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  1. No, that's okay, I'm perfectly happy with my knee-jerk reaction. *edit* No business criticizing smokers? It's a filthy habit. Of-course we're gonna criticize it.
  2. I know, I thought it up myself and everything!
  3. Haha, you can't smoke in public places. Owned.
  4. I live in Hemel Hempstead

    Absolutely amazing. Just saw it on BBC1, had NO idea that it had occured. Anyone got any good pictures? I want some high-quality photos of the smoke stack. It's not every day you get to see something so mind-bogglingly amazing.
  5. Revolution making way for VR.

    Actually, that's precisely what I want.
  6. SOAD Album Leaked

    I fucking love piracy. I steal everything. If it was possible to illegally download food and water, I'd live off that.
  7. Spong: Mario To Be Revealed December 2nd

    Precisely. Spong for the win!
  8. SeriousGamer007 has supposedly played the revolution

    I fucking love that guy, he is AWESOME. I love SG007!
  9. Check out this guy Rev Controller Mock-up

    That was really cool. GOOD WORK SOLDIER!
  10. British humour or American humour?

    Young Ones. We win, tbh.
  11. Revolution jokes, parodies and gifs.

    Nintengirls? Fuck yes.
  12. Titles you'd like to see on Revolution

    killer kirby: they should package that with a force feedback vest and helmet. Feel the punches!
  13. If Metroid Prime 3 was running on GC dev kits...

    Do you guys remember the Europe ad where this chick is walking down an alley way and chunks of armour flied onto her until she was full-on Samus suited? Fucking SWEET. She was hot too.
  14. IGN's Matt Cassamassina Decides

    Who cares? It's a funny blog. Leave the guy be.
  15. I know its a blog about some research?

    Nin-Rev blog lists Osaka as "totally fake", so... meh.