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  1. Where do you play?

    Just moved into my new house so still setting this up at the moment. Need to get my 5.1 set up and decorate the room a bit. Apart from that im happy with it. So...show me yours!
  2. Completely forgot i had 6635 stars on the Nintendo site but was wondering if they still update the stars catalogue monthly?
  3. Where do you play?

    Bought it off Ebay about two years ago for £6. Fully boxed.
  4. The final secret?!?!?!?

    True moria.
  5. Halogen Lights Confuse Wii! OH NO!!!

    A halogen bulb is the type that you have on eye ball lights on kitchen cielings or on recent desk lamps. The wee flat looking ones.
  6. Where do you play?

    What brand is the LCD mate, looks sweet.
  7. Where do you play?

    They look sweet to be honest. It runs 720p and 1080i through both component and VGA so does the job nicely. Only has a refresh rate of 25ms but dont notice any ghosting or anything.
  8. Where do you play?

    I was lucky as i got that one through work but it does nicely for the pc, sky and my 360.
  9. Those ringtones etc are a real waste of time. Did it not use to update around the 20th of each month or something?