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  1. Is there a new remote or something for the iMacs?


    I am jealous of all the new Mac buying.


    Nothing better than opening an Apple product.


    Such quality and love.


    Although I can't say the same for the staff at the store, who called me stupid.


    Lol The bloke who served me was extremely helpful, and saved me £300 :)


    I'm not sure what he is getting out of telling me to buy the cheaper laptop, and giving me a student discount when I'm not a student, and have already agreed to buy the laptop.

  2. Posting this on my brand new Macbook :) Got the baseline £799 one, which was recommended by the Apple guy in the shop. He said don't bother with the Pro model as there is no difference.

    He then asked if I was a student which I told him no, and he then went and had a word with someone and said if you get Apple Care and the One to One tutorial thing I could have it through on student discount.

    So for £813 I got my Macbook, 3 year warranty, and a year of One to One sessions at the Apple Store. Well happy with it.


    The screen is amazing, far better than the last Macbook, which has been doing my head for a year and a half now with it's flickering. The sound is much better than the previous one as well. Overall this is a far better laptop than the previous one. The last one always felt a bit cheap and like it was gonna fall apart. Which it kinda did...

  3. Ohhh care to explain? I was going to go to HSBC tomorrow for a credit card.


    Basically I have a Halifax credit card with £700 still on it, and my 0% interest on purchases runs out next month so I applied for another card to transfer the balance. HSBC card has 0% on balance transfers for 15 months, so I'm buying the Macbook on my Halifax card, transferring it all to the HSBC card when I get it next week and paying it off like normal over the next 6 months or so.

  4. Lovely. Pretty much ruined inFamous for myself. My girlfriend played yesterday, and when I came to play her save loaded (which always annoys me about this game) and then I went to load my save while half asleep and ended up saving over my save, which was at nearly 50%. Feel just gutted really, and right now, like I don't ever want to play it again :p

  5. It's not making games too easy, it's giving the option to the gamer to make the games too easy. There's a difference. Think of it like difficulty levels. Not everyone plays the COD games on Veteran. Most people I know play them on Normal. The COD games are a walk in the park on Recruit or Normal and extremely hard on Veteran. The player is given the choice of how he want to play the game, easy or hard. Same here. If you want a hardcore pure racing experience, turn off all assists and don't use the rewind button. If someone else just wants to have fun without frustrations, then that someone will use some assists and the rewind button if needed.


    Exactly. Also If I race for half an hour, and on the last corner screw up, that disc is getting mangled in anger. With a rewind button all is saved :D Plus it's not playing it for you.

  6. Totally agree. Gutted to be honest as the podcast has been weekly thing for me now for 2 years or so. I was gutted at the end of 1UP Yours but over it pretty quickly when Listen UP was practically the same thing with the same people. But now I see no point in it carrying on with it.

    Think I'll stick to the Giant Bombcast, which I also regularly enjoy. But yeah, felt gutted last night seeing my newly downloaded podcast say it was basically the last one.

  7. Hmmm that's slightly annoying. Playing co-op with fellow owners in certain games would've been nice, oh well. I can't believe how my excitement for this has just triggered after actually thinking of buying and holding one.

    Completely stupid, after watching 1 video and hearing Daft I suddenly feel like I should be getting one this year.


    I want one u_u


    I know, I've never owned a PSP and haven't ever really wanted to since my DS pretty much covers me for what little portable gaming I do, but after seeing videos of this I want one. Trouble is I'm paying off my credit card right now, and then saving to move out so it's pretty much out of the question.

  8. Yeah thats whats put me off getting a touch...I'm in much the same place as Dyson my 8GB Nano isn't big enough now. I need a new phone though as well because mine broke so I'm using a crappy old nokia...holding out till my contract expires in Jan...have weighed up either cancelling my contract or paying 2 at once but thats just mental...


    January will be a good time to get an iPhone now that O2 can't charge whatever they like. I'll be expecting a few more texts for the price if they want me to stay with them.

  9. Thing is, I renewed my Xbox Live this week, played CoD4 online for the first time in months and am loving it again. Now, do I be a hypocrite and buy this after all the bullshit I said about the price, Or do I continue to deny myself a game I want for the sake of £5.


    I hate Activision.

  10. I have only played through the first 2 areas of the game, and found that to be about enough for me.

    After that the only difference seems to be a different skin for the same game. Not all that impressed, but certainly a good looking game (although the visual style did confuse me at times as it was hard to pick stuff out), and decent enough sound design. It would have been much better if there was just more to it, like more finishing moves and stuff like that.


