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  1. I agree - But I think we'll start feeling the pinch as more and more apps and games demand iPad 2 hardware to run.


    This is my only concern. I'm perfectly happy with the iPad 1, but I won't be too happy if by the end of the year half the apps don't run on it.

  2. I'm going to play stupid and ask: What exactly prevents you from doing so?


    Just to reply to this, what I mean is I want software updates to run fairly well. The 3G is terrible with iOS4, and if you're stuck on iOS3 you miss out on new apps. What I'm saying is I'd like my iPad to be usable in this sense for the next 2 years at least. My MacBook doesn't get left behind like this.

  3. I completely agree with the above post. Kinda annoying how swift tech moves sometimes. A 2/3 year life cycle

    would be much better over these 'minor' updates.


    Don't get me wrong I have no problem with updates like this, I'd just like them to last for a few years when you buy them. I mean my previous Macbook lasted 4 years and was fine in terms of running software. I'd like the mobile devices to last at least 3 years really.

    I want to be using my iPad for a while if possible. £430 is a lot to be spending every year or 2.

  4. Yeah, iPads. I'm not getting another one. I haven't got the kind of money to be getting a new one every year.

    I'm slightly concerned apps might start to not work on the 1st one given the dual core CPU.

    I will probably get next years one depending on how the 1st one is doing by then in terms of speed. Anyone with an iPhone 3G will tell you what a couple of years of updates did to it, it was utterly crippled.

  5. Android is fugly as hell IMO, and I'm no Apple fanboy but UI-wise Apple all the way, with the possible exception of notifications.


    I'd change that possible, to definite. The notifications are pretty annoying. I think the thing that annoys me is simply reading or watching something and having it interrupted by a notification that just jumps in front of my face.

  6. See, whereas for me, I prefer the way the iOS home screen looks. I've never really had any desire to see the weather, or my calendar on my homescreen with my other apps. I don't use many widgets on my OS X Dashboard, although I'd be open to an iPad Dashboard.


    Don't get me wrong, I don't want this to sound like a 'I'm right, youre wrong' comment. I can't stand fanboys. Engadget is utterly full of Android fanboys. Not the kind that are completely pro Android. That I can stand. They're just completely anti-Apple. I don't get it. I don't go around talking shit about Google. Why would anyone need to hear all that?

  7. It's an iPad. It looks pretty much the same.




    How can people cope with just shortcut icons as a homescreen?


    Because widgets look awful. Every Android homescreen I've seen just looks like a mess of icons and widgets.


    As for iPad 2, people are saying it's 1.5 but I'm not really sure what else they were supposed to be adding to this thing? I've seen the demos of it, and it looks really fast, must smoother than 3.0 on the Xoom.

    People are too focussed on specs. If it runs fast, I don't care what hardware it's on.


    iOS5 will hopefully get rid of the annoying notifications though. :p

  8. So I got an iPad.


    I know I used to berate them saying I couldn't think of a decent use for them but I love it already and have inly had it since yesterday! It's not going to replace my laptop but just for casual browsing in bed or in the living room when I've been in the library all day on the laptop it is perfect. 'Friendly' is a great iPad facebook which has everything I need, although push notifications for chat would be good.


    It's also going tobe great for the business as the battery life is fantastic, can take it out with me all day and not worry about the battery dying on me. Actually getting used to typing on it too (using it now) and can go pretty quickly already. Got a case on it's way so I'll be able to take it out and about. Splashed out on a decent one which is leather and can hold it at various angles both landscape and portrait so I can easily type and also watch films etc whilst travelling.


    £405 for the 16gb 3G & WiFi I think using the deal on hotdealsuk for viking direct. 15% off and 8% cash back from Topcashback.


    I think this is what most people who get an iPad will find. It is the perfect 'casual' computer. You don't always want to be sat on your sofa with a laptop out. I really like the fact that I can now just sit there and look on the internet, check some email, or play some games without having to get my laptop out.

    I also prefer checking my Things list, and my calendar in the morning on my iPad rather than a small iPhone. I really do find it fits in between Laptop and iPhone.


    I'm looking forward to seeing some new Mac apps when the App Store opens, hopefully see a lot of creative things like the iPhone has been getting.

  9. Nothing I've heard so far suggests that this is in any way specifically directed at kids. Very much in the contrary.


    Out of interest: who laughed at you or rather what is their knowledge about computer-/video-games? If they have any idea of the matter, it might be worth pointing out who Spector is and what games he has been involved in. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother.


    My girlfriend lol. She's into games but she's not really got the understanding of how a childish looking game (Viva Piñata for instance) isn't necessarily for kids. Hence me thinking this looks pretty cool and might be worth getting for Christmas.

  10. I'm hoping to get each app individually through the app store. I have used Garageband about 3 times in the last 4 years, so I'm not bothered about that. I use iPhoto a lot, and sometimes iMovie, so I'd rather just get the ones I'd use.

  11. Yeah, I can't believe that iOS still doesn't have a decent lock screen. It's a basic feature of a smartphone these days.


    Yeah, I agree. I assume they just thought multitasking was a more important issue to work on this time.

    I'm more concerned with notifications really. I just think every smartphone OS is doing it better than Apple right now, and it's extremely annoying to be reading a news story and have a notification pop in front of you and interrupt you.

    I'm far more concerned with that, than seeing a calendar appointment and how much mail I have. These can be easily checked by unlocking the phone.

  12. I won't be getting one as I have an iPhone that I'm extremely happy with.


    But I can appreciate what they are doing, and in some cases they're doing them better than Apple. Notifications for instance. A decent lock screen as well.

  13. Done two zones so far and I'm absolutely loving this. Once you get used to the physics a bit (which was easy for me as I generally keep holding down in the direction I'm travelling, so I don't suffer the momentum loss in this).


    Oh, and it's especially awesome with the Street Fighter 4 pad. Probably the best current-gen pad for playing this game.


    The only thing I don't like is having to press Y to carry on at the end of a level. It would be better if it was "press Y to return to menu".


    Totally agree, I'm enjoying it as well, I just wish the levels were in an order like the old games, I find it weird that they're not.


    The main physics/momentum issue is just that in this game, you need to hold forward a lot. If you hold forward, the game basically plays like the old one. But if you let go, you'll come to a rather drastic and unexpected stop.


    Yes, it is weird isn't it? You can jump and when in mid air let go of the stick and you will totally stop moving forward. It's pretty easy to get used to, but it's still something I'd like them to fix.

  14. I thought that ad was going to be 'The phone is so good you can't put it down'. But no. It's the phone that's designed to be used less...


    Aside from that ad, I still think it looks pretty good. I think they've come up with some genuinely good ideas, and although I think it looks weird in spots, and they are missing some features right now, I think it looks really promising.

  15. Definitely get the iPod version. I can't imagine playing this with a joypad. I have it on iPhone and on iPad, and both are great, but the iPad version is amazing thanks to the bigger screen. iPhone version is still excellent though. And you can take it wherever you go.

  16. Multitouch was included as part of Windows 7 from the very start.


    It might well be but its still a horrible interface to be using on a touch screen. Android might have some 'large phone' applications right now, but it still looks much better than using Windows.

    To be clear, I'm not slagging off Windows 7 in general, just on a touch device.