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  1. Adverts That Blow 2006

    LMAO I've shouted that in a rage at the tv many times. One of the most pathetic adverts in the world.
  2. Games worth buying a PS2 for?

    I personally like discussing other consoles and reading others opinions about them on this board. I'm not a massive fan of Xbox and Playstation but I wouldn't ever say that all the games are crap.
  3. Power Stone...Show your Love!

    No problem mate.
  4. Video iPod battery

    Apple say that the iPod battery should take 4 hours to fully charge yet mine says that it's charged after just one hour of being connected to my computer. How do I get it to charge properly for the full 4 hours? The battery runs down after like 5-6 hours and it's meant to last 14. Please help......
  5. Power Stone...Show your Love!

    You can solve that by doing something to the insides. Do a google search and see if you can find something, i'll have a look when i've got some time if you don't find something.
  6. Anyone know where I can get Dreamcast covers from? I need back covers to Virtua Fighter 3 and Sonic Adventure. They need to be to fit a PAL box as well. Cheers in advance.
  7. You have to get Soul Calibur. Also Crazy Taxi (either one), Sega Rally 2 was good aswell. Grandia 2 is excellent. Chu Chu Rocket, Resi Evil Code Veronica, Virtua Tennis, REZ. Soul Reaver is meant to be good as well but I've not got into it yet. God I love this console. Didn't like Toy Commander that much though.
  8. Games to chill out

    OK so I was playing Headhunter on my Dreamcast and I was getting pretty pissed off cus I'm rubbish and went on a rampage around the house. I find myself getting frustrated a little too much with games and they put me in a bad mood when I get stuck on bits. Not great when gaming is a main hobby of yours. Anyway, what I'm wondering is, what games are there that you could sit down and play through over a sunday afternoon and relax to? My main ones that I can think of would be Shenmue and Shenmue 2. I could also have a nice relaxing afternoon playing Wind Waker. I suppose Nintendogs would be a nice game to play. What games would you pick to sit and relax with?
  9. Games to chill out

    Might get Ecco and Grandia II. Never really knew what I was doing on Ecco though. Might figure it out. Thinking about getting Sega Bass Fishing as well.
  10. Games to chill out

    What about Kameo? Do you think that it's this kind of game?
  11. Shenmue

    I watched the video review of Shenmue 2 and wasn't that impressed by the voices. Didn't sound right. I mean Shenmue had a kind of charm with the voices, but 2 just seemed odd with the english voices. Thats why I'm not in any kind of rush to get it.
  12. Shenmue

    This is exactly how I felt when I firsted played through it. I want to play it with english voices on the Xbox one day to see if its any different. Feels a lot different to the small homely feel of the first Shenmue, doesn't it? When you step off that boat you feel completely alone and it really does feel like another culture. It only gets better as it goes on. Still can't make my mind up which is better the first or second? I think they are both as good as each other really, only they both have a different feel to them. You'll have to let us know what you think when you finish it.
  13. Should I buy an Xbox?

    I'm going to get a bit of money soon and I'm wondering, should I buy an Xbox, or do I just save it and get a 360? Baring in mind the only game at the moment that I want on 360 is Kameo, and I wont have a lot to spend (probably just over £100), I'm thinking Xbox will be the better option for me at the moment. Also, the games I plan on getting, some of them wont play on the 360 (Jet Set Radio Future, Shenmue 2). Burnout and Half Life will and I might get Halo 2. I'm thinking maybe I should get an Xbox as something to tide me over until Revolution is launched, or until some more 360 games are out and are more readily available. So what do you think? Is it worth £100 to get and Xbox and a couple of games?
  14. Should I buy an Xbox?

    Yeah, maybe you're right. I could always get Halo 2 and Kameo on Xbox 360. It's just at the moment all I have is a Dreamcast and the only games really I want to play are Headhunter and Soul Calibur. I may play through Shenmue again. Maybe I should save for a couple of months and get one. Where's the best place to get one?
  15. So I bought a Dreamcast off Ebay and it's not working too brilliantly. It'll load up games fine most of the times, but if a disc has the slightest of scratches then it wont play properly. Soul Calibur despite being in perfect condition will sometimes take a while to load between fights and the music skips a lot. NBA 2K will only load occasionally, and Crazy Taxi comes up with Disc cannot be read when it loads the Bad Religion song. and the graphics go all glitchy and the roads disappear. I think there may be a problem with the laser but I'm not sure and I've tried a laser cleaning thing but it doesn't work the laser just moves back and forth and the tracks wont play. Anyone got any ideas?
  16. Shenmue

    God, I love this game. Dreamcast seems to be playing this ok, but it's struggling with a couple of others. Anyone know anything about ribbon cables?
  17. Shenmue

    I've got Shenmue ( my favouritest ever game!!) but my Dreamcast wont work properly :'-(
  18. PLEASE please please help me!!!!!! i'm playing Resident Evil 4 and I was playing it quite a lot for the rate I usually play games until a couple of weeks ago. Anyway I got to Chapter 3-1 and now I'm stuck. Basically I'm at the castle and use the rifle on those 2 guys patrolling above and then get to the catapult. So I get Ashley to wait and go ahead to that room where the guys were patrolling then call here back so she doesn't die from the fire from the catapults. Then the next step is to go up more steps to another place where catapults are being fired. Now if I leave Ashley behind people take her away and I fail. If I take here with me I fail because she dies from the fire. If I leave her in that room and then call her to me afterwards they still fire and I once again fail. I've yet to be stuck in this game and was loving it until this bit. What do I do? Please God help.
  19. I've got ashley sorted now and managed to get rid of 3 of the catapults, but one fires at me when i try and get to the bit in the middle i'm supposed to get to. I just can't get to them to snipe them cus they fire at me. :'-(
  20. Thanks for your help. God, really think I was better off with my Dreamcast. Can't think of alot I've really enjoyed on my Cube. I always get so annoyed :-(
  21. OK so i used the rifle to kill some catapultists but theres still some firing at me and I thought i'd got them all. I want to kill things.
  22. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Soul Calibur II Super Monkey Ball Resident Evil 4 Banjo Kazooie
  23. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Owen how do you have time for that many games? :-o
  24. Do you use walkthrougs?

    Same here. Whats the point in buying a game and then just sticking it on a shelf because you can't get past a bit?
  25. this generation's best games?

    Um... Shenmue, Shenmue II, Crazy Taxi, Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur II, Zelda The Wind Waker, Super Monkey Ball.