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  1. I got 8 Streetpasses yesterday here in London. I frequently get at least 2 a day on my daily commute :)


    My Streetpass tally currently stands at 557 :p


    Here in Taiwan, I've had a total of 2 Streetpasses (bought the 3DS on day 1), both in the capital Taipei, and both from Japanese tourists. Come on Taiwan, buy 3DS, I'm missing out here.

  2. Hi. ^_^"

    Sorry if this thread is in the wrong section.


    I traded my DSi for a 3DS (new and sealed) last Thursday at HMV. I played it over the weekend and both the charging stand and just plugging it in directly worked.

    Ever since yesterday it stopped charging (The light doesn't even come on). I tried it in several different sockets.

    Is there any way to fix this? I don't want to have to send a brand new 3DS in for repairs. :(



    Take it back to HMV, demand to see the manager and demand a replacement. Do this quickly.

  3. Whoa, was thinking about downloading this through the eShop, but 39.99 is a whopping price for a 30 quid game, that price point has totally extinguished my hopes of getting the game. Didn't Nintendo also say they were going to sell this game via digital codes from retailers, maybe that would be cheaper. Anyone know if this is going to happen any time soon? Don't want cartridges any more, they are the past. Embrace the Future.

  4. @Hero\-of\-Time @david\.dakota @\-Dem0\- @Mokong X\-C @mr\-paul @Jamba @D_prOdigy


    If you got two (or more?!) Swapnotes from me that are the same - a doodle with soundbite - could you reply to the most recent one? I didn't think it had sent so resent one with added arrow and deleted the previous draft. I didn't think even the second one had sent but / nando / says he got the first one, so that probably means you will all get two.


    If you do reply to the first one, I'll get your response via / nando / anyway. :heh:


    Kind Regards,




    Yeah, I got 2 messages from you, but replied to the first one before receiving the 2nd one, and so deleted the 2nd one upon arrival.



  5. Well, you have my sympathy. ;)


    Hahaha! Played the Xbox over Xmas and know I'm missing out on some stellar FPS games (Battlefield 3 springs to mind), but fingers crossed we get some of these on the Wii U.

  6. They should just get a PS3 and/or an Xbox 360.


    Ahhh, how the rich live, buying multiple consoles. People like myself with little real income don't have that multitudinous option, instead, the only option available to us financially constrained residents of life is to invest in a single console or none at all.

    I choose life, I choose Nintendo.

  7. I'm the type of guy who doesn't really care about reviews and reviewers. It's just one person's opinion anyway. Instead I usually read about the game I'm interested in on game forums (like here) and watch game footage if available on Youtube or similar sites and then form my own opinion.


    And so I did with F1 2011 and let me tell you this game is so much fun I can't believe almost no one is talking about it. I've not had as much fun with a fomular one racing game in ages. I also own the F1 2009 on PSP and that's nothing compared to this one - both graphic-, sound-, and gameplay wise F1 2011 on the 3DS is better. Absolutely brilliant little game.


    You can set penalising to off, lenient or real life. The AI can be a little aggressive at times and it may not be a 100% true F1 driving simulation game, but it's darn fun nevertheless. A shame no one is online though. At least when I tried yesterday afternoon and evening I was apparently the only one in the whole wide world that was playing hehe. If anyone wants to race online sometime feel free to add me (5069-4046-8127). This game rocks! :)


    I really enjoyed the Wii F1 2009 title, it got bad reviews, but was damn enjoyable (I even loved playing with the wheel attachment). Popping back to UK in January and will pick this up, just to have a blast.


    Hope to see you online in February and will certainly give you a race. In the meantime, I will add your 3DS code, here's mine - 1332-7777-2327.


    Here's to the future!

  8. It did get 81% in ONM, but it also got 4/10 on Gamesradar. They stated that the AI in the game is completely broken. At certain tight corners the AI drivers come to a virtual standstill as they don't know how to negotiate the corner, if you then merely touch them with your front end a penalty ensues, with you always being the guilty party.


    I am a massive F1 fan and was really looking to this, but will have to reconsider when I can pick it up at a bargain price.

  9. Don't forget those who add me - my friend code on the first page of this thread is my old one - my new one is



    Some people have said they have added me but I have added back and it is still pending which it shouldn't do!


    Thanks y'all.


    And thanks to those who have added me back :)


    Changed and all done.

  10. Little late to this friend code business, but here I go. Will start adding as many people from this thread as possible. Add me back please.

    Will have Mario Kart 7 in about 3 weeks.



    See my 3DS code on the left, in my profile.