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  1. [Together] Borderlands (Part 34)

    Old Nintendo Gamer & Son have a few pesky missions to clear in the T-Bone Junction, including killing numerous Lance Guards, meeting Zach, and surviving numerous rounds of Arena kill-zone attacks.  Coming to the end of the game now.  Pushing through the remnants of the DLC missions.  There's some nice wave based arena missions in this video.

  2. I know it's niche, but I can't help but get very excited for the fluidity of the balls in this game.  Full HD @ 60fps.  Includes the Snooker DLC free. And it's only £12.49, with a 20% preorder discount, making it £9.99.  Bargain! Out on November 17th, preorders now live.

    Full press release information;

    The Nintendo Switch edition of Pure Pool offers players a no-compromise experience, taking full advantage of the platform in every way possible. Pure Pool is a technical marvel, running at 1080p docked and 720p handheld with all of the game’s high end visual features, all at a solid 60 frames per second. Offering the full range of control options supported by the Nintendo Switch, Pure Pool’s myriad of playstyles ensures that whatever the setup, players will be cueing up and potting balls in no time.

    Featuring a single-player campaign, skill-based challenges, unlockable customisation options and multiple modes of pool and snooker including Killer and American 8 Ball, Pure Pool has players covered with more modes and options than you can shake a cue at. The Campaign Mode tracks progress from Amateur right through to Master difficulty, with players facing off against a series of opponents from pro players, to pool club sharks looking for an easy hustle. Players that make it to the top will either reign supreme or go down in a baize of glory!

    Pure Pool also offers a huge range of additional modes, playstyles and challenges. With exhilarating fast-paced modes such as Speed Pot, Checkpoint and Royal Rumble, alongside the skill based challenges of Snooker Colours, Perfect Potter and Breakpoint, Pure Pool offers something for everyone. With global online leaderboards thrown into the mix, the competition to pocket the top spot has never been fiercer.

    Pure Pool on Switch features a host of local and online multiplayer modes, including Cross-Play support with Steam and the option to play online against stored DNA player profiles. Global leaderboards and rankings allow players to track their performance across the Pure Pool player base whilst challenging members of the global community in Free-play, Two-player, Leagues, 8-ball, 9-ball, Blackball, Killer and Accumulator modes. All snooker content from the original Pure Pool DLC is included too, complete with online and local support for anyone that prefers the stricter rules of the gentleman’s game.

    Pure Pool will cost $14.99 / €14.99 / £12.49 on the Switch eShop. Pre-orders are live with a 20 percent discount.

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  3. But also, my trial of the Control: Cloud Version Test for Switch streaming.  Not good in my opinion, game and lag both bad.

    [Lee Plays] Control: Cloud Version Test (Part 1)

    Situated in Taiwan, Old Nintendo Gamer tests out the Control: Cloud Version running on his particular Switch set-up. Is the game playable, or does the main character become uncontrollable? Find out inside.
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    Our 50th Mario extravaganza is here.  And before posting it, a big thanks to all who took part in making this last year, and in particular this podcast happen.  The three hosts, of course, the stuff in the background that doesn't get seen still happens on a weekly basis. It's been a continuation of what we did in the past, but that doesn't detract from the fun us three have on a weekly basis sharing our stories about our passion through its ups and downs.  So, thanks @Nicktendo and @nekunando, here's to the next 50.

    Thaks also to @S.C.G who allows us to produce the podcast in the N-Europe name, a fact that I've never taken lightly, and for his, getting more regular appearances, on the show.  Always a delight to hear from his knowledgeable background.  In this episode alone, we had contributions from our forum members, and I'd like to thank all for taking the time out of your busy schedules to make this podcast the nearly 4 hour behemoth that it is, @Will, @Vileplume2000, @Jonnas, and @WackerJr.  Hope you like your inclusion, your segments are timeline tagged in the description, if you want to listen straight away, or skip over, Will :cheeky:.

    And the last huge thanks, goes to all who listen, give us feedback, we accept both forms as a way of growing, and we'll continue to produce the same carefully crafted content on a weekly basis from November 10th.  Yes, that's right, as I said above we're taking a week's respite.  A time to breathe, and let the 4 hours of the 50th sink in.  Enjoy!

