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  1. 3DS Console Discussion

    Got a text from GAME today saying the instore preorder price has dropped to 219.99.
  2. PilotWings Resort

    This is a must buy for me.
  3. Hi Oli, any chance you could close this mate?



  4. Majora's Mask

    Never played the cube verion, might get round to it, but never had any freezing issues on the N64. Its a beautiful, dark title that compliments OOT so well.
  5. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Just re-bought a 360 Elite, the lure of Gears of Wars 2 became too much.
  6. NEW NoE Site is up!

    'Page cant be found', strange this.
  7. Wii nearly UK's best seller

    Shame on you!
  8. Mercury Meltdown Revolution

    Out this Friday in the UK (8th June) and getting some high scores. Eurogamer: 9 EDGE: 8 IGN: 7.9 Official Nintendo Mag: 81% NGamer: 80% A must buy for me.
  9. Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers!

    Oh man! *a little urine soaks into pants*
  10. I find this whole thread disturbing.
  11. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    Nah, more than likely goes from green to red whenever it passes over a 'hit' area.
  12. US Feb Sales

    Why would you want that? Seems a little childish.
  13. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

    Has to be Earthbound.
  14. Playstation Discussion Archive

    RR7 is basically RR6 that came out on the 360 over a year ago.
  15. how do i use a Datel LAN adapter?

    I use the Japanese DATEL one, works perfect. I plug it straight into the modem not the PC, no need for firewall issues etc, works straight away.
  16. how do i use a Datel LAN adapter?

    Plug the Usb lead into the Wii, other end into the adapter. Plud ethernet cable into your modem.
  17. ExciteTruck

    Stop talking nonsense. Get rid of the game if you dont like it but stop talking drivvel.
  18. ExciteTruck

    Ah man, this is good.
  19. Sony And Link???

    Guys its a store that has a fiqure of Link and they have their game products round it. Pure drama queens.
  20. ExciteTruck

    You must just be crap then. Controls are amazing on this.
  21. The birdie got any news yet this week?
  22. SSX Blur

  23. Component looks better huh?

    *Zelda is 480p* Component is the best connection available (for the GC/Wii). Need anymore useless factual information oh mighty lord of RF connections?
  24. Component looks better huh?

    This is one of the most illinformed and ignorant threads i have read on these forums, and thats saying something.