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  1. It will impact anyone that holds their phone in their left hand. So if you hold with your left hand and tap with your right, as I do being right handed, then you lose signal.


    Apparently a software update is coming this week that may help. Let's hope!

  2. For me this is a massive disappointment, however the positives of the phone mean I don't want to return it.

    Maybe I'm an idiot but I really do love this phone, so hopefully I'll be able to live with it.

  3. A friend of mine has had the same proximity thing happen to him today, and he's using an iPhone 3G. Also looking on a couple of of forums a couple of posts have said they're not using the new iPhone and it's happening. Hopefully that one is just an iOS4 bug where the sensor is too sensitive and it's taking any movement for you pulling the phone away. Well looking at voicemail in the mirror I could notice the screen come on a couple of times, but the sensor does seem to be working if you put your finger over it.

  4. I guess we'll need to wait for a decent blog to actually take one with the problem and one without and see if there's any difference in the manufacturing.


    Maybe a manufacturing problem...


    Either way fucking shocking for such an expensive device that "just works".


    I thought the Apple tax was partly justified for the quality of the design...


    That's exactly what I've always said, and I'm happy to pay the higher price for excellent quality, but this has not been a good day for me!

  5. Exactly. It's inexcusable that there's a problem like this in a mobile phone. The whole point of it is you're meant to have a reception wherever you go. It shouldn't matter if you have a case on it or not or how you hold it.


    Spot on. I expect this issue to be fixed, and not with a bit of rubber being wrapped around it.


    Just had another call and half way through I heard to 'email sent' swoosh. Looked at my phone and I've sent a blank email to someone with my face. There's a definite issue here. This happen to anyone else?

  6. Christ. Another potential issue, apparently a few people are having problems with the proximity sensor when making calls. It's basically not working properly and people are muting, or hanging up on people with their face.


    Obviously explains my issue in my other post when I mentioned muting myself, and activating facetime while on a call to my girlfriend. I'm really hoping these problems get sorted because otherwise this phone may be unusable.


    No doubt Apple will soon announce the iHandsFree for £69.99 ;)


    But seriously I'm surprised Apple haven't spoken up about this. Aren't there also cases of yellowey screens or something? Guessing its a faulty batch or whatever. Perhaps because its still fairly early in the USA they haven't addressed it much (i.e. may announce something tomorrow)?




    Might not be too much of a problem there, but the other stuff certainly is.

  7. Yes! Got it. Got there about 7.45, there was only a small crowd, although that became a large line after not too long. I was number 10 in the queue, and ended up waiting until just before 10 before I finally got in the shop to sort out the upgrade. Overall not a bad experience really, although I'm very glad I asked my girlfriend to come along otherwise that would have been a very long 2 hours.


    Things to note about the phone; beautiful screen, seriously smooth and crisp. The speed of this thing is amazing. My 3G had become an absolute chore to use with the slowness of it, whereas this thing is sticking photos on emails almost instantly, the keyboard isn't lagging at all, the homescreen is sliding from one to the next no issues, it's a joy to use now.

    Speaking of photos, the camera is pretty good. It looks like it matches my 6mp Sony camera that is a few years old now, so I'm pretty happy with it. A photo looks good as wallpaper on my laptop screen and thats good enough for me.


    Caris, I think you're right about the speaker, I think its much clearer, as well as the speaker for phone calls, cos my girlfriend sounded much clearer when I phoned her to test. Slight concern that my phone muted, then tried to facetime, and then went on to a random contact when I was in the phone call. Will have to keep an eye on that. I will also be keeping an eye on the signal, because it's been a bit low at times. Not sure if it's lower than my 3G or not. Hopefully I'm being paranoid.


    The last thing to say really is that it's an absolute stunner of a phone. It's amazing how you can really like a product and think it looks good, and then they bring out something new that makes the old one look cheap and plasticky. Once again, Apple may charge a lot for their products but it feels like a very high quality product.



    That does sound shit, and it's also what I'm wondering has happened on my phone. If you hold the left hand side of the phone the signal drops down. I've not got no service or anything but it does drop. I wonder how bad a widespread this is. Anyone else manage to replicate those videos?


    BALLS: Yep, if you set the phone down, 3G signal is full, and my webpages load pretty quickly. I picked the phone up, and the signal drops all the way to one bar, 3G turns to Edge, which even that disappears, and suddenly I get a message saying Safari can't load the page. MASSIVE FAIL.


    What happens now?

  8. Well I sent them an email and they said you can't reserve iPads.


    I called Apple after thinking I'd accidentally cancelled an online order and the guy phoned my nearest store and said they had plenty of stock so I went and got one. They're extremely nice. Love it so far. It's certain very 'Apple' so I can totally understand that if people aren't into their products they won't find this any different.


    This battery is amazing though. 3 hours of use so far and it's only gone down 30%. I'm amazed a battery life is actually as advertised.


    Got to say as well its very easy to type on this thing, in fact I've typed all of this on it.


    I do find it feels a bit odd to be holding it in portrait mode. Just feels like it was designed to be held in landscape mode.

  9. I'm working so won't get the chance of getting one from the store, I doubt there'll be any left by lunch time even :(


    Looks like I'm gonna have to try and order online, but then I don't how the early upgrade thing will work doing it that way? Also is it midnight that you can start buying from the website?


    I was also wondering this. What time can you actually order online?

    I'm probably not going to bother with going to a store I'm just going to order online.

  10. Right, I've found a PC World that have stock of iPads, and I've reserved one online, but it does mean driving to the store to go get it. It's not ages away but it's far enough that it'll be a joke if the reservation isn't actually there.


    Are PC World normally ok with stuff like this? Or are they normally utterly useless?

  11. Not looking like any phone carriers are offering pre orders now then. I'm not entirely sure what to do now, cos I could just get up in the morning on the 24th and try and order online, or I could go to the store. But I don't fancy going to a ridiculously busy store.


    Do O2 normally deliver the day after ordering?