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    How does everyone feel about the McLaren line up this year?


    Excited to see Perez? Was he the right guy for McLaren? Looking forward to seeing Jenson step up? Do you think he can? Or an underwhelming year/line up for McLaren?


    I'm a big Jenson fan (as well as Kimi), but think it would have been better for the team if Hamilton stayed. I was impressed by Perez in the early and mid sections of the 2012 season, but he seemed to be trying too hard to impress at the later stages, and made some suspect moves which didn't pay off (inexperience I guess). So, I'm not looking forward to McLaren as a team as much, but I sure hope to hell Jenson does step up to the mark, and shows his smooth moves again.

  2. Nothing new there Germany Spoiling everyone's fun.


    Seriously they have has enough time to change anything , I might buy the Australian version, I bet they left hitler in the game or something lol


    It's also a pisstake to announce its delayed days before release date that's casuarina problems for retailers at such short notice ,


    If I can't find a. Australian version I will most certainly only ever buy this second hand now.



    Speaking of games being pulled just before release does anyone have the rare version of Mario party 8 which used the word spastic ,


    I had the USA version that used the word spastic a lot, Kamek was the main culprit.

  3. Restarted the single player campaign over the weekend, due to having my nephew take over and die repeatedly (thinking it was a run and gun game), so decided to make a fresh start. Got up to the supermarket, without dying, and loving it more than ever. So, if someone sees one my Zombies wandering around the supermarket area, the safehouse and Brick Lane (take care of it because it's not really me) :awesome:

  4. I don't get this perceived software drought at all.


    Sure, there are no games being released at present or in the near future, but I for one have too many to play at present. I am currently ploughing my through Nintendo Land, Tank, Tank, Tank, Nano Assault Neo, and ZombiU (not much time to play this as my son's off school for 4 weeks over the Chinese New Year). I have Batman currently being shipped (18 quid), and I know this will have to be put on hold until ZombiU is truly completed. I have the possibility of buying AC3 and ME3 now they are coming down in price, but don't think I'll have the time to put in, not to mention a few e Shop releases.


    I very much doubt I'll finish everything before the March releases of Lego City and MHU, of which I'll pick up both.


    I don't see a drought, I see a Tsunami!

  5. I've been planning on downloading Nano Assault Neo, but I hear it's a bit one the short side in lenght. Is it worth the 10€ price tag?


    It is a little on the short side, with 16 levels (4 sets of 4), so to speak, but for me it does hold incredible replay value, especially due to the addition of the on-line leaderboards, and local co-op multiplayer is a blast.

  6. I thought full retail releases were different. Nintendo, MS and Sony don’t want to upset the retailers and that’s why all of them have these crazy high digital prices.


    Oh, really, that's buggered that then. Who's going to buy an 18 quid game for 50?


    what happened to download codes being released to shops to sell? it would be nice to buy the code for £18 and then download it


    Yeah, was looking forward to them on the 3DS, and am still waiting. Nice idea though.

  7. They don't want to offend that one, out-of-the-way shop that has a copy tucked away in a corner with an optimistic "£49.99" sticker on it. ;)


    Remember that Nintendo stated that it was possible for 3rd parties to set their own pricing on the WiiU eShop, so is this a case of WB not sorting it out?

  8. Sold/Traded:




    Nintendo Land

    Batman: Arkham City

    Tank, Tank, Tank!




    Nano Assault Neo


    To Buy List:

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    Mass Effect 3: Special Edition (when incredibly cheap)

    The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

    Bayonetta 2

    Xenoblade 2

    New Super Mario Bros. U

    Game & Wario

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

    LEGO City: Undercover


    and all New Nintendo Games in the future.

  9. Bought this from TheHut at launch (for 40 quid), and it was the only thing that didn't arrive, got stopped at customs. They just gave me a refund and re-bought through The Base for 18.99 pounds, when I went to the checkout it showed up as 17.63 (well happy just saved a small fortune, under half the price of what I was willing to pay for it).


    Now I wait for delivery.

  10. It would be super cool if the alt. costumes for some characters were like... previous game versions of the character. Mario for example could have his original Mario Bros. sprite, the Mario 64 character model and of course some newer/updated Mario models from more recent games. It would also be great to have a Lou Albano Mario playable. Do you think that would be difficult for them to implement?


    Genius!! I bow to your wisdom.

  11. Restarted the campaign mode, and was doing well, until...


    Got back from the supermarket, and started to get a bit cocky, and got completely and utterly trounced on the first Safe House Zombie raid. Now, I have little ammo and stuff to get past this.



    Damn good game.

  12. Those VC proposals would be superb. I sure would love to see Daytona USA 2001 in HD. And Shenmue with shorter loading times and improved draw distance.


    Regarding Excite... I loved Excitebike 64, so I'd love to see something like that. Excitetrucks had cool vehicle damage. If Nintendo would combine them in to something like Motorstorm, I'd love that.

    Excitevermin can go drown itself however.


    Personally, I'd like to see Pilotwings, Starfox and as mentioned previously: Perfect Dark to get a sequel. The latter being extremely unlikely, tho.


    The more I think about it, the more I'd like to see Pilotwings on the WiiU, but it has to a massive version with skydiving, pararchuting, etc, making a comeback...


    Fuck it, put pilotwings into a game with Wii U Sports on Wuhu island together. WUhU island fun, bit of bowling, rowing and then onto gliding.

  13. Man I forgot about the tard pack. It'll be interesting to see what MS do with the 720 later this year.


    What with MS providing subscription packages for their consoles late last year, I can see them pursuing this avenue more. Crazy idea, but does anyone think they'll go for a full subscription plan, so that you can't outright buy their console, but instead pay monthly which includes all online, etc.