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  1. Geometry Wars 2

    That's how I feel. It annoys me but I love playing it. Although it does make my eyes go a bit weird. You know how yours eyes are when you just wake up? Thats how the game makes me feel.
  2. Soul Calibur IV

    Just played some of the arcade mode. Glad I got this, it still feels like the same great Soul Calibur game from before.
  3. 360 Quality

    I would advise the same. Mine is near silent.
  4. Geometry Wars 2

    I truely suck at this game. I may have to give up before I smash a controller.
  5. 360 Quality

    As I said, I think the worst of it is over and a big deal is made of any that break now simply because it's 'that issue' again. Sort of like 'here's yet another one' when in reality it's down to a more acceptable number. PS3 is still a more reliable machine, but with the 3 year warranty on Xbox there's not really anything to worry about.
  6. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    It's a very annoying game but fairly decent.
  7. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Wont they be rubbish?
  8. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I think I shall be buying the regular version...
  9. A few questions about the 360

    Wii has a drought but PS3 is a joke? How does that work then? PS3 has plenty of games out this year to justify purchase whereas I have no clue what I'll be playing on my Wii ever again. I suppose finishing Boom Blox and Super Paper Mario. And then........
  10. 360 Quality

    The controller that came with my console kept disconnecting due to the battery pack being loose but smashing it up the wall fixed that. The other one I have I use all the time and it's worked perfectly. I've had the console 2 years now and had it replaced last February due to it crashing constantly (no RRoD). This one has worked fine so far. I would say the worst of the problems are over and a bigger deal is made of any that break just because of the problems over the last 2 and a half years.
  11. Soul Calibur IV

    Yeah, any other fighters I'd be getting on the PS3. If I buy Street Fighter 4 I'll be getting it on PS3.
  12. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Finally bought a Dual Shock 3 controller. As soon as I have one I'll get back into Ratchet and Resistance. Is the DS3 a more comfortable controller? Because I find the PS2 one to be better than the Six Axis pad, so wondering if the difference is the same.
  13. Soul Calibur IV

    360 and I caved and decided to buy it. Ordered it on Amazon. Will be good to play over my Birthday weekend. Got it on 360 because I prefer to play SC with an analogue stick and prefer the 360 pad for that.
  14. A few questions about the 360

    I've quite enjoyed playing the PS3 recently. PixelJunk Eden is excellent. I'm still not sure whether to get a Dual Shock pad for it before playing my other games.
  15. Soul Calibur IV

    It's my birthday next week so I may well be picking this game up. Not sure yet though as I've said all along I wasn't going to but now I've seen it and everyone's playing it I need it!
  16. A few questions about the 360

    Yeah I did the same. Obviously I would like free but I really don't care about paying for the better service.
  17. A few questions about the 360

    Does anyone really mind paying for Xbox Live? It's like what, £3 a month?
  18. Geometry Wars 2

    You people are insane! I'll never get anywhere close to what some of you have.
  19. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I've been playing the demo this week and loved it. Just buying it as I type. Also bought Echochrome which is excellent. PSN is really cool.
  20. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Downloaded the demo's for Echochrome, PixelJunk Eden, and Siren. Siren I didn't like, I thought the controls didn't seem great, and it was ridiculously dark to the point where I could barely see anything. Not convinced by it and don't really want to use up 9GB on it either. PixelJunk Eden is amazing. Anyone else on here played it? Got the demo off the American Store. Speaking of the American Store it is a FUCKING JOKE how much better it is than ours. They have seperate catagories for demos and crap like that. Ridiculous. PJ Eden is out Thursday isn't it? Echochrome I thought was pretty cool as well and decided to pick it up. Felt like a game I could pick up for 5 minutes and play around with. Along with Geometry Wars tomorrow this really is week of the downloadable games!
  21. Football Season 2008/2009

    Keane is a top class player. I'm a gutted Spurs fan and can tell you now I still think he is a class player. Of course I hope he flops at Liverpool.
  22. Football Season 2008/2009

    Robbie Keane signs for the Scousers.
  23. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I don't particularly want to replay it so I'm a bit annoyed it doesn't give me trophies for playing already.
  24. Football Season 2008/2009

    I'm gutted that both Berbatov and Keane have said they want to leave. I expected Berbatov to want to leave to play in the Champions League but Robbie Keane said about 2 months ago he wanted to finish his career at Spurs. I've had enough of football. I might just give it up.
  25. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    Not sure whether I'll get this or maybe just start playing my DS version again and realise I don't need it. If thats online and has basically the same stuff why should I pay another £30 on this one? I agree, Nintendo could really have done something special if they would just move on with online. It should be easy to connect with friends and I think people would do it more if it was easier. I'm sure there are plenty of non gamers who would like to play this with there friends without having to go through the nightmare that is friendcodes. Why do they refuse to solve this? Playing on Xbox Live with your friends is excellent and great fun. Why can't Nintendo do this?