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  1. Metroid Prime 3

    I'm exactly the same as you. I plan to play the first again though soon, just as soon as Resi 4 has been finished.
  2. whats the best games on game cube???

    Zelda TWW, Resi 4, and Mario Sunshine. Love them all.
  3. Your GameCube collections

    Is Paper Mario worth owning? I nearly bought it today but I convinced myself not to cus I have to much to play as it is.
  4. XIII

    Someones just had mine off ebay for £2.22...
  5. Killer7...What the Hell???

    I stuck 6 games on ebay last night and decided I'd keep this and give it a couple of hours play to really give it a chance. I really want to like it.
  6. Your GameCube collections

    Well, No one really comes round to my house, its usually us all hanging out up the pub. Girlfriends the only one who comes to the house and she'll never play a game lol.
  7. Your GameCube collections

    I know what you mean, No one ever really comes round to the house to sit and play F-Zero GX or Super Monkey Ball.
  8. Your GameCube collections

    I'm just getting tired of games I think. The thought of playing through some of them really does make me bored. Out of all of them: Zelda TWW: Completed, and I'd play through it again if I had time. Mario Sunshine: Finished but never got all the shines, got to about 91. Zelda OTT: Just can't get into, don't think I ever will. Soul Calibur 2: Played loads but mostly Arcade, did the weapon master mode once. F-Zero GX: Will play more of once I get better at it, never really got into the story mode. Resident evil 4: Awaesome and playing lots of it at the moment, one of the few games I actually want to play without a walkthrough. Metroid Prime: I had it sold it bought Metroid 2 then decided it'd be better if I played this first. After Resi 4 I'm getting back into this I think. Just didn't absorb me first time. Metroid Prime 2: After 1st one. Pikmin 2: Couldn't get into it, but might do after I finish a few others. Viewtiful Joe: Started to get into it a little then kinda gave up, and I got a bit bored. May play it more but unlikely. Medal of Honour Frontline: Thought it was crap. Resident Evil: I'm rubbish at it, and only have to show off graphics. SW Rogue Leader: Same as Resi Evil. SSX3: I like it but only to play the odd 5 mins here and there. XIII: Just got it, and am slowly getting into it. Monkey Ball: Played to death and still a favourite. Spiderman 2: Just got and am just stuck at a bit. The test will be if I stick at it or just move on and sell it. Killer 7: Another new one which I don't see myself owning for very long. Annoys me lots. So there you go. Anyone else finding themselves getting bored by games easily? It seems like they have to be completely amazing for me to like them, otherwise I sell them on and end up with about 3 games. This is whats happened with so many of my games, I'm even considering not getting a Revo cus of it.
  9. Your GameCube collections

    Lol, me too, I'm really not into Resident Evil on GC. Resi 4 is awesome though.
  10. Your GameCube collections

    For those of you who have massive lists of games,do you actually play that many of them? I've got 18 games right now and I only really plan on playing about 4 of them. How many have you actually completed?
  11. Killer7...What the Hell???

    I think I'm starting to hate it, along with a few of my other games. By the end of the week I'm hoping to have decided which games I'm going to get rid of. Unfortunately for you lot, I'm not going to give them away for free :p
  12. Your GameCube collections

    I've got loads of games in the last few weeks. Now got: Zelda: TWW Zelda: OOT Mario Sunshine Soul Calibur 2 F-Zero GX Super Monkey Ball Star Wars Rogue Leader Resident Evil Resident Evil 4 SSX3 Medal of Honour Frontline Spiderman 2 XIII Metroid Prime Metroid Prime 2 Viewtiful Joe Killer 7 Pikmin 2 Only gonna get the next Zelda now and thats it.
  13. Killer7...What the Hell???

    Just got back off holiday and opened this up today. Have to say, seems fascinating so far, but very bizarre. I'm hoping that i'll get into a bit more soon like i did with Viewtiful Joe
  14. Revolution, if I get one at all, will be the only console I get. Never in my life gonna get a PS3, Xbox 360 could be considered if the Revo don't turn out too great.
  15. Killer7...What the Hell???

    I'm very annoyed, I couldn't find it anywhere today. I'm gonna have to get it off Amazon instead.
  16. Lol. I don't think anyone is saying it will be a bad port, I think its just that people are glad to see how much more capable the GC is than PS2. Game will be just as good.
  17. How can you come to that conclusion before any titles have been revealed. Its quite possible you will see this, but at the same time the Rev could be easier to develop for and get the most out of than the PS3. Therefore you could still see the same thing happen.
  18. Killer7...What the Hell???

    You can't link to that site. For anyone who still wants it type in Killer 7, then click FAQs then plot analysis.
  19. Your GameCube collections

    I'm a sad act for doing this, but I'd be quite interested to know just how much cash I wasted on GC games. Heres every game I've ever owed on GC: 1080 Avalanche Animal Crossing Beyond Good and Evil Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Burnout Burnout 2 Conflict Desert Storm Crash Bandicoot Eternal Darkness F-Zero GX Fifa 2003 Luigis Mansion Mario Golf Mario Kart Metroid Prime Metroid Prime 2 NBA Courtside Pikmin Pikmin 2 Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Rayman 3 Resident Evil Resident Evil 4 Skies of Arcadia Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Mega Collection Sonic Heroes Soul Calibur 2 Spiderman The Movie Spiderman 2 Splinter Cell SSX Tricky SSX 3 Star Wars Rogue Leader Starfox Adventures Super Mario Sunshine Super Monkey Ball Super Monkey Ball 2 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Tiger Woods 2003 Timesplitters 2 Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 Viewtiful Joe Wario World Wave Race: Blue Storm Holy shit.
  20. Wow, didn't realise it was going to be that different. Its a class game and I hope it sells well on the PS2 even though I do wish it could have stayed a GC exclusive.
  21. Zelda: Twilight Princess Battalion Wars Killer 7
  22. Games your currently playing.

    Rrsident evil 4. Didn't know whether to get it as not really into Resident Evil but this is utter class.
  23. Lots of moments. Playing Super Monkey Ball on the day I got the Cube. Mario Sunshine, throwing a pad across the room in annoyance. Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin 2. Seeing Resident Evil for the first time might be my moment for the Cube though. Didn't think graphics like tghat were possible.
  24. Battalion Wars and Zelda the only ones I actually care about. Hopefully this'll mean I'll put some more time into games I already have.
  25. Killer7...What the Hell???

    So you'd recommend it then? I may buy another game once I've finished Resident Evil 4, and this is one of the few I've been considering. I especially like the fact that its trying to be different.