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  1. The Android Thread

    It would be rude not to. Broken Sword is one of my favourite point-and-click adventures of all time and I'm sure the Android version will be enjoyable too. Can't believe all the great games/applications available on Google Play, especially the 25 cents offers running at the moment. Brilliant.
  2. The Android Thread

    Chrome is a nice, speedy browser indeed. Firefox users who are used to using the excellent 'keyword' feature for bookmark shortcuts can do the same in Chrome. Here's a little tutorial.
  3. Well OK, fair enough if it didn't convince you to believe and have faith in the system hehe. I tried.
  4. The Android Thread

    Thanks for the heads-up. I duckduckgo:ed it and it does seem that an upgrade will be rolled out for Samsung phones soon(ish): GALAXY Tab 2 7.0 & 10.1, GALAXY Note 10.1, GALAXY SII, GALAXY Note, GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus, GALAXY S Advance, GALAXY SII LTE, GALAXY Music, GALAXY Chat, GALAXY Ace 2, GALAXY Beam, GALAXY Ace Plus, GALAXY mini II and GALAXY S DUOS.
  5. Alright, first thing first. Take a deep breath and relax. Now take another deeeep breath. There, feeling better? While I can't be sure, here's what I think is going on (I worked in logistics for over ten years): The nice chap at the post office already told you that the parcel isn't being tracked because it would cost extra. Probably, the parcel has already arrived at the repair centre by now. The reason why your 3DS hasn't been registered with a repair id (or repair tracking number) is most likely because it won't be registered until a technician opens your parcel and investigates the device. Depending on the size of the repair centre and the amount of repairs, it might take days, or even weeks until it's time for your 3DS to be taken care of - it will happen sooner or later in the order they arrive I'm sure. Or maybe the postal service and repair centre both suck and you can forget about my ensuring message and begin to worry about shelling out money for a new 3DS.
  6. The Android Thread

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I've been away from the smartphone market for a few years so have/had some catching up to do. I decided to go for the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 model because of the relative low price (€250) and the ability to play video games. It comes with OS 2.3.6 Gingerbread and I'm not sure whether it's possible to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) at this point. What I've read so far about ICS vs Gingerbread though hasn't made me feel like I'm losing out on anything significant and I'm sure I'll be able to tweak the standard settings to my liking if need be. Anyway, are there any good Android websites for gaming reviews and news articles, and what games do you recommend? Thanks again.
  7. The Android Thread

    Thanks for the suggestion, but isn't that a tablet? I'm looking for a smartphone that will fit in my pocket and that I can use as my main phone as well as playing games on it. Why are the ones I listed crap if the requirements for the games I want seem to be OK? Are the processors too slow or something else? Am I fooling myself into thinking that any of the above-mentioned phones will be sufficient for playing games which require android 2.3 or less? If so, which (smartphone) model do you guys suggest as a minimum? Thank you.
  8. The Android Thread

    Hi guys. I need a bit of advise here. I am contemplating getting an Android phone. I first and foremost need it for gaming, but wouldn't mind being able to watch videos, access youtube and use Skype as well. The games I'm interested in all seem to work with android 2.3 or below. I'd like to begin with an affordable Android phone to see if smartphone gaming is for me at all so I've been narrowing it down to a few phones and hope someone here will be able to give me some piece of advice or maybe even suggest me another Android phone as long as it's in the same price range as the others. The candidates are: HTC Explorer Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Samsung Galaxy Gio Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. OUYA

    I don't know much about the current smartphone market since I'm not using smartphones anymore (or at least for the time being), but isn't OUYA using the same concept as seen on the Android Market; try for free, pay if you like? So maybe they've analysed the market and estimated that there will be enough users who're willing to pay for full games, or OUYA will get their main income by selling hardware only, or maybe they're just hoping it'll become a success one way or the other. I don't know. Was just curious why you think it'll be doomed even before it has taken off. Looks like they have lots of support from gamers and developers alike.
  10. OUYA

    If I was to buy a new home console system, this would be it. I am very intrigued indeed and will wait and see how the final product turns out. I'm especially looking forward to see if the whole experience will be the same for Europeans and others as well since it's a North American product and I'm a bit hesitant to believe that we will get the same amount of services here that are apparently on offer in the US. But definitely interested in this thing.
  11. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 3DS

    OK, I will admit I don't know much about the upcoming free phone version other than I read it's free to try and then you'll have to pay in order to unlock features (which haven't been enclosed as far as I'm aware). I read it though as if the main game was free to try, but if you want to visit the shop (in the game) it'll cost you moneys - meaning it would be perfectly possible to complete the exact same game as the 3DS version for free. I paid £25 for the 3DS game and didn't enjoy it much so it made me a bit upset if Sega was giving the same game away for free that I just bought (and luckily sold without too big of a loss).
  12. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 3DS

    After I read that Sega's apparently offering Rhythm Thief for free on a certain platform that the media can't stop talking about I've decided to not support Sega anymore, unless they will also release new games for free on platforms I own such as the 3DS. Why would I pay 25 quid or more for a game others apparently will be able to play for free?! So unless I misunderstood something I'm not going to get this game anyway.
  13. 3DS Console Discussion

    Yes, the prices look a bit steep. I bought a 3DS 32Gb SD card from mymemory-uk store on ebay for far less and it works like a charm. If anyone's interested, here's a link. It's only 13 quid at the moment, a real bargain.
  14. Fantasy Life (26th Sept)

    To yōroppa? Hai, īe? (And Europe? Yes, no?)
  15. Fantasy Life (26th Sept)

    You need to make 100 posts before it'll be available. You can thank me later. Game looks interesting.