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  1. Xbox originals

    Well did the game play?
  2. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    My Samsung LCD has slight lines down the tv where the picture looks slighty lighter. You can only notice it when a large area of the screen is all the same colour though.
  3. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Probably about a week.
  4. Hotmail on Ipod touch

    There is an application for £3 which would probably be easier.
  5. iPhone/iTouch Apps...

    I have To Do's which is a simple to do list, which shows a number on the home screen of any outstanding. Amazes me this isn't part of the phone... Also have TV Plus which is brilliant if you have Sky+ cos you can remote record through it. Other than that the main ones I have are: Momo, a journal/memo app, Skype (only phone people on wifi though), Flixter, eBay, Shazam (the one from the iPhone ad), Traffic UK (great for knowing which motorways are rammed!), Colorsplash (which does cool effects where you can grey out a photo and then just leave colour on one item for instance), and Superball 3 (which is one of my favourite time wasters on the phone, also just got updated to version 3).
  6. Mario Strikers Charged Football...Revisited

    I think it's quite a fun little game, although the football bit is misleading really, as it really doesn't feel like football at all. I found it a bit too hard to score goals, which was annoying. I've just gone back to playing SMB:BB as well by the way and suddenly really enjoying it. It's great when a game you hated suddenly seems good :p
  7. MadWorld

    The banners always look good, this one's the best yet. Just did the first level, really enjoying it so far. It's definitely flawed, I mean the camera is pretty bad, I've not had to think about camera this much for a while, and the black and white art style can make things look a tad confusing at times, but other than that it's such a lot of fun. Definitely worth the £27 Every single person who has ever moaned that their Wii doesn't have enough 'hardcore' games needs to go out and buy this today. Hopefully it remains fun throughout.
  8. Bioshock 2

    I know I sort of feel the same. I'm slightly concerned this wont have the same atmosphere as the last one, and that was perhaps the best part of the game.
  9. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I hope Sega can get back to being the company that created so many amazing Dreamcast games. I've pretty much given up on Shenmue 3 but there's no reason another Crazy Taxi couldn't be made or stuff like Space Channel 5, especially now XBLA and PSN exist.
  10. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I do like AH but it's ridiculously hard, :p Is this thread showing 2 extra pages to this thread than there actually is? It says 1043 pages even though I clicked last page and it says it's on 1041 :s
  11. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I know, just think of what they could do with Crazy Taxi. Really could have been amazing if they went all Burnout Paradise with it.
  12. Wii - 2nd Most Popular Online Console

    If Mario Karts online works in exactly the same way as the 360 does online then yes it's perfect. If I have to fuck around getting a friends 'friend code' typed in then forget it. I don't understand how a friend code is any different to just a Wii email address. Why do they make it so annoying to connect to people? Surely parent controls would be sufficient to ensure kids weren't open to freaks?
  13. Wii - 2nd Most Popular Online Console

    I've never played an online game on the Wii. I refuse to since it's such utter bullshit. I played a couple of DS ones but again the bullshit of getting it set up meant I couldn't be arsed to ever do it again.
  14. Nintendo Raising UK Wii Trade Price

    As has been said, Nintendo must be making enough profit on these things. These companies must realise that raising prices will decrease sales. How exactly does that help?
  15. MadWorld

    Well, I've ordered my copy. £27 on Gameplay, so hopefully it's good :-)
  16. Left 4 Dead: A Thread For Suvivalists

    Not only that, L4D needs to have some new campaigns. I would even pay for them. Bored of the same 4 now.
  17. Bioshock 2

    This is my concern as well. Hopefully this one has a slightly better ending.
  18. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Not when it comes up 'this is service is currently unavailable' :p
  19. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Yeah, thats twice now I've had a pretty good experience with getting the 360 repaired. I hate Microsofts call centres though, with that annoying voice thing rather than pressing a number for an option, and then getting through to foreign people that don't really understand what you're asking them. My Xbox has only been away for a total of 12 days over 2 repairs, which is pretty good to be honest.
  20. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    I was trying to get back into this game before my Xbox stopped working. I'm still having the same trouble with the racing levels, where it's just too easy to spin out and lose at any point in the race. I find it too frustrating.
  21. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I did the sneaky thing and took a sick day from work :p My first one for nearly 2 years. And the Xbox turned up at 8.30, a full 10 minutes before I would have left the house anyway.... Playing a bit of Soul Calibur 4, and The Apprentice is an utter tosser. How the hell do you beat him?!?! I'm playing Arcade mode on hard and found everyone to be easy up until this guy.
  22. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    My Xbox has finally be shipped, says in transit now on the UPS website. Only problem is now it's being delivered to my home address, despite putting a return address on the side of the fecking box. I phoned UPS when it said 'billing info received' and they told me Microsoft would have to change it, so I phoned them only to be told it had left and I had no option... They even tried to tell me it was picked up from my house, which was utter bullshit. Should UPS be able to change it to my work address? Cos no one will be in on Thursday. I'm fucking sick of delivery companies. Don't they realise people fecking work?
  23. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Good good. I would probably advise anyone that gets the RRoD to send in their Xbox regardless of whether it works straight after. If you do get a hardware failure, it's very likely that it will happen again, whether it's 10 minutes later, or 10 months later. You might as well do it while it's in warranty. Also if reports are to be believed the new parts in the current 360s (and in repaired ones) are meant to be much more reliable so it's a good idea to get the new parts put in as soon as you can. :p
  24. De Blob

    I really like what I've played of de Blob as well. The only issue for me was the jumping, I would have just preferred A to be jump instead of waving the controller but apart from that I think it's really good. I'm glad games like this are selling on Wii because stuff like this is the reason I got the console.