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  1. Could also work like stars i reckon.
  2. PS3 delayed in Europe till March 2007

  3. The Official Leipzig Conference Topic

    That was a load of rubbish, with the amount of fans watching it they have really let themselves down big time imo. There was no point to that showing at all.
  4. The Official Leipzig Conference Topic

    Its all good though
  5. The Official Leipzig Conference Topic

    Good man Diemetrix, im firewall'd in work. Keep it coming
  6. peter molyneux bought?

    He could do with a bowl of shredded wheat in the morning.
  7. i got a psp

    Bought one recently myself and love Tales of Eternia and Breath of Fire III. Lemmings isnt bad either if you can pick it up cheap.
  8. Virtual Console

    Obviously! But surely it wouldnt be that hard to take advantage of the online capabilites and add an option to the game.
  9. 2000 hours? You and your mates play up to 12 hours a week? Thats playing 4 hours a night, 3 times a week constantly for 3.2 years. Its good you keep track of all the hours!
  10. Virtual Console

    I have the game at home but im really looking forward to seeing if Super Mario Kart is released. Can VC games play online? Original MK online would be superb.
  11. My Cat has myspace

    "My Cat has myspace"...............Well lift it off the couch and let it set it on the floor. Sorry!
  12. Popped into my Local GAME yesterday (Rushmere branch) and couldnt believe it when i discovered the only Gamecube stock they had was a single preowned Gamecube and about 20 preown games. (all crap BTW) Not a single new Gamecube title or Gamecube. I usually only buy online these days and dont use my Gamecube much but since when did GAME stop stocking new GC games? Seems a tad OTT to me. HMV also had no GC stock at all.
  13. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

    Yes, yes you should.
  14. Minish Cap was superb, i really enjoyed it. Didnt find the Oracle games that good TBH. Mainly due to the jump at the time from the Gameboy colour to GBA was happening.
  15. Nah, Links awakening is the better title. Close but slightly better IMO.
  16. New Wii pics!

    OMG your right!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  17. New Wii pics!

    Ive fixed those flap images so you can see what is there. Definetly looks like GC memory card slots.
  18. Eternal Darkness??

    It would be superb, but as mentioned above i doubt it would be a Wii title.
  19. 3 games I want to see on the Wii

    Personally i dont want to see any pc/xbox etc ports on the Wii. I have a PC and 360 for that. Im looking for fresh innovative titles from the Wii. Its not what Nintendo is about imo.
  20. England Team Discussion

    I knocked this up (way too much time on my hands, and im in work)
  21. The flap development..

    Talk about building yourself up for a fall. This thread is full of complete nonsense.
  22. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Anyone tried Doom 3, Silent Hill or Lego SW yet on the 360. WOuld love to know if thye play well.
  23. Its that legit that im pleased.