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  1. Hi Beni,

    Went to add you to my WiiU, but through Miiverse as it allows frind request, and makes it easier, but I can't click the Friend request button. If I add you through the friend list, you have to add me manually also, which is counter-intuitive. So, it's easier to add friends through the Miiverse.


    Are you up and running on the friends list yet?



  2. Hi Beni,


    last message using this, send via Miiverse in the future.

    Yeah, I am up and running, just when I'd nearly given up they arrived on Friday morning.


    So far so cool, I have barely scratched the surface and feel I need to do a lot more to get to grips with it and fully set-up. The first download install took over 3 hours for me, so I'm not looking forward to all the game installs on top of that. Haven't even played a game yet, though.

    My NNID is : londragon


    Thanks for all your help, I'm off to add your NNID.



  3. Hi Beni,


    Been a while, but hope you are all set-up with the adapters you needed. How's the WiiU going for you- plugged in yet?


    My adapters still haven't arrived, and they have been stuck in Holland for quite a while, nearly 2 weeks. So, I'm losing a bit of hope, but will wait until Friday, which will make it 3 weeks, before I decide to do anything else. I found some sellers on ebay selling the US adapter for the WiiU console at about US$20 (not including postage).


    Love the idea of the Nyko triple charge battery for the Gamepad, I may well be tempted with that when I'm set-up. I have bought 4 games with the console, ZombiU, Batman AC, NintendoLand and Tank Tank Tank (for my son, who's more impatient than I am to fire it up).


    Will write if any news,


  4. Hi Beni,


    can see that you signed for yours. You set-up yet?


    What are your first impressions of the WiiU?



  5. Hi Beni


    just checked the tracking for your package from me, and it said they tried to deliver it twice on Monday 7th January, once before noon, and once after, but both times no answer. I don't know where they'll drop it off at now though.


    Here: http://www.track-trace.com/post



  6. Hi Beni,

    Happy New Year.


    Good news and Bad news.


    Bad news first. When my wife and I went to get the delivery tracking number this morning, the parcel was still in the post office waiting for delivery because of the holidays.

    Now the good news. So, I re-scheduled the parcel as an express mail service which will arrive in Norway in a week. So, in 7 days you should get your adapters. They also apologised for the delay and gave me the express delivery cheaper than usual.

    A win-win situation.


    Here's the tracking number EE663363294TW


    I labelled it as gift for under $20 US, so all's OK there, too.


    I have been away for a couple of days visiting friends, so I hadn't read your messages until now. I'm glad the 10% discount looks as if it'll be OK, I'll have to join/sign up for the UK website/eShop.


    See you on the WiiU soon, hopefully,



  7. I have a UK 3DS as well, and I've had no problems using the eShop on that via the UK eShop. With the 3DS it is console specific, so a 3DS bought in Europe will only work on the European 3DS eShop. I should imagine that it'll be the same for the eShop on the WiiU, and if it is I have a UK VISA card so no problems spending on it. So, as you have an American console it'll automatically put you through to the American eShop.


    The only downside I can see, may or may not happen, is the Premium Nintendo Network Discount Deal. I read in these forums that someone in our situation, playing a console in a region different from purchase, could get the eShop but not the 10% discount vouchers. We'll both see soon enough though.



  8. Yeah, you'll be OK with those plug adapters. Taiwan uses exactly the same as the US, so I don't think I'll need any extra plug adapters, but they're cheap enough.


    The outer delivery box my WiiU came in was battered to hell, but everything inside looks in order. I just hope it didn't take too much of a beating going through its travels and it's all OK inside.:p What condition was yours in when it arrived?



  9. Yeah, done it Beni.


    Marked it as a gift for 20 US dollars. The post office told my wife they would 'process' the package and to come back later for the tracking number, but she didn't. There is now a long bank holiday for the new year, and the post office won't be open until Wednesday, but the package is there and on its way. Will send you the number as soon as my wife picks it up.


    What website can I go to to check out the tracking number. (Don't worry Beni a few searches and found it online)


    Here's a better image of that new zapper;




    Thanks again,


  10. Excellent Beni,


    The Gamepad is so light, I can easily hold it in one hand without tiring, the buttons feel bigger and more substantial than the ones on the older consoles, I'm liking it a lot.

    I have the old motion plus add-on's for my old Wii Remotes, the integrated ones are really nice. As my son and his 2 cousins, with me, would play Wii together a lot I have 4 of them all ready for action.

    I quite like the look of the first smaller one, the Scorpion, but I used to use the Nintendo Zapper and have no knowledge of others.




    But, Nintendo, in the old E3 2011 tech demo for the WiiU, showed this;




    Which looks like it'll be amazing for sniper games like Sniper 2: The ghost (of something), which will be coming to Wii U next year some time.


    Send you a message with the tracking number very soon.




  11. Hi Beni,


    2 messages in one day, just to tell you that my WiiU arrived this afternoon, as I was on my way to evening work. I just came home, boxed and labelled the adapters and will send them off first thing tomorrow morning for you.


    Game on, and am now going to test the gamepad in my hands, can't wait to turn it on.


    Keep in touch,


  12. Hi Beni,


    I know it's expensive, but I would prefer to have the original adapters. It's about the same price from Taiwan to Norway approx. $2000 Taiwan dollars, probably the weight. I'm still up for the trade.


    A little bit of news about my console, it was sent to China by mistake (been sitting there for a week and a half) and arrived in Taiwan this morning. I found out via an email from the Tracking website. So, I definitely know it's near now, unfortunately the Bank Holiday is coming and might delay it another couple of days.


    Send you message soon,


  13. Hi again Beni,

    Still waiting on the delivery of my Wii U. It's now over 5 days (3 working days) later than the last date it should have arrived. I get a little bit more worried as the days go by, but the online tracking shows it's still on its way, and the retailer say give it a maximum of 7 working days before it's truly classified as late.


    Maybe tomorrow,


    How's your Christmas been. We opened a few presents on Sunday for the little one, and it was his first big Xmas, so that feeling of amazement was full in him. Good day. Hope yours has been a good one,


    Will write soon,

  14. Hi Beni,


    Just checked my sent items folder in the PMs and mine are empty, too. Strange. No change here still waiting on the Wii U.


    How's you,


  15. Hi Beni,


    Welcome to the forums. I will seriously consider swapping the 2 Wii U AC adapters with you, but as yet I am still waiting for the delivery of my console. It will get shipped on Monday and then take, a maximum, 2-3 weeks to arrive in my hands. Keep in touch if you're still interested, and I'll keep you informed of what happens at my end.