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  1. N-E Café Podcast

    @nekunando got his brains working overtime, and came up with a great idea for an N-E Cafe podcast Big Topic this week. It's going to be a 'confessions episode'. We'd like as many people as possible to confess to a gaming sin (sins). It can be anything you can think of, like enjoying a terrible game, a humourous incident while playing, absolutely anything. Now, if your confession is too juicy, you may be embarrassed to share. And because of this, your confession can be open or anonymous. If so, just send a DM to me, who'll be tight lipped about the said incident. We can't wait to hear from you all.
  2. N-Europe Video Game Club

    So, I'll start counting the votes. Doom (Original) [0] Doom 2 (Original) [0] Doom 3 [0] Doom 64 [1]
  3. N-Europe Video Game Club

    @Jonnas you could vote for Doom 3, and as you’ve already played, wouldn’t have to again. That’s if it gets voted as our game to play, and then just tell us about it.
  4. N-Europe Video Game Club

    We've been chatting away behind the scenes of the Podcast, and have come up with an idea for the next Theme to vote on a game for the Club. It's the Your Doom is Nigh. Classic old-school Doom games, not the 2017 version. All are reasonably priced across a variety of platforms, and the 4 titles to choose and vote from would be; Doom (Original) Doom 2 (Original) Doom 3 Doom 64 And that's it. Drop your preference to play through below and we'll get the voting started immediately. It'll give me time to mention it on the Podcast next week (episode 28 - recorded on the 24th May), and then announce the winner the following week. So, voting will go on until Friday the 29th of May. The usual time of a month to play through the entire game (June), share our experiences here, and record a podcast about our collective viewpoints during the first week of July (5th of July). Let's get voting.
  5. N-E Café Podcast

    I’ve only listened to the first one myself, so am in the dark as to what the Transition Tunes are from.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    I know some may classify this as self-promotion, but as JoyCon Drift is exceptionally prevalent for all of us, I made a tutorial/pictorial video showing how I successfully overcame the dreaded drift. ‪And as this can be performed on the Pro-Controller, too, drift-free gaming on the Nintendo Switch can be yours., so I needed to share. Stop giving Nintendo money for new JoyCons, fix your old ones. ‪https://youtu.be/Hz1YRD2dk8U‬
  7. N-E Café Podcast

    N-E Café [027] Are You Online? is now available at good podcast providers. Just check out the opening post of this thread for the full list. The 27th N-E Café Podcast features the talents of Lee Davies, Gregory Moffett and Nick Lone. This week they discuss the recent Nintendo News, including the Paper Mario reveal; games they’ve been playing, featuring Clumsy Rush, Ori and the Blind Forest and Streets of Rage 4; and the Topic of the Week, Nintendo’s Online Infrastructure and our experiences of playing online multiplayer games. This is episode 27 of the N-E Café Podcast, an N-Europe Podcast. Enjoy! ⦁ Intro Music: KK Slider - Steep Hill ⦁ Introductions: 0:00:27 ⦁ Nintendo News: 0:03:20 ⦁ Download Delights: 0:36:37 ⦁ Ori and the Blind Forest (final thoughts): 0:37:59 ⦁ Streets of Rage 4 (final thoughts): 0:41:50 ⦁ Clumsy Rush: 0:51:34 ⦁ Big Topic: Online Infrastructure: 0:59:54 ⦁ Closing: 1:26:52 ⦁ Podcast Extras: 1:28:41 Can you guess what the Transition Tune is? If it rings a bell, get in touch with us, or if you have a Listener's Question you’d like to discuss, contact us right here.
  8. 51 Worldwide Games (Switch, June 5 2020)

    The extended trailer, showing all 51 games in more depth, has received an English translation.
  9. 51 Worldwide Games (Switch, June 5 2020)

    Let’s get some online games going when it releases.
  10. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    The original Wild Guns, nice
  11. Formula 1 2020 Season

    Can’t see Mercedes taking Seb.
  12. N-Europe Video Game Club

    In general I was more positive about the game than Nick, but after listening back I seemed to have focused more on the nitpicking and didn’t spend enough time praising the game in the areas it did well. For me, it’s not a bad game at all, it’s good, it’s just not the masterpiece that people make it out to be.
  13. Formula 1 2020 Season

    Nice to think about who's going to replace him. Some have given it to Sainz. Which will allow Ricciardo to move to Mclaren. Or Vettel could go straight across to Mclaren himself. Anyone think he'll leave F1? Given that he won't be in a competitive car.
  14. N-Europe Video Game Club

    The N-E cafe Podcast for our big PodPals Ori and the Blind Forest episode is now live. It pulls upon a lot of what was said in this thread, and adds @Nicktendo, @nekunando, and my feelings, too. Thanks for all who participated in sharing and making the episode a real delight to record and share our thoughts. Hope you like what we produced. Anyway, here's a link to that episode, just in case you didn't already know;
  15. N-E Café Podcast

