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  1. I've had 3 external HDD drives in my time, and the 2 best I've used come from 'Imation' (500 GB) and 'Buffalo' (1 TB). I'll be using my Imation 500 GB with my Wii U as it was supplied with a Y-USB cable, which basically allows data access and power consumption at the same time without sharing and lessening either one. Nintendo have recommended the use of such a cable and I strongly recommend it, too. Make sure you pick one up if not supplied with one, or without it's own external power supply.


    Does anyone know the reliability of this manufacturer?



    I think Retro Link posted this a while ago when it was on offer. Still seems like a decent price. An older listing of what appears to be the same model though has quite a few 1 star reviews describing how it failed within a month or two, but this one from July 2012 has no such negative reports.


    USB powered is important to me to avoid the hassle of extra power leads.


    That's nearly the exact Buffalo model I have, I have the USB 3.0 update. I've had it for 3 months and have had no problems with it whatsoever. It isn't supplied with a Y shaped USB cable though (at least mine wasn't), and so you'll need to pick one up separately.

  2. that first video had me feeling really apprehensive, which is exactly what i want from a survival horror game, haven't felt that in a zombie game for a long time!


    Yeah, amazing. It's on the edge of your seat stuff. The vid with the safe house is cool. It looks like you have to make your safe house safer, by cleaning out areas and locking them down, etc.


    SO, cool.

  3. what i want to know, is there a multiplayer mode or something?

    even if it doesnt i still buy it lol.

    i didnt follow the news lately kinda busy.


    There is a local one-on-one multiplayer mode, where one player has a pro-controller playing as a survivor, the other on the gamepad placing zombies by using the touch screen. All this is in a kind of capture the flag mode. Sounds a bit weak, but looks a lot of fun, especially with upgrades to your zombies, etc.

  4. This looks to be the best NSMB yet!


    It does. Even after getting more and more disillusioned at the NSMB series, this now looks to be perfectly taking it through SMWorld (my favourite 2D Mario) and onto even greater heights. I am now, officially, tempted to purchase this. Damn, my aching wallet.

  5. Though looking at the map on the Sky News site looks like Romney did win the most states....wonder if he'll win the "popular" vote. That's another thing I don't get bout the US elections, how are those "collage votes" allocated? Is it a state gets more "points" based on Population or something?


    Yeah, it's completely based off of population. The bigger the population the more College points.

  6. Thankfully, Obama has won. Another 4-8 years of Republicans would mean the closure of stem cell therapies and research, abortion laws rescinded, women's rights being affected, low earning populace without the right to any form of health-care, etc. Well, if the Democrats win next time at least Scientific research has another 4 years of un-interrupted growth within the USA, unlike under Bush and pals.

  7. I made this in Photoshop before any artwork existed (except the press pack images as a base) and posted it on NeoGaf. lol...


    Good enough to fool everyone to think it was the PAL cover though :kiss:


    Nice job, lol. Shame that Nintendo Network thingy won't be coming true then. Arggghhh, you got my hopes up, haha.

  8. I'd imagine they would have wanted 2 Gamepad multiplayer, but seeing as it won't be available at launch and they don't want to delay ZombiU they probably just chucked in Wii Mote and numchuck support for multiplayer. They probably don't want to offer it in singleplayer because they want people to experience it using the gamepad.


    My take on it anyway.


    Agreed. Let's wait and see.

  9. If its for multiplayer why would they just have 1 controller? Isn't multiplayer more than 2 player? Maybe not. Maybe it is just 2 player and they second player can either use this or the pro controller.


    I'm sure it's only a 2-player multi-player affair. But, if they do allow you to use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck for the Multi-player, why wouldn't this also be used in the single player? If it's not in the single player it's probably because of the functionality of the Gamepad and Ubisoft thought it strange to have the GamePad sitting on your lap whilst using the remote.

  10. Absolutely sure I've never heard about this before, but take a look at this picture. The reverse side of the ZombiU box-art clearly shows 1 Wii Remote and Nunchuk compatibility (obviously for local multi-player). Has this been confirmed???



  11. Quite simply, I buy all Nintendo's consoles at some point. I was a little late to the Gamecube (no money, poor student) and Wii (big life changes), but have been very psyched for the 3DS and the WiiU. Not going to turn the launch down. Buying for Nintendo's exclusive 1st and 2nd party games, hopefully with some excellent gems from 3rd parties along the way.

  12. I think my wife's given up trying to stop me getting things! She knows what I'm like, and, after 20 years of marriage, knows she's not going to change me :)


    Same here Wooks63. After 10 years of marriage she knows the answer to the question 'Do you love me or Nintendo more?'

  13. But the nintendo a,ways have to have something missing.


    Maybe a third party will release a steering wheel with analogue pedals where the Game Pad sits in the middle of the wheel. You get the tilting of the GAme Pad to control the steering, the proper analogue foot pedals, and the telemetry, etc, shown on the 2nd screen. Should be good.

  14. Why is it expected? Assassins Creed, Batman, Darksiders 2, Balck Ops 2 don't have features missing (Elite doesn't count)


    It's expected because it's EA (not Ubisoft, WB, THQ or Activision), and all of their other games releasing on the WiiU are gimped. Fifa13 is the 2012 engine with lacking features, Madden has the same issues (only magnified and worse), and we all know Mass Effects problems.

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