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  1. The App Store Thread

    Probably, it's a crap small speaker.
  2. Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll

    Thanks a lot for that. I wasn't keen at £30 but at £16 I'm well up for a bit of new Monkey Ball.
  3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

    Brad from Giant Bomb did the same as you and he said that there was a big difference between the 2. He said you can really tell how much the mechanics of the game have improved. I especially think the cover, stealth, and general shooting has improved greatly. I never enjoyed shooting in Uncharted, and sighed every time some came up, but in Uncharted 2 I've actually found myself really enjoying the game. I think Uncharted was good, but I'm 54% of the way through Uncharted 2 and I think it's excellent. I think the adjustments to the mechanics are what make it so good compared to the last game as well.
  4. Modern Warfare 2

    Just had my first attempt at online. I see the matchmaking is as good as ever. 1st game said the server timed out, but 2nd game I noticed that I was level 1 and everyone else was 40+, some as high as level 62. Needles to say I got shot within 4 seconds, and then got killed about 8 times without even seeing anyone. I hated it. I'm not good at these games, I'll admit that, and was never that good at Call of Duty 4, but I rarely felt like I never wanted to play again, as I kinda do with this now.
  5. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Yeah same here, my console has froze a few times but not had any hardware problems at all. Still, I said the same about my Xbox when everyone was saying theirs was breaking and a week later mine packed in. So I'll probably be back in a week...
  6. The App Store Thread

    My thoughts exactly. Trivial Pursuit app was loads better than I expected. I thought the iTunes thing would be crap as most free things tend to be but it's actually pretty decent. I hate JLS but it's at least something than some people would want.
  7. Ipod touch app

    I can't help but open these threads
  8. Anyone got any idea why my Belkin N router is dropping the internet connection? It's only happening every couple of days but it disconnects and then I'll restart the router and it still doesn't reconnect. It takes ages and about 6 restarts before it just randomly starts working again. Any ideas?
  9. Belkin N Router dropping connection

    Thanks for your help, but it's actually the modem bit of it that keeps dropping out, not the signal. It has been fine for a couple of days now. Hopefully it'll work. I looked for the firmware but every time I selected the file it said incorrect file type and didn't work.
  10. Ok so weirdly I can't access 1UP when i go to look at it when connected to my Belkin router. On the weekend the latest 1UP podcast came out and it wouldn't download so checked their forum and it was a server thing. They said it was back up but still didn't work for me. Tonight it's still not working so I try to check the forum again and it wont work. I can't access the whole website. My girlfriend checked from her network and it worked fine. So I check my phone on wifi. Wont work. So I disconnect wifi and connect on 3G and it loads straight away. I tried to restart my router and that hasn't fixed it at all. Anyone got any ideas of whats causing this? I wouldn't mind not accessing the website cos I don't often look at it but I always listen to the podcast and I can't get it.
  11. Can't access 1up.com on Wifi :s

    Yes it is indeed! Started working on Wednesday I think.
  12. Can't access 1up.com on Wifi :s

    I just went through the email form for broadband on Orange website.
  13. Can't access 1up.com on Wifi :s

    Well that's some good news then! I emailed them yesterday saying I couldn't access the site so hopefully something will get sorted soon.
  14. Can't access 1up.com on Wifi :s

    I've been able to access everything perfectly for ages so I don't understand what's happened here. None of the Belkin hidden things will appear for me. On a Belkin N router. I've tried Laptop/iPhone as well as trying it on Safari and Chrome. Restarting the router hasn't helped. Is it possible Orange could block a site? I've changed the DNS setting to Open DNS which made no difference. It did before when something happened at Orange and certain sites didn't load. No luck here though. I've got no issues with any other sites. This is doing my head in! How can one website out of god knows how many stop working?
  15. Can't access 1up.com on Wifi :s

    Yeah it's really odd. I can try to access the site from my iPhone and it wont work, just trying to load for ages, and then I can go back to 3G and it'll immediately begin loading the page when I open safari. So I would assume it's not a problem with the website.
  16. MadWorld

    I agree really. I thought it was amazing for the 1st level. But then the 2nd level was the same. I like it enough not to sell it though.
  17. Your Capitalist Agenda Pushing List

    Sat Navs are for real men:santa: I shall be getting: 24 Season 7 (hopefully on Blu Ray if I can convince parents ) Modern Warfare 2 360 L4D2 360 Ratchet and Clank on PS3 Uncharted 2 PS3 And then a couple of films from random family members I'm quite looking forward to Christmas now.
  18. Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

    Man I'm well excited for this. I've not played much on DS for a long time now, so really glad to have something new to play.
  19. Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll

    Meh, I dunno, Monkey Ball just doesn't seem quite the same as it used to. I think I can do without this one until it's a bit cheaper at least.
  20. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Me too. It hasn't worked for a couple of days now.
  21. Forza Motorsport 3

    I actually prefer this way of it presenting to you. I like the way I can pick the car I want and then the game shows me a race I can use the car for.
  22. Forza Motorsport 3

    I can't really think of much they could do to improve on this. I really have found nothing to complain about so far.
  23. Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time

    Finished Quest for Booty today I started it in August when I got it and only played the first 15 minutes. Played the rest today and quite enjoyed it. I was planning on waiting until next year to get this one, cos I plan on playing Left 4 Dead 2 and Uncharted 2 at Christmas and I'm already busy enough with Forza 3. Might have to wait until Ratchet is a bit cheaper.
  24. Forza Motorsport 3

    I think this is a far better game than Forza 2. The way it presents each race is far better, in that you can use you're current car, or see new tracks or use a new car. That was my biggest problem with Forza 2, and the biggest improvement in Forza 3.
  25. New iMac, Macbook and Mouse!

    Lol I've only had it a day. I'll post if I have any problems. Seems much better made than the previous one though.