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  1. Man I forgot about the tard pack. It'll be interesting to see what MS do with the 720 later this year.


    What with MS providing subscription packages for their consoles late last year, I can see them pursuing this avenue more. Crazy idea, but does anyone think they'll go for a full subscription plan, so that you can't outright buy their console, but instead pay monthly which includes all online, etc.

  2. I loved this game, but actually preferred the Rare follow up. The one based on the Disney licence "Mickey's Speedway USA". I found the Karts too loose in Diddy Kong, whilst the karts in the Mickey game felt, at least in the fastest speeds, like a proper racing game. It had such a good feeling of tighter control, but unfortunately no adventure mode.





  3. Found the website and another that @Rick9999 is on about above, only for wholesale buyers, but as Rick said that means there should be a supply into the market soon.


    Here; http://www.alibaba.com/trade/search?fsb=y&IndexArea=product_en&CatId=&SearchText=wii+u+ac+adapter


    and here; http://kailigame.gmc.globalmarket.com/products/details/ac-adapter-for-wii-u-gamepad-wii-u-game-accessories-r-1151116.html


    Also, found this website that are currently out of stock, but worth checking periodically as they supply for single purchases, here; http://store.richspsxparts.com/newwiiuacadw.html

    The above link is for the US version, just click through to find the European ones.

  4. Also, if buying a voltage transformer, the Wii U runs at a maximum of 70 Watts, so don't buy a 50W transformer make sure it's 100W to be safe.


    It is ridiculous that:


    1) You have region specific games/consoles. People travel, move, etc. What are you afraid of????


    2) AC adapters that convert 110/220 are not provided. Every mobile phone comes with one!!


    3) I cannot purchase a new adapter if needed anywhere from Nintendo.


    Yeah, I had 3 emails from NoA and NoE saying that they just could not help me with my problem, that I needed to buy the adapters from Nintendo in the country I was living in, and they completely ignored the fact there is no Nintendo of Taiwan. It just kept going around and around and in the end they were no help and blamed me for buying a Wii U and moving/taking it to a different country saying that my warranty is now invalid, the on-line will not function as sold. I mean thanks, but no thanks.


    I am so pissed off at them, but still looking forward to when I can plug the machine in. Their extremely inane decision making over region control still doesn't deter me from their great products/games/etc.

  5. Well, I ended up exchanging my UK AC Adapters with a new member on the forums. He had exactly the reverse situation as I did. Having US adapters. A swap has been made and both sets of adapters are on-route, only another 2 weeks to go before I find out if my Wii U functions OK after its long journey.


    Nervous times :hmm:


    Thanks @Beni for all your help.

  6. Strike force missions easy? I think they're so difficult. Are they just optional because I'm just ignoring them at the minute and continuing with the story.


    Apparently, if you don't finish the Strike-force missions you don't get the 'good' endings. Source ONM review.

  7. Finished the campaign tonight. I think it's the best CoD campaign since CoD4, I really liked Raul Menendez as a villain!


    Does the Single-player campaign have as many glitches as some websites have suggested. And how are those Strike-force levels I've heard they are totally borked? What's your take on it Kav, as I might pick this up when it gets cheaper in a couple of months.

  8. I've never had problems with Zavvi or their secondary company The Hut. I have read so many comments about their bad customer service, too. I don't live in the UK, but they'll deliver Internationally and only 1 game has gone missing in the post (after travelling all around the world), and after the allocated number of days, an email pops up requesting do I want a refund or replacement. No problem with them, and my WiiU arrived last week. Still unable to play it though because of the AC adapter problems. On that front a new member @Beni and I have done a swap of our adapters, so I should be playing the WiiU in about 3 weeks, hopefully.

  9. Looks like it is coming soon...

    From Nintendo website:


    Using a Download Code purchased in a shop or online store

    Coming soon!


    Purchase a Download Code and enter it in Nintendo eShop to download the game. Download Codes can be purchased in many shops and online stores that sell Nintendo products.

    Download method using a Download Code


    1. Start "Nintendo eShop" from your HOME Menu



    2. Tap the "Menu" tab on the top left of the lower screen



    3. Tap "Settings/Other"



    4. Tap "Redeem Download Code"



    5. Enter the 16-figure Download Code in the screen that is displayed and tap "OK"



    I do so hope it's coming soon, and not only for the 3DS, but also for the WiiU.

  10. Any impressions on Crimson Shroud or Hydroventure? Kinda interested in them but not too sure if I should buy them yet, wasn't interested in Hydroventure until I saw it on the eShop last night. Might end up waiting and see if they go on sale.


