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  1. N-Europe Video Game Club

    Yeah let’s vote, Sam’s suggestion of modern day Metroidvania’s is a good one. As for closing dates; End of the month to get your vote in, I can mention it on the podcast next week, for last minute voting, and then we’ve got pretty much all of April to play through the winner.
  2. N-Europe Video Game Club

    So, no more takers (apart from them 3). Whittling down the list to something short, on a few platforms and/or likely to be cheap. 1. The Room 2.SteamWorld Dig 3.Axiom Verge 4. Doom (Original) 5. Turok 6. Ori & the Blind Forest 7. Pikuniku (currently 89p on the eShop) Still a few too many for voting??
  3. N-E Café Podcast

    Shame the game didn’t teach me this, or allow fo4 it to be chosen during the opening tutorial. A lot of ‘good things’ are just hidden in menus that I’ll never see, or know what they do. After finishing the post game content, I have no desire to return to the Galar region. Also, it’s been a long week. Can’t wait to get back to recording a podcast this Sunday. Should have a bumper crop of news.
  4. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Unfortunately, no. 3 Switches, 3 islands.
  5. Westworld (TV series)

    Need to rewatch it all again, too.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Not 100% sure, but in the eShop there’s an online subscription menu. If it’s anywhere, it’d be there.
  7. Taiwan has a wonderful National Health Service, with a vibrant community of Doctors. People desire to become Doctors, and there’s an abundance of them. Taiwanese are also habitual mask users regardless of this outbreak, and certain manufacturing companies have changed their output to enable enough masks arrive at pharmacies throughout the country. It helps that Taiwan is relatively small, with a 23 million population, an island, so early and decisive quarantine, self isolation, and strict rules regarding what to do for each individual were implemented as soon as China started to obfuscate its responsibilities. We had a 2 week school closure we’ll before any other country, and all public spaces have access to hand sanitiser spray. If you feel ill, there is a hotline number 1922, to phone, they give advice in all languages, if you are under quarantine then the government will provide you with 25 quid a day per person in your household, free food deliveries on a daily basis, and phone you 3 times a day to follow their instructions, like asking how your symptoms are, etc. If your symptoms get worse they send a CDC team in, to evacuate you to a specific hospital. Schools classes will be closed if a single student is confirmed, and the entire school closed if 2 students in the school get it. Th3 entire county school system gets shut down, including unis and colleges, if over 12% of the school’s have closed. I mean, they are on top of it, the numbers haven’t gone up from the 45 cases or so. They did go up today, but that was because 9 people arrived back to Taiwan from a package tour of Eygpt, but they were known and have been quarantined immediately. I have a feeling it’ll only take one idiot to spread it to an uncontainable level, but it hasn’t happened yet. 3 weeks ago, one guy who had to self quarantine, went off on a tour of Taiwan instead. Turns out he didn’t have Coronavirus, but the government fined him $1,000,000 Taiwanese Dollars. Which is about £27,000, as a warning to other mental deficients. Fair play to the authorities over here.
  8. The N-Europe Quarantine Olympics

    I won’t be there at that time, but ARMS great game and you can create a lobby.
  9. The N-Europe Quarantine Olympics

    I won’t be there at that time, but ARMS great game and you can create a lobby.
  10. Indie World Presentation 17/03 5pm GMT / 6pm CET

    Some info and dates for Sports Story and This Is Pool for me.
  11. The N-Europe Quarantine Olympics

    How’s the situation in Latvia at the moment, Nick?
  12. N-E Café Podcast

    Thanks, added the question to our list, and will probably get to it next week. Great question, getting my thinking cap on.
  13. N-E Café Podcast

    N-E Café [018] Who the Hell is That? is up at our YouTube Channel. Enjoy again.
  14. General Switch Discussion

    Think it was @Hero of Time that expressed interest in OddWorld: Stranger's Wrath physical on Switch. More details. Microids and Oddworld Inhabitants have dated the physical version of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD for Switch. It’ll be out on May 26 in North America and May 28 in Europe. https://nintendoeverything.com/wp-content/uploads/oddworld-limited-edition.jpg
  15. The N-Europe Quarantine Olympics

    This is an excellent idea, Nick. It’s only going to take one child in my school to get Coronavirus, and the school will be forced to close. So, I believe it’s only a matter of time until it happens. We’ve already had forced school closures after the Chinese New Year break, so nothing else is being implemented unless cases escalate. If that does happen, I’ll be happy to join in when I can. Switch on the TV, Skype on the iPad, or Discord chat. Whichever others prefer.
  16. N-E Café Podcast

    How do you all think the quiz went? They’re always fun to record, and Nick did an excellent job of cutting out the elongated series’ of silence and thinking time. And listening back myself, it sounds fine, but wondering how people who didn’t participate feel about it. Quizzes are nice to fill a podcast now and again, and it would be nice if anyone has any suggestions about how it could be bettered.
  17. N-E Café Podcast

    That’s me, all bluff and bluster. Always happy to make people chuckle though.
  18. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    OK, Bab.
  19. N-E Café Podcast

    'N-E Café [018] Who the Hell is That?' is now available on all good podcast providers. Don't forget to leave a review and a rating at your provider of choice, it'll help us be seen by many more others. The 18th N-E Café Podcast sees Lee Davies pit Gregory Moffett and Nick Lone against each other in a do or die Nintendo based character guessing game. We also discuss the recent Nintendo News; games we’ve been playing, featuring Pokemon Shield, Capcom Beat 'em Up Collection, Halo and Metroid Prime; and a quick Listener Question. Enjoy!
  20. Indie Games

    Would love to watch you lot playing Overcooked 2 together, or The Escapists.
  21. Super Mario Maker 2 -- June 2019

    At this point, if they add extra themes I think they’ll charge for them. Paid DLC packs in the next Direct.
  22. N-Europe Video Game Club

    All badasses
  23. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I’ll have a look over the weekend and compile a shorter list taking into account everyone’s likes and desires. Any other takers?
  24. N-E Café Podcast

    We just finished recording the 18th episode, and as I mention right at the end of the podcast, in the closing section, due to time zone differences and the impending daylight saving hour it was best to change the day of our recording. Something that was more sustainable for the long term, would allow more guests, and could accommodate the 3 time zones we live in. So, it was chosen that Sunday morning at 9am UK time was the most preferable out of all the limited options. It's only 4pm for me after the hour change, but we thought to implement the change as soon as possible, and that means before the hour changes, and starting next Sunday, 22nd of March. This also means that the day we release the podcast will change, too. Nick mentions on the podcast that it will be up for consumption early hours every Tuesday from episode 19 onwards. Episode 18 will drop as usual, then there'll be a week and a half until episode 19 releases, as 2 podcasts in one week seemed a bit overkill. Unless there's a surprise Nintendo Direct to talk about. Thanks for sticking with us, I put together a little Guess the Gaming Character audio quiz for Nick and Greg to play through this week, hope you enjoy and play along. I'll also change the opening post to qualify the change in recording and release times.