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  1. I don't know whether to get it. Got so many games and feels like I should get on with some of them. Especially Pikmin 2. I love Pikmin and still haven't played this properly.


    Maybe I should just get it. Or not. Dunno. Fuck I hate decisions.

  2. OoT is a great game buy addmittedly hard to get into. I remember in the 64 days I got stuck in Jabu Jabus belly and didnt go back for 3 months. Also That Guy, is your name a Futurama reference?


    Nope I used it on a Spurs forum when I joined about 2 years ago and just used it here because I'm too lazy to think of other things.

  3. Anyone heard Spong's rumour?


    There is a strong chance we hear, that Zelda will come bundled with the Revolution as a 'showpiece' backwards-compatible title at launch. The wait before the final GameCube boxed version may be as long as a month.


    Sounds like a good move to me, it would persuade people to buy a Revolution who are big fans of Zelda but weren't originally planning on a Revolution, as otherwise they'd have to wait say a month.


    Also, it would guarantee more sales, as I doubt that the game itself will be being sold across most chain stores by then.


    I think its likely, and hope its true to be honest.


    Would be great actually. Everyone will be able to play it and it'll shift a few Revos without kicking GameCube owners in the teeth.

  4. TLOZ: OoT. Yeah I know, its meant to be amazing bla bla bla but with OoT disc I got with WW was a bit more difficult and boring than Wind Waker which was bright, exciting, fresh.


    Oh and be gentle with me :p


    I know exactly what you mean! I'm not sure what it was, but I really didn't like it, whereas I loved Wind Waker.

  5. Mine was, I nearly sold it, then I bought Resident Evil 4 and have been playing games on it ever since.


    Currently playing: Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime. Soon to get Eternal Darkness, Paper Mario, and Animal Crossing. I go through stages of not liking it then really wanting to play a lot. I hope to get into Pikmin 2 soon aswell.

  6. If true, then very much so. I see no reason whatsoever to get a PS3. Basically the same games as XBox 360, a bit more expensive, not as good online play, looks worse, has a worse controller (if they stick with that design.). If I had money to burn I'd get an Xbox 360 and a revolution (depending on games availiable, I wouldn't get one for the hell of it...)

  7. I won't call you a fanboy, but you know, when you can play Xbox 360 games extensively, maybe youll come to the conclusion those games are actually fun to play too? Just because you just watched demo's, you don't know if games are fun to play or not, right?


    Oh yeah, of course, however I've not seen any so far that have attracted my interest.

  8. I have to say, saw a DVD from the official magazine and I wasn't that impressed with what games are coming out, and the way those guys at the start were talking has completely convinced me not to get one. "Every game is in hi-def!!" he shouts. I don't care. Sure it'll make games look better and its a good thing but it annoys me thats what they focus on. And the way he emphasised the word 'snap' to make it seem exciting that you can change the bit of plastic on the front of the machine.


    This is why I don't like Playstation or Xbox. Too much tech not enough games. And don't give me that fanboy crap, cus until I've seen more of the Rev I'm not getting one of those either.

  9. well when I had Metroid prime i got so far but then i gave up because of bosses and stuff then when echoes came out i bought that without finishing the first one :( and i havent finished the 2nd one yet cuz im stuck!!! im ashamed of myself :(:(:( but I cant wait for this one lol

    I'm exactly the same as you. I plan to play the first again though soon, just as soon as Resi 4 has been finished.