    Just picked up Hydroventure. Only played the first 5 levels of the first world. At first when watching the trailer I thought the water physics seemed too slow and sticky, but upon playing it feels really nice and well balanced with the gyro controls.


    Plenty of levels to play, which I'm taking from the number of Rainbow Sprites you have to save (1 on each level), from the top of my head 60.


    There are many different powers you can gain by completing certain levels (I only have 1 ATM), but it seems you can get 8-10. This will increase the replayability of each level incredibly as there are collectibles like puzzle pieces which you can only get them whilst using other powers.


    Overall, I'm enjoying this and it feels like it's a nice addition to my quick pick and play in short bursts game collection.

  11. It should have been in the top 50, and at a fiver that's an awesome price for an overall good game. Some generic repetition is made up for by the wonderful visual style and smooth fluid frame rate. Whack it up to Max. difficulty and it's an enjoyable romp.

  12. Just picked this up today via Digital Download, and after just 1 hour I love this game (finished W1-1 only). Crisp 'paper' graphics. Fighting system is streamlined, easy to use, and not over-indulgent (I get bored of heavy RPG's). Humorous. And to cap it all off, the shiny stickers on the lower screen, top notch.

  13. Yeah, apparently it looks like the wii adapter will fit the wii u, but it won't; and it's apparently because it uses a bigger/more power supply so obviously to stop frying the smaller one. Also despite my suspicions apparently the gamepad has its own special adapter too(not totally confirmed yet), so you're looking at officials or the step up transformers.


    I'm still curious why my UK 3DS charger worked without a transformer in the US though, as it only says 240V on it and not 110.


    I've used a UK 3DS charger in Taiwan since I bought it at launch. It must have something to do with the power consumption of the device (the Ampage/Wattage). I don't think I'll plug a beast like the Wii U in to find out though.

  14. Premium's got what over basic, 32GB internal memory instead of 8? Plus being black; does it come with anything extra compared? Is it just the ZombiU pack that includes a pro controller?


    Remember that if you are going to some downloading off the old eShop, the Deluxe Wii U has the free Nintendo Network Discount scheme going for it.

  15. Love the pad , my only complaint is the battery it doesnt last all that long, i hope they oneday release a bigger battery, as there is room for a bettery nearly twice as big.


    3rd party accessory developer NKYO are now selling a larger battery for the Gamepad that is claimed to last 10 hours.

  16. Thanks @Guy. I guessed as much the Wii U AC adapter is so much bigger than the original Wii one. Was doing a lot of research, downloading the manuals for both the Wii and Wii U, but the Wii U manuals tell you that if you want to learn more about the power supply to the Wii U then use the Wii U Electronic manual; the one built into the Wii U OS. Amazing you have to have a working power supply to see if it's all right by turning the console on.


    Anyway, I got an offer from a new member of these forums in the same predicament as me, except in reverse. If he can be patient maybe we could swap.

  17. Got a reply from NoA, after pleading with them to as what the best solution is, and whether they could help me out in any way, here's their response;


    Hello Lee,


    Thanks for contacting us. You've reached Nintendo of America. We are responsible for the distribution, marketing, and service of Nintendo products throughout North and South America.


    While we'd like to help, I'm afraid we don't have the information you're looking for and are not able to assist you in locating an AC adapter for your Wii U console. It's important to understand that Nintendo systems are designed for use in the region in which they are intended to be sold. Therefore, it's likely you could run into other regional incompatibilities besides the differing voltage requirements.


    I empathize with your situation and realize that this must be disappointing. I can only suggest that you contact the retailer which sold you your Wii U console to see if they can be of assistance.




    Sebastian Schwebach

    Nintendo of America Inc.


    Thanks for nothing.


    Still have a reply from NoUK about the use of a Wii AC adapter to come, hopefully.

  18. Apparently users on Neogaf are claiming a regular old Wii power adapter will work fine with the Wii U.


    Nintendo logic gained from years of Nintendo gaming informs me that if the previous power adapter fits, it will work. It's also a really good bet that the charge lead for the Wii U Gamepad will be the same connector that a munch of peripherals use today.


    Just wanted to give you a heads up. Can anyone here actually confirm this?


    Yeah, the AC input on the back of the Wii U is exactly the same shape as the Wii? Hmmm, do I risk my Wii AC adapter (I do have one), the Wii U uses has a max. of 75Watts, whilst the Wii was much much lower.



  19. The Wii U Gamepad AC adapter says 230V-50Hz on the bottom.


    Update: The Wii U AC adapter says the same.


    Thanks. Oh, well it looks like I may try my luck with a voltage converter in the short term, and then buy a proper ac adapter when it becomes available. I've got a few weeks before it arrives here.