    N-E Café [050] The Forum is in Another Castle is now available at all good podcast providers.


    Recorded on the 25th of October, 2020.  

    Episode 50 of the N-E Café has hosts Lee Davies, Gregory Moffett and Nick Lone quickly running through the news of last week before hitting our Big 50 topic of the year, our history with the Mario franchise.  This includes a lot of input from the N-Europe forum, including a questionnaire, reminiscences, interviews, and ‘The Hardest Mario Quiz Ever!’

    This is episode 50 of the N-E Café Podcast, an N-Europe Podcast. Enjoy!

    ⦁ Intro Music: Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden Galaxy 

    ⦁ Introductions: 0:00:22

    ⦁ Nintendo News: 0:03:11

    ⦁ Download Delights: 0:24:50

    ⦁ Interview: Sam: Super Mario Bros. Advance: 0:30:29

    ⦁ Mario’s Early Years: The 80s: 0:47:34

    ⦁ Mario Questionnaire 1-5: 0:53:29

    ⦁ Interview: Jonnas: Donkey Kong 94: 1:24:50

    ⦁ Mario Hits His Teens: The 90s: 1:40:42

    ⦁ Mario Questionnaire 6-10: 1:44:37

    ⦁ Interview: Mike: Mario Golf (GBC): 2:10:44

    ⦁ Mario’s Getting On a Bit: The 2000s: 2:25:18

    ⦁ Mario Questionnaire 11-15: 2:28:43

    ⦁ Interview: Will: Super Mario Land + Sega: 2:48:18

    ⦁ Mario’s Long in the Tooth: 2010s to Present: 3:06:04

    ⦁ Interview: Dennis: Super Mario World + Mario & Luigi S’star Saga: 3:10:16

    ⦁ Mario’s Hardest Quiz Ever!: 3:24:09

    ⦁ Closing: 3:49:06

    ⦁ Podcast Extras: 3:53:16 

    Can you guess what game the Transition Tunes come from?  If they ring a bell, get in touch with us, or if you have a Listener's Question you’d like us to discuss, contact us right here.


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  5. ..and LONG :eek:

    It was a long one, and that’s before Nick edits in all the extra chats we had with our forum members here. So, a big shout out to all the hard work that Nick puts in all year round. The 50th episode should be going up at the regular time, but as Greg said it is a long one, so long in fact it’ll do for 2 episodes. And, because of that we are going to take a week off to recuperate after a first successful and rewarding year of podcasting for N-Europe. You’ll have plenty to listen to with all our Mario reminiscences, and a fun little quiz at the end.
    We’ll be recording back in 2 weeks, so episode 51 will be up on the 10th of November.
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  6. 10 hours ago, S.C.G said:

    @Londragon if you're still after last minute Mario Questionnaire answers...

      Mario Questionnaire answers (Reveal hidden contents)

    1. Favourite 2D Mario Game

    Super Mario World - Around a hundred levels of pure brilliance.

    2. Least Favourite 2D Mario Game

    NEW Super Mario Bros. 2 - Around a hundred levels of pure blandness.

    3. Favourite 3D Mario Game

    Super Mario 64 - It's a game which you can just play at any time and know that it's going to be enjoyable, even if you only play the opening stage.

    4. Least Favourite 3D Mario Game

    Super Mario Galaxy - Conceptually, it's brilliant, Mario in Space... It has some great moments, it's still a great game, but going back to it years later, I definitely don't have that much nostalgia for it, but the new control options available in Super Mario 3D All-Stars definitely make it more playable. (Expect a review soon)

    5. Favourite Mario Spinoff title

    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - Its level of brilliance within its series, will likely never be matched, Nintendo are probably prepping the remake after finally realising this, and if not then... at least the GameCube original still exists.

    6. Least Favourite Mario Spinoff title

    Any mobile title with Mario in it - Not even Mario could convince me to play games on a mobile, when there are plenty of decent console and PC games to play.

