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  1. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    It's weird though, cos if I have a break for 20 minutes I totally calm down and can carry on. It's a great game, just very annoying in the trial and error way you have to try loads of different vehicles for each mission. I am enjoying making them though. (Even though they all look like crap :p)
  2. New Xbox 360 Dashboard

    If they were smart they would offer some free and then charge a small amount for stuff such as football shirts or something like that. I'm sure people wouldn't mind spending a bit on that kind of crap.
  3. PS3 or Xbox for Christmas? Help!

    The best post of this thread. I have to say I am a big Xbox fan even though I do really like my PS3. I have 28 Xbox games and only 6 PS3 games. That number would be much higher if I didn't own an Xbox. I've bought a couple of exclusive games for it but at the end of the day the only real reason I had to buy the games on PS3 was the noise the Xbox made and that's been solved with the NXE update.
  4. My initial thought was how disgraceful this is, but you do have a point. Any game that gets 6 or 7 should still be considered good but never seems to by people. This is one reason why I think the /10 score system should be scrapped and everyone go with a 5* system instead. 3*'s seems a lot more acceptable than a 6/10 does. The only time that becomes just as crap is when idiots then use 1/2s cos they can't decide on a number.
  5. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    I've never had a game make me so angry. Like these races, if I accidently knock into something and spin off thats it I have to start the race over cos I can't make it back. I do really like this game but it gets me so frustrated.
  6. Left 4 Dead: A Thread For Suvivalists

    From the demo I did hate the friendly fire. When a game is as frantic as this your friends are always likely to be right there near the zombies you're shooting. And it just opens the online up for idiots who go around and shoot you just to piss you off...
  7. PS3 or Xbox for Christmas? Help!

    Yeah as everyone said, get the 360 fixed :-)
  8. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    Finally did the race mission. So annoying. I just kept getting spun off. In the end I kept back behind everyone and just had to get round them on longer stretches. Would have been super easy if I could have used my own vehicle.
  9. 2 HDMI devices, one port.

    This is perfect. Cheap and works flawlessly. It'll switch between the 2 devices itself as well without a power source. It's excellent. You just need to buy a HDMI cable to plug it into the TV.
  10. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    Ah, well this is one. It's not particularly difficult a challenge it's just annoying when you get spun out by someone or you just get stuck on someone.
  11. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    Can you add stuff to the logs choice vehicles though?
  12. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    God I found the helicopter really hard to control. How the hell am I supposed to do it? And in the race in LOGbox 720 act2 I kept getting spun round by everyone. Was seriously pissing me off!
  13. New Xbox 360 Dashboard

    Yeah that's exactly the same as what mine did. Maybe it would have come back to life if I'd left it but it was late and I was tired so just turned it off. Glad that some people have had the same problem cos it means it's probably just a bug in the dash rather than my console about to die Yeah especially considering all they really are is a background and it changes your friends list. I got the Fable one just to see what they look like and it was ok but not worth 250 points. Probably wont bother again unless theres a really great one.
  14. New Xbox 360 Dashboard

    Lol my Xbox has already crashed on the new dash! Hopefully that isn't the beginning of the end for it. I think it looks nice and I do think it's much easier to find everything. And no more 0 point games on my history!! No more Sonic the Hedgehog on there! I can finally forget I ever bought that game and move on!
  15. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I knew it was something pretty simple. It's daft that you have to do this, you would have thought they could have patched it at some point.
  16. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    Ah right, think I might have had the wrong kind of vehicle then. Thank you very much!
  17. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I know how to fix that, I'm on an iPhone so hard to have a look but if you haven't got it sorted by later on I'll post again. Google Hitman 360 50hz and you should find the solution.
  18. New Xbox 360 Dashboard

    I was surprised at how crappy and knackered my disc drive sounds compared to the brand new Xbox I just bought my girlfriend. I've not had an error yet but I'm slightly worried.
  19. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    God I hate that LOGbox 720 level. Also, what am I meant to be doing to help the guy with the firewall thing? I drove around and couldn't see anything :s
  20. LittleBigPlanet Thread

    It's pretty fucking shit when you think about it that these expensive things don't come with a much longer warranty. Stuff should get minimum 3 years I think. Companies would think twice about their QA then. (Even though I think Sony has done a good job with the PS3).
  21. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    I really like the music in this game. I think Rare's games always have pretty great music actually I'll probably play a lot more of this on Thursday and Friday when I've got some time off.
  22. Left 4 Dead: A Thread For Suvivalists

    I played with theguyfromspark and thought it was excellent. Really enjoyed it. I can see how it'd be a bit dull by yourself though, but with friends it's a blast.
  23. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    I've Loled a few times at the game so far. I'm glad I once again went against what I thought of a demo and went ahead and got it anyway, I'm really enjoying it. The vehicle stuff is really fun actually, I could spend hours just messing around with that :p
  24. Sky+ HD worth buying?

    You should have got it last month! Boxes were half price. I just got it and I am VERY impressed. Football looks stunning to be honest. I'm surprised at just how good the picture is. Nat Geo and Discovery are now 2 of my favourite channels. If you can afford it I say go for it.