shocking that this was the follow up to Perfect Dark of all games; you know, one of the very best games ever made. And it’s also just so disrespectful to its predecessor as well! Fuck that game!
  23. Just had a thought… @Cube, will you be covering the various Star Trek pinball machines? There’s some really good ones out there, and there are digital versions of some of them that are available (such as TNG in The Pinball Arcade and Pinball FX).
  24. Nice to finally see NST return to the original DK94 style of gameplay, even if it is a remake. Wonder if they’ll end up reviving the scrapped level editor that was supposed to be in the original GBA game… or perhaps the e-Reader levels that previously went unreleased.
  25. Contra: Operation Galuga (Early 2024)

    At first, when I saw the game on the ND, I was like… … then when they said it was being done by Wayforward… Defo keeping my eye on this one