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  1. Splatoon

    Nintendo Network down!!! Great timing.
  2. The Super Mario 3D World thread

    My Amazon preorder didn't urn up either. Annoying as hell!!!
  3. Super Mario 3D World (Nov 29th)

    Feeling a bit better about this.
  4. Wii Fit girl in Smash Bros :l
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles X (4th Dec)

    This was the only saving grace for me of the Direct. Totally underwhelmed by everything else.
  6. Super Mario 3D World (Nov 29th)

    So underwhelmed.
  7. No more EA support for Wii U!

    The truth is out.
  8. Luigi's Mansion 2

    I did something with this game that I never thought I would do and that was turn it off. Its just a bit boring and repetitive. Loved the original but this just doesn't grab me. Played up to the 2nd Mansion (dog/key part) and just couldn't be assed anymore.
  9. Wii U Panorama View

    Don't get this at all.
  10. Wii U VC

    This is a pile of pish. Every VC game on the Wii should be available instead of going through all this nonsense again. I'm so close to jumping ship with this console and I've never thought that in the past.
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles Official Thread

    This game holds a special place in my heart. Only my wife and children are held with a similar affection in my life.
  12. Darksiders II

    5 days since dispatch and still not received, what postage do Zavvi use?
  13. Persona 4: The Golden

    All the main songs. After 20+ hours the novelty wears off. Plus I can't make out a word they singing.
  14. Persona 4: The Golden

    The music is actually starting to grate me, not in the dungeons but the main song. Its awful, like a Dreamcast sonic game.
  15. Game & Wario (June 28th)

    I can't get excited for this in the slightest.
  16. Darksiders II

    £14.98 at Zavvi.
  17. Persona 4: The Golden

    About 11 hours now, loving it.
  18. Splash or Crash! (eShop)

    Dodge things game? Save your money.
  19. The Cave [eShop]

    Played it for about an hour and got bored for it.
  20. 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro

    Waiting on mine arriving, paid £20 or so for it.
  21. Paper Mario: Sticker Star

    played about 2 hours and hate this game. I'll not go into it too much but this is squarely aimed at an audience around the age of my son. Hate the stickers, hate the combat system and really didn't like anything about it.
  22. Mass Effect 3

    Just about to start this. Played 10 hours of 1 and none of 3 but hey ho.
  23. ZombiU

    Just completed it, brilliant launch title and enjoyed every minute of it.
  24. 3DS Console Discussion

    This console is so lacking in RPGs it's not funny.
  25. ZombiU

    Nearly gave up on the arena section, bloody hate that type of area. Managed to lose 3 survivors on that. Just picking up the remaining letters now. Totally out of ammo tonight but Agent Gibbs gave me a ton of stuff when I found him wondering around Brick Zlane flats