    7. Favourite Mario memory

    Playing Super Mario 64 for the first time. Utterly unforgettable.

    8. Worst Mario memory

    Playing Super Mario Party for the first time. Forced motion controls... (Grrrr!)

    9. Funniest Mario memory

    Those races in Mario Kart, when you're crossing the finishing line on the second lap, you stop playing because you thought that was the end of the race, then realising that you've still got another lap to go, you get right back on the accelerator, in an attempt to catch up with the rest of the racers. This has happened on many a Mario Kart N-E league night, it's always amusing when you're almost playing a game on auto-pilot and things like that happen.

    10. Favourite power-up

    Starman - Getting a star in any Mario game is always a brilliant moment, you always know what you're getting, a brief moment of invincibility, accompanied by a frantic, catchy theme tune.

    11. Favourite Mario character


    12. Least Favourite Mario Character

    Copy-pasted Generic, Multi-coloured Toad. (Not the original Toad, he's brilliant)

    13. Best Mini game in the Mario Universe

    Mario Power Tennis - Balloon Panic

    Balloon Panic is a minigame found in Mario Power Tennis. The goal is to stop Klaptraps from popping any DK balloons. If a Klaptrap is hit three times, it will fall off, and the player will gain one point. There are three Klaptrap colors: green, red and blue. Green ones are slow, red ones are fast and blue ones are very fast. They all follow an electric current of the same color. To change it, one must hit a vine panel to divert a Klaptrap to an empty space.

    14. Worst Mini game in the Mario Universe

    Super Mario 64 DS - Mix a Mug

    Mix-a-Mug is one of Yoshi's minigames in Super Mario 64 DS. To unlock it, Yoshi must capture a rabbit in the Mushroom Castle. To play, the player has to line up three parts of a random character (either Mario, Wario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Yoshi) so as to make a face (similar to slots) and win coins. However, if they fail to line the characters up correctly, they lose coins. The game ends when the player runs out of coins. It is similar to the slots minigames of Super Mario Bros. 3.

    15. Any other Mario nostalgia you want to share?

    Super Mario Bros. Game and Watch - I remember buying this Game & Watch at a car boot many years ago, when I was probably around ten years old, at the time, I'd never seen anything like it, as it's an entire platform game, but in G&W form, it has a fair amount of depth to it, for what's quite a simple game on the surface. I enjoyed playing through it, as much as is possible, it's one of those games which speeds up and has more enemies on courses which loop when you get to a certain point, it's a really chamring example of Mario's early history and the alarm on the system is great, as it shows a sleeping Bowser waking up and breathing fire; where else are you likely to see that?

    All the best, for the fiftieth episode, I'm looking forward to listening to it. :)

    Thanks for taking the time to answer those Sam.  Looking forward to recording the 50th, too.  It's going to be fun, and different.

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    N-E Café [049] Falling out of Love is now available at all good podcast providers.

    Recorded on the 18th of October, 2020.  

    Episode 49 of the N-E Café has hosts Lee Davies, Gregory Moffett and Nick Lone discussing the latest Nintendo News; games they’ve recently been playing, including Splatoon 2, Dead Souls Remastered, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, A Short Hike, and an update on Super Mario Sunshine and Steve in Smash; and our Big Topic, Are We Really Feeling It?.

    This is episode 49 of the N-E Café Podcast, an N-Europe Podcast. Enjoy!

    ⦁ Intro Music: Dark Souls - Firelink Shrine

    ⦁ Introductions: 0:00:30

    ⦁ Nintendo News: 0:04:10

    ⦁ Episode 50 Plans: 0:32:46

    ⦁ Sales Data: 0:33:37

    ⦁ Download Delights: 0:38:10

    ⦁ Splatoon 2: 0:45:42

    ⦁ Dead Souls Remastered: 0:49:55

    ⦁ Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2: 0:55:05

    ⦁ A Short Hike: 1:05:19

    ⦁ Updating Sunshine: 1:16:06

    ⦁ Smashing Steve: 1:17:57

    ⦁ Topic of the Week - Falling Out of Love: 1:21:55

    ⦁ Closing: 1:50:30

    Can you guess what game the Transition Tunes come from?  If they ring a bell, get in touch with us, or if you have a Listener's Question you’d like us to discuss, contact us right here.


