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  1. Details of this were revealed last week. It isnt a fully featured Sky though. Just some channels namely Sports though.


    It's the Sky Player from online though isn't it? Which should have tons of stuff on it. I'm interested for that rather than Live TV.

  2. I would be more excited if I knew that I could pick a couple of favourite cars to work on throughout the game and I could enter whatever competition with whatever I wanted. I stopped playing 2 cos it told me to do up another car for practically every race.

  3. My concern with this, is it gonna cut out the annoying crappy bits like shooting and all that kind of crap. The fun of Boom Blox was throwing stuff into other stuff and seeing what happened. I'm trying to finish the adventure of the first right now and it's getting completely shit. Not only that but to get to the adventure challenge I need to get silver in all the other ones...

  4. I thought it looked pretty good. Graphics look good, but I'm more interested in how the story will pan out. I believe it was described originally as a psychological thriller which is why I was always intrigued by it.

  5. If you read my posts you would see I said I couldn't be bothered with more consoles breaking down so I just changed to the PS3, i had to draw the line after the 4th RROD.


    But where is the hassle? Sure it's crap, but someone picks it up and a week later you have it back without you having to do a whole lot.


    just got "frontlines - fuel of war" today played for like 30 mins eariler and couldnt get into it at all.


    prince of persia is awesome i thought


    I'm enjoying Prince of Persia as well. I did have to take a couple of months break from it cos it got boring, but now I'm back into it and enjoying it.

  6. What slightly worries me from that Kotaku article is;




    He does say you shouldn't read into it still worries me though, I'd be gutted to not be able to get it straight away.


    Yeah, seems crap to leave half of your audience without a game that is already available on another console, when you're going to give it them anyway.

  7. I don't think it's as horrific a list as I expected to be honest. Sure games like FIFA and FM are on there, but you're bound to get a load of people who only play these kinds of games voting for it.


    At the end of the day this wasn't a list of informed gamers making a choice, it was the random public being asked 'so what games are you into?', and them saying 'I dunno, Halo?'


    There are enough decent games on that list though. It's not bad.

  8. I don't like how there's not a great indication of where shots are coming from, and also it seems to me like a couple of shots and you're dead. 1UP mentioned upgrading your health straight away so maybe this is something that wouldn't really be an issue in the game, but I'm still not feeling this game.


    I'd probably be willing to give the full game a go if I didn't already have a back catalog of games to play through. I have noticed how I rarely like demo's of games, so I could enjoy the full game.

  9. This game looks like the kind of game a lot of people wont 'get'. Much like how some people love the hell out of Shenmue whereas some people think it was pointless and crap. I'm kind of getting that feeling about this. I'm loving the look of it so far though.

  10. I'd much rather like to enjoy this game than not (and honestly, why would anyone not want to enjoy a game? Ultimately, it's my loss if I don't) that's why I'll give the demo another go.


    It's Crackdown's obvious differences that make it the game it is.


    And one MASSIVE difference, and the reason I actually bothered to play Crackdown. Co-op. Oh and collecting them orbs. I spent ages running and jumping around collecting them. Other than that I didn't enjoy Crackdown all that much. It was just fun to fuck around. The actual structured part was a bit crap I thought.

  11. Yeah, totally because I couldn't pre-order it again in a second. What?


    It's just bland. After Crackdown a free roaming game with super powers has to do something special and this doesn't do anything remotely stand out.


    I sort of felt the same, enough to just not bother playing all the way through. One thing I found really annoying, when getting shot at I could see less and less. That pissed me off a bit.


    It seemed decent, but not enough to make me want the game when I've already got a load to play still, and not much money right now.



    Seriously, that was beautiful to watch. Was really annoyed when it ended as I was fully into the vid and am now left wanting much more. Really should go and complete the first game now.




    Agreed. Buying the PS3 is turning out to be the right choice for me


    Know what you mean! I was into that video as well! That really does look amazing, some of the best animation I've seen.

  13. Well hopefully the demo is out soon so we can play around abit.


    I want to try a demo of it first before I decide whether to get it or not. Think I might see if I can sell a few games to raise some funds :p Either that or wait til August and get it for my birthday.

  14. Atop crying fanboys. Alot of xbox fanboys even agree with me. GO into the xbox thread and see all the hardware and problem posts.


    I speak the truth.


    Speaking as someone who owns all 3 consoles, and enjoys all 3, I will say I couldn't live without my Xbox. I have more Xbox games than any other console, I play online FAR more than the others, and generally spent more time with.

  15. It seems that a demo was accidentally released on the HK Store, and whilst it's since been pulled Gamersyde have 10 minutes of footage from it.


    I really like the sticky, lizard-like acrobatics. Even if the missions turn out to be fairly samey, a character that's fun to move around will keep my attention — see: Crackdown, Spider-Man 2.


    I'm not sure about it. It looks decent but I'm not sure if I'd be that into it.