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  1. BREAKING: PS3 price revealed this morning ...

    I agree. You could say, how would kids be able to afford £300 for the PS2 when it first came out. Sure the price will put a few people off, but anyone who wanted one will still get one imo.
  2. Things you have always wondered

    How can I overcome my lack of confidence? (If you can get this one I'll buy you a beer)
  3. Things you have always wondered

    Thats that one cleared up then...
  4. Things you have always wondered

    OK I got another 1. How can anyone not like Ricky Gervais?!
  5. Things you have always wondered

    If the big bang happened, what caused it? And where did the thing that caused it come from? How did everything esle come from that? How do computers work? How can all of this appear on a screen just from bits of metal and electricity? How did someone invent this? How did they even begin to imagine the idea of it?
  6. Dreamcast Trouble

    Punch the box. Sorted mine out everytime. Course i can't be held responsible if you break it...
  7. Has your mind changed?

    TBH the only time I've ever wanted a console because of graphics was with the Dreamcast. Even then I chose that over PS2 because of the games.
  8. Has your mind changed?

    I'm getting a Revo and an Xbox 360. Revo will be in my room, and 360 downstairs on the HDTV. After really seeing how amazing HDTV is I do kinda wish Nintendo were offering it, but its not too big an issue. I have absolutely no interest in PS3 whatsoever. As for which is my 'secondary' console, well it depends on games and how much I enjoy them. I have a Dreamcast and a Gamecube right now, and the one i play depends on what I feel like playing at that current time. I supose it's up to Nintendo to provide us with enough games to make it the console you use most.Since I've played niether right now they are equal.
  9. Football Season 05/06

    COOOOOOOOOOME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!!!!! Gonna be 3-0 against the Baggies tonight.
  10. I understand what you're on about. I wonder how it will feel. I'm sure they'll pull it off.
  11. MMORPG ?

    I completely agree that would be amazing. Just thikn of the possibilities when hardware advances even further. Mind blowing.
  12. OK so here's the story so far. We had a 512k broadband connection and my dad decides to get a wireless Netgear Router. It worked great, we both had the internet and it was pretty fast. Then we decided to upgrade the connection to 2.2mb. Now I'm not sure if it was that exact day but around that time the router stopped working, the adsl connection kept dropping out and we contacted netgear eventually ended up with a replacement. Sure enough, we continued to have the same problem no matter what the guys on the phone said to do. I noticed on the netgear forum that people who had upgraded their connection to 2mb were having a similar problem. Could this have an effect? We returned the netgear stuff and got a wanadoo router. Now the problem appears to be the same, the light flashes saying no connection then will flash slower saying we have an adsl connection, then back to quick flashing. The computer says the signal from the router is excellent. My dad however insists that is the problem. I think it has something to do with us upgrading to 2mb broadband. What do you guys reckon could be the problem? And the internet works fine when we have our normal speedtouch modem plugged in (otherwise posting this would be impossible. Please god help. Anyone. Please....
  13. Wireless Router ***God Help!!***

    We have a usb modem and it works perfectly.
  14. Wireless Router ***God Help!!***

    This is something I'm thinking too. I've tried putting in the username and password and it comes up adsl connection: synchronisation in progress, then it comes up synchronised but then it will come up synchronisation in progress again after about 3-4 seconds. I've asked my dad to perhaps see if we can go back to 512k connection but he keeps saying thats not the problem. Thanks for your help mate, if anyone else would like to toss up anymore ideas feel free....
  15. Given Up On TV

    This is how I got into 24. Decided I wanted to watch something new so i bought the first series and ended up getting them all. Not watched the 5th series on tv once. I'm getting pissed off with sky showing fecking trailers showing what happened in the last episode.
  16. ICO (spoiler tags please thankyou)

    I'm sure I'd love this game, but I don't think it's worth buying a PS2 for just this. I also want a Saturn for Nights and Panzer Dragoon Saga, an and an Xbox for Jet Set Radio Future. Fecking consoles.
  17. I agree, in the Wind Waker I couldn't wait to get from one dungeon to the next. I'm excited about this game again now.
  18. What would you spend £100 on?

    I'd get tickets for that Foo Fighters concert that has Angels and Airwaves supporting.
  19. I need help!!!

    This is like me. I'll buy game after game. I think of a game I want buy it and then think of more i wanted to get so instead of playing the one i bought in the first place I go and buy the new one.
  20. Pikmin or Pikmin 2?

    I've recently rebought the first one for £4 off ebay. I love Pikmin it's a quality game. I'm gonna rebuy the second one once I've finished the first. You'll probably appreciate the second more if you play the first. But both are fantastic and worth everyones time.
  21. IGN - Revolution Titles

    Might pay for the odd game but I'll mostly only be playing the free ones.
  22. IGN - Revolution Titles

    E3 is gonna be utterly amazing. And I'm so excited about free online play.
  23. Ultrajamie's Revolution thoughts (sold my 360)

    Hahaha I just wrote a big reply to this, like 3 paragraphs long then my computer crashed... Windows, don't you just love it :-|
  24. Same here. Got Pikmin, Pikmin 2, Grandia 2 and Jet Set Radio to play over the next few months, then get a DS in the summer, then, as long as I finally get a job, Zelda and a Revo Autumn/Winter. Gonna be some sleepless nights this autumn, my gf wont let me play while she's round.