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  8. I'm not sure where you're getting that impression, because the jumps are definitely timed to the beat. Jump attacks are always done to the rhythm of the song.


    It's a bit visually cluttered at times, granted, but after a while I started to get an idea of when to jump. It's the old "Rhythm Heaven" addage that ignoring the visuals will keep you focused. Simply put, you jump 1 beat before you attack.


    (Wait, you went straight from Beginner to Proud Difficulty? That was... Brave.)


    Yeah, I was using visual cues, and the jump bar is/doesn’t feel like it’s in the right place. For me, the jump bar looks like it’s a whole beat after when it should be, and by that time I should be swinging in mid-air. You basically have to jump over the bar and not jump when you reach it. I find that incredibly off-putting, when he attack is co-ordinated with an ever decreasing circle to time the attack, I found it odd that they didn’t provide an additional timing cue when to jump. It’s even more evident that the shadow of the jump bar is under it, and that feels like the time to jump when you reach the shadow, ie the base of it, but it’s not, I just can’t get around it, and jump a beat too late.


    It is cluttered, but I suppose with extra play time your eyes adjust where to look. It feels, at first anyway, like there’s too much going on, and the superfluous enemies that die to a ‘crystal shard’ x button attack, just clutter even further.


    Proud difficulty did in fact own me,

  9. Has there been any more info on the online aspects for Rise, other than the expected return to 4 player hubs and text chat? Really hope they manage to get seamlessly joining quests mid-hunt in there, if not the SOS Flare system too. It’d definitely be very difficult going back to the old way now after experiencing just how incredibly slick online play is in World. :cool: 

    All that we know so far is 4 player hubs. The single player and multiplayer are completely separate like in the 3DS games, so your character levels up separately in each. No voice chat in game, or on the NSO app, just the messaging of set dialogue, emojis, etc.
    That’s all we know so far.
    Drop in, drop out, seemless multiplayer quest joining would be an excellent addition, keeping my fingers crossed for that.
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  10. Drageus Games gave me an eShop code for their upcoming side scrolling shoot'em up 'GROOD'.  They said share some videos of the game, so here's the first, a first look at what the early game has to offer.

    [Lee Plays] Grood (First Look)

    Old Nintendo Gamer takes a first look at what the upcoming game Grood has to offer. Heavy Metal, side-scrolling shooting action, in a retro or modern flavour.

  11. 56 minutes ago, Jonnas said:

    Already answered the questionnaire and sent it. Very straightforward, all things considered.

    Once again, will leave bigger comments for later, but let's see if I can keep the streak going:

      TT guess (Reveal hidden contents)

    Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

    First game I played this year. Recognized the first few notes. Great soundtrack


    A streak, think that's about 4 in a row already, isn't it?  Haha.

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  12. Just reposting the Questionnaire for the 50th Podcast episode, feel free to answer as many as you want.  You'll have the kudos of getting a big shout out on the podcast in 2 weeks time.

    50th Mario Episode Questionnaire

    1. Favourite 2D Mario Game

    2. Least Favourite 2D Mario Game

    3. Favourite 3D Mario Game

    4. Least Favourite 3D Mario Game

    5. Favourite Mario Spinoff title

    6. Least Favourite Mario Spinoff title

    7. Favourite Mario memory

    8. Worst Mario memory

    9. Funniest Mario memory

    10. Favourite power-up

    11. Favourite Mario character

    12. Least Favourite Mario Character

    13. Best Mini game in the Mario Universe

    14. Worst Mini game in the Mario Universe

    15. Any other Mario nostalgia you want to share?

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  13. Thing is when Lewis is in front of the race, it's race over.  When Bottas is in front, Lewis is going to be pushing him all the way, like he did last weekend, pressured Bottas into a mistake, overtook him, and that was practically Bottas' chance of any revival over.  Compounded by the MGU failure.

    I'm a Lewis fan, and I know it's boring for some, but I love that he's breaking records, and taking them away from Schumacher.

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