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  1. HELP!! PC crashes

    My PC is constantly crashing, like more than twice daily, and the windows error reporting says that it's to do with hardware. Trouble is I can't figure out what the problem is. I've run the Microsoft program that checks the RAM (256mb) and it says that there is no problem with it. Could it be I don't have enough RAM? I wouldn't have thought it was that since my PC sometimes just restarts itself, and it comes up serious error afterwards. My fan is working properly but do you think that my computer could be overheating? How can I check it? The last thing I can think of is it being the hard drive, but I'm not sure how it could be that. I've formatted (only quick format) before and still the same problem. It probably crashes the most when I'm using Internet Explorer but it's not always that. Anyone got any ideas? I'm thinking of buying more RAM but not if I'm gonna have to buy a new computer. http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=329284 http://oca.microsoft.com/en/response.aspx?SGD=dc24502a-3624-4cac-a345-3c2391632fc0&SID=134 Those Screens come up when i send an error report.
  2. I'm running SP1 aswell, since my computer crashes even more often with SP2. Is it worth the more unstable computer to get this? Especially given that I'm entirely happy with the very easy to use iTunes.
  3. Installing Internal DVD Drive

    I would have thought so. Theres normally some screws at the side of the drive aswell to keep it in place.
  4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    I've never been into Smash Bros. I'm not sure what it is, but i really don't like it. I'm not gonna get this.
  5. Top 3 Moments of E3 2006

    1. Seeing more Zelda, Metroid and Mario footage. 2. The lines for the Wii. 3. Finally seeing properly how the Wii controller will be put to use. And by this I mean seeing real people playing the real game.
  6. I can see where you're coming from. They could have made big individual titles, and maybe that would have been better because then that would have been an extra 4-5 titles for the Wii.
  7. Worst Fears

    I have 2 really big fears. 1st one is public speaking. I just can't deal with it. I mean if someone asked me to be best man at a wedding i wouldn't be able to cus i'd have to give a speech, and i'd be absolutley terrified. Annoying. 2nd is spiders. It's weird because i know they can't possibly hurt me, so why is it i can't be in a room that might have a spider in it. Can't leave my window open at night incase spiders crawl in and eat me alive. Also the thought of being blind. Imagine that, never being able to see anyone again. You'd never be able to look on the internet again, or play on a game ever again. I think i'd kill myself if i ever went blind. Its a horrible thought. I also don't like wasps and the idea of being burried alive, although i wouldn't exactly say i have a phobia of either one.
  8. Sonic Wild Fire Discussion

    I've just sat and watched that video and I have to say its looking FAR better than the other Sonic. I was actually going to buy an Xbox just for the new Sonic but sod that. I'm not gonna say this will definitely be great but it looks to have sorted the problems of other 3d sonics such as being boring run fast and hope the camera doesn't balls you up levels, and all that other tedious Knuckles/Tails stuff. This is looking good.
  9. Wii Sports: Airplane

    I'm really looking forward to this. Seems like the kind of game to play when you can't really be arsed to play if you know what I mean.
  10. Your GameCube collections

    Might aswell post for about the 9th time in this thread with my ever changing collection. Finally stopped buying and selling games though so apart from adding 2-3 now this is final. Zelda: TWW Metroid Prime Resident Evil Splinter Cell PT Billy hatcher Pikmin Luigis Mansion Smash Bros. Melee Viewtiful Joe Battalion Wars No doubt I'll rebuy Pikmin 2 and Monkey Ball soon enough.
  11. When will you first play Wii?

    Yeah I'm gonna wait until it's out. There's nothing better than getting your brand spanking new shiny console home and sticking in your first game as your first experience with it. I remember playing Super Monkey Ball like it was yesterday... *stares into the distance in day dream*
  12. Have wii all got over it then?

    I like the name now. It's much better than Revolution. I mean how many people were calling it the Rev/Revo? I like the name and it's gotten the console a lot of attention. And if anyone is actually being immature enough to to make jokes about 'wee' anymore, then they clearly can't make jokes about Nintendo being 'for kids'.
  13. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (Wii)

    Yeah, I'm guessing all/most games will run in widescreen and 480p even in europe this time, has anything been said about this?
  14. Battalion Wars

    Great, hopefully i can motivate myself to do the level and carry on enjoying the game.
  15. Football Season 05/06

    Good man :awesome: To be honest if Arsenal win the champions league they should be in it next year. But it shouldn't be at the expense of 4th placed team. I'm not just saying this because I support Spurs because I felt the same last year with Everton.
  16. Grandia 2 & 3

    I know I was loving it, but then got stuck on a boss battle cus my characters weren't a high enough level and I haven't gotten round to improving them yet. I hope i get back into it soon.
  17. Battalion Wars

    Yeah, probably. The main control layout is actually quite good once you get it into your head. Could just be this one vehicle, just feels way to light. The camera thing annoyed me most though. Spose I'll have to get practising.
  18. I don't think that was it tbh. I think it was the light/dark world thing that i didn't like, because i never finished metroid prime and so the gameplay was still pretty fresh to me. Might give it ago again if i ever get round to completing the first.
  19. Battalion Wars

    I just recently got this game. I really like it but the controls are annoying. I'm mostly finding locking on enemies difficult, but not too much of a problem. My one major gripe though is controlling vehicles. Its so loose and it annoys me when the camera decides to turn and you're not facing that way. I'm finding mission 4 difficult simply because of this. Anyone else find that? Did it get easier?
  20. I didn't like Metroid Prime 2. I don't really know why, because I really like the first one. Weird ain't it?
  21. Worst Game you've ever played?

    :-O it was sooo dull! And I was one of the really excited people, I couldn't wait to get that game.
  22. Worst Game you've ever played?

    Oh God, Sonic Heroes, what a loathable game that was. I also hated Starfox Adventures.
  23. Eggheads

    Yeah, I hate them too. Smug bastards.
  24. Things you have always wondered

    Mine did and i eventually punched it until it broke. I'm now buying a mac. Trouble for me is, incompatability with word files and whatever, and i wont be able to chat on msn with friends.