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  1. Battalion Wars

    This comment has put me off. I do that a lot in games. Give up if I'm complete rubbish at them. Might get Prince of Persia 3 instead.
  2. Battalion Wars

    I don't know whether to get it. Got so many games and feels like I should get on with some of them. Especially Pikmin 2. I love Pikmin and still haven't played this properly. Maybe I should just get it. Or not. Dunno. Fuck I hate decisions.
  3. Are there any games you CANT play?

    Paper Mario TYD. I've just sat and played the opening and nearly fell asleep. I'm not the biggest fan of RPGs but when I started playing this, all I could think of was switching it off. What the hells up with me?
  4. Are there any games you CANT play?

    Nope I used it on a Spurs forum when I joined about 2 years ago and just used it here because I'm too lazy to think of other things.
  5. Would be great actually. Everyone will be able to play it and it'll shift a few Revos without kicking GameCube owners in the teeth.
  6. Are there any games you CANT play?

    I know exactly what you mean! I'm not sure what it was, but I really didn't like it, whereas I loved Wind Waker.
  7. Are there any games you CANT play?

    Oh, and Metroid Prime. Just never played so I sold it, and recently got it now i'm loving it. Wouldn't say I'm exactly storming through it though (3 hours play in a month, no time to play games).
  8. Are there any games you CANT play?

    Pikmin 2. It's been in my collection nearly a year and I've barely played it yet. But I really like it. I hope to get into it once I've got a lot of games out of the way. But before Zelda comes hopefully.
  9. Anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

    Mine was, I nearly sold it, then I bought Resident Evil 4 and have been playing games on it ever since. Currently playing: Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime. Soon to get Eternal Darkness, Paper Mario, and Animal Crossing. I go through stages of not liking it then really wanting to play a lot. I hope to get into Pikmin 2 soon aswell.
  10. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    If true, then very much so. I see no reason whatsoever to get a PS3. Basically the same games as XBox 360, a bit more expensive, not as good online play, looks worse, has a worse controller (if they stick with that design.). If I had money to burn I'd get an Xbox 360 and a revolution (depending on games availiable, I wouldn't get one for the hell of it...)
  11. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    It looks absolutely amazing but then again, so did Starfox Adventures and that was a major let down. This and Perfect Dark are the games that are making me think that maybe I will get an Xbox in the coming months. I want to see a few more titles before I go out and get one though.
  12. I look at the bad points about a game, then see if any of them would bother me, thats after seeing if its a genre i'm interested in of course. For example, I'd have bought Sonic DX if then frame rate wasn't a load of old wank.
  13. Your GameCube collections

    I might have gotten 7 of them back now. Sold a big bundle on ebay and the guy isn't an ebay user anymore and hasn't paid for 2 days. I'll give it til tomrrow then ask ebay about it, then if the guy still doesn't pay after that, i'll keep a couple of them.
  14. I fecking love that place. I can just wander around it just looking at the environment. Utterly amazing.
  15. Your GameCube collections

    I've sold even more now. I think i'm starting to hate games. I now only have Metroid Prime Zelda WW Pikmin 2 Soul Calibur II Resident Evil 4 Getting Eternal Darkness aswell. Only new Zelda will be added to that now. I'm not up for the next gen at all. Anyone else feeling the same.
  16. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Oh yeah, of course, however I've not seen any so far that have attracted my interest.
  17. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I have to say, saw a DVD from the official magazine and I wasn't that impressed with what games are coming out, and the way those guys at the start were talking has completely convinced me not to get one. "Every game is in hi-def!!" he shouts. I don't care. Sure it'll make games look better and its a good thing but it annoys me thats what they focus on. And the way he emphasised the word 'snap' to make it seem exciting that you can change the bit of plastic on the front of the machine. This is why I don't like Playstation or Xbox. Too much tech not enough games. And don't give me that fanboy crap, cus until I've seen more of the Rev I'm not getting one of those either.
  18. Mario Smash Football trailers!

    got 56% in Gamesmaster and it sounded crap so I dunno yet.
  19. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Guess I'll be sticking to Metroid Prime.
  20. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I'm not worried in the slightest. If I've got the money and they're available with the games I want I'll get one, if not then Metroid Prime 1+2 and Resi 4 and Pikmin 2 will keep me occupied for a good while.
  21. Horrible Blu-Ray patent!

    I seriously think with a Nintendo and an Xbox 360 next to my TV I'd have the perfect set up.
  22. Horrible Blu-Ray patent!

    :-| If this is true then hello Xbox 360 winner of the next gen console war.
  23. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Yesterday I just suddenly thought, 'Maybe I should get a 360'. And now I keep thinkin about it, I might actually get one. Dam.
  24. The Official Fire Emblem Thread

    I'm considering getting this and battalion wars this year. What do you guys reckon? Should I go for it?
  25. Killer7...What the Hell???

    It's getting on my nerves now, but I'm refusing to sell it. I WILL like this game. Or else.