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  1. iPhone Tesco Tariffs

    I would also rather Apple worked on improving the battery life than working on new technology that would be even more power hungry. That's because most people really don't care about loads and loads of features that they won't use. The iPhone is not sold on hype alone. I would say there are not many things that are. People bought the Wii because they thought what it could do was cool, and they enjoyed it. Not because someone told them it was amazing. Also, you say power, but I would like to know why people are so obsessed with the specs of a device. If the iPhone works quickly and smoothly why does it need to have a faster processor that will use even more battery power? Just because another device does?
  2. Alan Wake (360)

    I've got it, really enjoying it so far. I'm finding the controls to be excellent. It isn't massively scary, but it can be a bit of a panic when a lot of enemies are around you and you're scrambling the hit the reload button. The controls are really good, I've never found aiming to be so accurate.
  3. Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

    Have we still heard nothing else on this?
  4. iPhone Tesco Tariffs

    To be honest though I've had my iPhone about 19 months now and I've used 2.2GB of data, and I am regularly using apps and safari that use data. You would have to seriously push it to use up that much data.
  5. iPhone Tesco Tariffs

    To be honest with Flash, I've not seen much of Flash running on phones but I have seen video of a phone running Flash and it was horribly choppy. I'm not sure I'd actually want it on a phone. Personally the apps and Safari experience more than makes up for the lack of Flash. I think sometimes people look at missing features and cry about them even though they wouldn't really use it much. I mean I've used MMS about 3 times since the update for it to work. I read on Engadget about people saying the iPhone needs a bit processor bump to keep up with competition, but this is the wrong way to look at it. You need to look at hardware AS WELL as software. If the iPhone is as fast then it doesn't need a power hungry processor. I do agree about the number if crappy apps. Man, I wouldn't mind if Apple put something about app quality in their 'rules'.
  6. MacBook Woe

    It can be a bit. It is especially if you need your computer. I tend to do it over night and then leave it plugged in during the day.
  7. Alan Wake (360)

    8.6 is more than respectable. I'd say it's a great score. I decided to get it, wasn't sure for a while but I definitely want it now, looks pretty good.
  8. MacBook Woe

    Beat me to it there. I have the same widget, it is pretty useful. You can get the number of cycles by going through system profiler as well. The older batteries should have 80% capacity after about 300 cycles, and the newer ones I think 80% after 500. It also doesn't matter if it's always plugged in as long as you calibrate it every couple of months. Which is let it drop to 0%, leave it off for 6 hours, then fully charge it and leave it at 100% for 6 hours.
  9. MacBook Woe

    Don't think you'll have much luck fixing it, mine went the same way eventually. Do you know how many 'cycles' it's done, and the battery health? If you need a new one here is a good website for Apple parts Link
  10. Laptop screen broken

    Replace the screen, or replace the laptop I would have thought.
  11. Mobile Phone Chat

    The camera on the iPhone 3GS actually looks fairly decent. Not great but certainly better than the 3G. Now that is rubbish. But the new model is meant to have a much higher quality camera on it, with a flash, and tap to focus on photos and video.
  12. iPhone 4/iOS4

    I think it's insane to pay for insurance when I don't need it. My dad had insurance on his phone, lost his phone, called the insurance to claim, he got told he should have been more careful. I think the insurance is about £7 a month, so over 2 years of owning an iPhone I've saved £168 on insurance. If my phone breaks I'll go and use that money to get it fixed. Insurance is a rip off, and unless I legally have to get it theres no way I would.
  13. iPhone 4/iOS4

    Nah I'm happy with O2. Never had any trouble with them, and get 3G at my house, work and my girlfriends house, and also the town where I live so had no issues. I've also heard nothing but issues with 3 from people at work. I also don't have any problems with long contracts actually. A lot of people hate them, but to be honest I really like my phone so I don't mind having it for 2 years. The only problem I suppose is if it breaks, but then if it did break I'd have to buy a new one or fix it anyway, so it doesn't really matter.
  14. iPhone 4/iOS4

    You can add me to list of 3G owners. My contract ended last month, and I'm on a £20 a month rolling contract with O2 right now. I just want the new iPhone now! I'm really glad to see a better screen, bigger battery, and I'm glad it'll be faster than the 3G. Also one thing I can't wait for, a better CAMERA The iPhone camera wasn't very good 2 years ago when I first got it. I'm hoping it's good enough to actually use as a proper camera, which with flash might actually be possible. I'm not sure how much I'd use a front facing camera though. It's be good for Skype, but then I'd always use that on my laptop.
  15. Apple-Based Excitement

    How is it limited though? I can't really think of much I would want from it, except maybe we could get calendar and weather and stuff on the lock screen.
  16. Mobile Phone Chat

    Do you mean info on the lock screen? Or is this the widget thing?
  17. Mobile Phone Chat

    I'm not sure if this is how anyone else feels, but I definitely don't feel as though this phone is quite as 'disposable' as many seem to feel. Many people want 12 month contracts so they can get a new phone year after year. I had an original iPhone (definitely ridiculously priced and not something I would buy now), and have had an iPhone 3G for 18 months now, and am happy to wait until July for the new model to come out before upgrading, at which point I will most likely go on a 2 year contract to get the cheapest upfront costs. I'm not trying to defend high prices, but as a Quality Assurance technician, I do appreciate when a product shines quality wise, and my 3G certainly does in my opinion. I personally feel as though I have got good value for my money with this phone.
  18. Mobile Phone Chat

    Yes I'm glad they've implemented the folders feature. I'll be glad to stick all games on one icon rather than having the mess I currently have. I'm also glad I can fiiinally change the black background. I always wondered why wallpaper was limited to the lock screen. Multi-tasking isn't true multi-tasking (freezing apps for the most part rather than them still running) but I think they've solved most of the issues anyone would have ever had. I'm sorry but how many things to people really need to do on a phone at one time? I'm not going to read Facebook and The Guardian at the same time am I? App switching should help this a lot. Skype and music apps being able to run is exactly what I said they needed whe the iPad came out. So I'm glad to see they've implemented that too. I can't think of much else missing really. They've implemented everything I wanted to see anyway. And I'm not fussed about the ads as long as developers don't take the piss. Ads are shit as they are now, crap looking, blatant, and usually about a ringtone or some utter shite. Hopefully with this new feature they'll fit in a little more. If it means more free apps are actually worth while then it can't be too bad.
  19. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

    I bought it and hate it I was enjoying the creepy, walking round etc. and thought the Wii controls were actually really good. Then I got to a nightmare bit and found it horrible. Just found it really confusing where to go, too many routes, and too many blue doors. I know it's not a bad game, given the excellent reviews, but it really isn't for me. It's going on eBay tomorrow. Shame cos I really did enjoy it up until then.
  20. Heavy Rain

    Shatter is rather good as well.
  21. Heavy Rain

    It's kind of like this years Flower, a really unique game many of us loved that will probably be forgotten about by December.
  22. Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

    Well I really hope it does make it out over here. I'll be gutted if it doesn't as I love Hotel Dusk. My only other option is to learn Japanese but to be honest I think there is more chance of Nintendo actually localising it!
  23. Heavy Rain

    Finished the game. Absolutely loved it
  24. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)

    I don't think the jumping looks bad at all really. I also think we should wait to play it before making any judgement on it. I understand everyone trying to convince themselves it won't be good though. It's certainly the best route to go after the disappointment of the past.
  25. Heavy Rain

    Yeah probably for the best really, unless anyone comes back saying you're safe. I'll probably be done for the weekend so I'll just watch it then.