    It doesn't help that the camera is pretty bad either. I like it enough to keep it though.

  11. aha that would be immense :hehe:



    cant seem to do "king of the hill" with no faults on trails its doing head in :red:...all of the rest on hard ive done with no faults :D


    forza 3 is defo a try before hire (lovefilm) for me as found forza 2 rather boring as it got further into the game. Races in rather slow cars..going around a track you have already gone around several times in career..in a 20 plus lap race just hope its not like that again.


    Totally agree about Forza 2. Started off enjoying that game, and found it tedious half way through.

  12. I'm in agreement with Daft and Dwarf here. So what if we don't want to buy it? At the end of the day, at least we're making the right choice morally. Activi$ion are tossers, especailly that guy working for them. We don't want those greedy selfish fat cats to get our money!


    If I ever get it, it'll either be second hand, or downloaded. Oh yes, I'll go there, as long as they don't get my money.


    Oh, and "missing out"? Hardly, I'd rather buy more games than have to dish out shitloads for one.


    Completely agree with you guys. It annoys me that they've raised the price, and if everyone took the attitude of "oh well, what difference will I make" then they can keep pushing the price up and up, to whatever they want.


    Everyone gets to a point where they say no, and this appears to be ours. If this game was a special case where they might make a loss at a lower price, whereas this game will sell millions and is just another example of Activisions greed.


    I will play Left4Dead 2 this Christmas happy in the knowledge that I've made just the smallest of differences.

  13. Having come from a humble upbringing, I never had enough money to go out and buy games myself. I would have to pick one or so for my birthday. For the N64 gen this was fine. As i got older, pocket money increased, and I found out about the used game market so i was able to get much more for my cash come the Dreamcast (it had already died by then) and PS2 era. Now it comes to today, where I have a job and enough moneyt to have a ps3 collection that is 20+ games strong, and this is not including the games on the machine itself. I often wonder to myself if I am addicted. I dont think im addicted to playing games but more like im addicted to the excitement of playing a new game, i.e. buying games. I don't know where this has come from, but I don't play most of my games to completion, and the games I play on a regular basis are some of the older ones like Counter Strike Source. I feel like im really spoilt for choice.


    This is exactly how I am. I see a new game that looks great and buy it, play for an hour then it gets put on the big pile to play with the rest of them. Thinking about it, it would be better for me to just join one of those rental things and get a different game every so often.

  14. I do agree really. I for one have never had any problem with anyone who only owns a Wii, and anyone who do surely is a bit of a sad act!

    Personally Wii is my least favourite of all the consoles, but I still enjoy it, especially Boom Blox, Mario Galaxy and the like.

    I would actually prefer to have one console. As you say it is very difficult to keep up with all of these games coming out on 3 consoles. I do sort of miss the days of just having a Gamecube. There just isn't enough time in the day to play them all as well which is a problem for me when I work and have a girlfriend. I have 42 games in my current gen collection (from Wii, 360, and PS3), so it's very difficult with some to actually get through them. I have owned Super Paper Mario since it came out and have played it for all of an hour! I hope to get into it but since it didn't initially grab me I moved onto another game I had to play.


    I miss the days of only having a few games to play, and next gen I will most likely wait to move onto different consoles and just pick one of them.

  15. Completely agree with KKOB on here. I use Windows more than I use OS X, still using XP at work. I find it really annoying, slow and a pain and actually find OS X a joy to use. I really couldn't go back, and I really had to think about it at the time. I think I bought my Macbook a month or so before KKOB did, so I've been using it for 3 years now. It still seems fast and much better than the 2 laptops my parents have had in the last couple of years.


    The Dock, Expose, and Spaces are my favourite features of OS X, as well as never having needed Anti Virus, never having to use system tools to tidy up/defrag, iLife is excellent as well, and never needing to manually install a printer. That was a wonderful moment when the printer just worked!


    I've had a couple of minor hardware problems, mostly just my screen flickering a bit for a couple of minutes from time to time, but nothing that has made me even think about moving back to PC.


    If you can get the programs to work on OS X then I couldn't recommend switching enough.


    One last thing, don't look at specs. If someone handed you a Macbook and a Dell, it's extremely likely the Macbook would start up faster. If you didn't know the specs of these things you would never feel as if you were paying more money for less hardware.