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  1. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    Mine has shipped from http://www.movietyme.com
  2. Wii on LCDtv

    Guys, what are you all talking about? These are standard input/output issues. My gamecube looks awful on my LCD. Thats why you use COMPONENT for LCD's! Dear Lord!
  3. No Rumble for N64 VC Games!

    Ah, dry your eyes you big nancy!
  4. The latest South Park episode

    Here it is. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xm8tr_south-park-1013-go-god-go-xii
  5. Wii

  6. Far Cry Vengence Wii

    I thought it looked really well.
  7. Play.com - Cancellations and Confirmations

    Thought it was you, but never said anything!
  8. Play.com - Cancellations and Confirmations

    Are you Coolit on AVForums? : peace: Im 'Kube' over there.
  9. Play.com - Cancellations and Confirmations

    Guys, Argos are guaranteeing you a console if you preorder with them. Why worry over a new GAME preorder when you can get one from Argos. Your loss i suppose!
  10. European Wii Preorders

    Guys, Argos are a sure bet.
  11. Coolit, would you mind removing the link below your avatar, its messing up the layout! Oh, and welcome sir!
  12. Thats unlucky for you then.

    You really should test microsoft word once in a while, the spelling and grammar function is a modern day marvel. :wink:
  14. No chance of an import PS3

    Dirty scum bags, thats where i buy most of my games.
  15. Get an order in with Argos today. They guarantee a console as they have been told by Nintendo the exact amount of consoles being provided to them. £5 more due to delivery cost but you recieve a £10 Argos voucher on orders over £100. Just got mine in. http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Produc...2Bconsoles.htm Release List Well the ones availble to buy now on Argos. They have held off on release any Wii details until confirmation came through from Nintendo. Splinter Cell: Double Agent Rayman- Raving Rabbits Super Monkey Ball Far Cry 2006 GT Pro Series Twilight Princess Cars Need for Speed Carbon Red Steel Call of Duty 3 Tony Hawks Downhill Jam Nintendo WII Play (inc Remote) Super FruitFall
  16. Sorry your wrong on two points here: 1) Argos (online) take your money staight away, payment for mine has already been taken. 2) The console IS delivered on the release day. Obviously you havent bought from them before on a console release. My 360 arrived on release day at 9am. That needed to be said as you just made that stuff up.
  17. Yeah, i agree. They did the same with the 360.
  18. Square Enix talk Mana Wii!!

    I hardly think Nintendo were the first company to invent a talking tree.
  19. Wii games price drop has started!

    GAME are currently charging £40 a game online with their Wii bundles. They need to reduce that price quick or im going else where.
  20. Im not the biggest techno junkie on the planet but i recently purchased a Dell 32" HDTV for my livingroom. Also updated my surround system so was a bit pissed when i heard the Wii was supporting Pro Logic II. Not that im grumbling too much but as time goes by this machine is looking more and more like a bog standard Gamecube with a new controller. Anyway, after recently connecting up my Gamecube to the RGB scart socket ive decided that if the European Wii doesnt support Component connection with 480p im not going to bother buying a UK model on release day. Unfortunately my Gamecube looks awful going through scart and being stretched. I may opt for a US machine, which i dont want to do because of my PAL GC games, but i really think its time for Nintendo to show what the price of the Wii is giving us.
  21. Thoughts on Wii from a long time fan

    I personally feel that another reason alot of people are feeling underwhelmed at the moment is down to the lack of high quality videos/screens and general information from Nintendo. A Simple marketing strategy that seems to have passed them by. (im sure a number of reasons are to blame for this.) We are just over two months away from launch and TBH i havent really seen that much extra since E3.
  22. 480p, component and Progressive scan

    Im as big a Nintendo fan as any of you guys, but if Nintendo fail to deliver the goods to the UK this time then i will be sorely pissed off. I love the controller, i love the Virtual console and the philosophy behind what they are trying to achieve but all i want is for Europeans to be given standard technology that can compliment other equipment in their home. LCD's for many are standard now.
  23. 480p, component and Progressive scan

    In Europe? There has been no confirmation of that as yet. They have mentioned it in the tech specs but im still unconvinced. By that i also mean that games support it unlike PAL Gamecube titles.
  24. If Wii has more power than an Xbox...

    Rushmere would also be worth checking if you do get stuck.
  25. If Wii has more power than an Xbox...

    Nando, i know its a bit of a drive but GAME in Forestside, Belfast have 2 preowns. Im just out of it 10 mins ago.