    N-E Café [026] PodPals (Ori and the Blind Forest) is now available to listen to at all good podcast providers. Please, follow, subscribe, and give us a review if you like what we do, it helps with visibility. Recorded on the 10th of May, 2020 The N-E Café Podcast reaches the lofty heights of 26. Lee Davies, Gregory Moffett and Nick Lone discuss the recent Nintendo News, including the Investors Meeting breaking down sales of the last fiscal year; games they’ve been playing, featuring LightFall, 80s Overdrive and Streets of Rage 4; and the Topic of the Week, our PodPals dive into Ori and the Blind Forest. This is episode 26 of the N-E Café Podcast, an N-Europe Podcast. Enjoy! ⦁ Intro Music: Ori and the Blind Forest - Intro ⦁ Introductions: 0:00:25 ⦁ Nintendo News: 0:02:33 ⦁ Best of the Forums: 0:18:24 ⦁ Sales Data: 0:19:24 ⦁ Download Delights: 0:30:04 ⦁ LightFall: 0:33:13 ⦁ 80s Overdrive: 0:38:54 ⦁ Streets of Rage 4: 0:45:37 ⦁ PodPals (Ori discussion): 0:48:58 ⦁ Closing: 1:50:35 ⦁ Podcast Extras: 1:52:07 Can you guess what the Transition Tune is? Let us know in the comments below, and ask us any listener questions that you'd like us to talk about.
  16. General Switch Discussion

    It’s beyond a joke. Years to fix it, nothing.
  17. Yeah 9pm Japanese time is 1pm UK time (BST)
  18. N-E Café Podcast

    Fair play to her, she did have a gruelling race before hand, must have been shattered. It wasn’t my performance, honest.
  19. N-E Café Podcast

    N-E Café [025] Nintendo are Error has hit the airwaves and at a new short, little over 1 hour 14 minutes long. We're saving it for the big PodPals discussion next week. That's right PodPals has been delayed for a week, and Ori and the Blind Forest deep dive will be happening during the 26th episode of the N-E Cafe. The N-E Café Podcast hits a quarter of a century with its 25th episode. Lee Davies, Gregory Moffett and Nick Lone discuss the recent Nintendo News; games they’ve been playing, featuring Snooker 19, Nirvana Pilot Yume, Torna DLC, Shakedown Hawaii and Streets of Rage 4; and the Big Topic of the Week, Nintendo’s plans for the coming year. This is episode 25 of the N-E Café Podcast, an N-Europe Podcast. Enjoy! ⦁ Intro Music: Xenoblade Chronicles X - Black Tar ⦁ Introductions: 0:00:33 ⦁ Nintendo News: 0:03:03 ⦁ PodPals Last Call: 0:18:48 ⦁ Download Delights: 0:20:15 ⦁ Snooker 19: 0:24:59 ⦁ Nirvana Pilot Yume: 0:31:45 ⦁ Torna DLC and Shakedown Hawaii: 0:37:52 ⦁ Streets of Rage 4: 0:42:00 ⦁ Is This Year Written Off?: 0:50:15 ⦁ Closing: 1:12:06 ⦁ Podcast Extras: 1:13:29 Can you guess what the Transition Tune is? If it rings a bell, get in touch with us, or if you have a Listener's Question you’d like to discuss, contact us
  20. Splatoon 2

    The expansion is 25% off in this week’s sales. Sorry, my mistake, it’s a Splatoon 2 + the expansion is 25% off, not the expansion by itself. Strange they don’t do it, though. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. N-E Café Podcast

    Episode 24 is now up at our YouTube Channel, too.
  22. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Keep meaning to post in here, but time. So, while I have a little here’s a list of what I’ve finished this year so far. If you want my thoughts on a particular game, ask away. 1. Axiom Verge done. January 2. Super Punch-Out!! 3. Bomb Chicken 4. Namco Museum (Rolling Thunder, Rolling Thunder 2, Splatterhouse, PacMan, PacMan Vs, Galaga, Galaga ‘88, Dig Dug, The Tower of Druaga, Sky Kid & Tank Force) 5. Batman - The Telltale Series 6. Cave Story + 7. SuperHot 8. Light Fall 9. MegaMan 10. Hypercharge: Unboxed February 11. Timber man Vs 12. Kirby’s DreamLand 3 13. Wargroove: Double Trouble 14. Transistor 15. Pokemon Shield done March 16. Hotline Miami 17. Mother Russia Bleeds 18. Hotline Miami 2 19. Old Man’s Journey 20. Crimsonland 21. Drawful 2 22. Serial Cleaner 23. Pikuniku 24. Ring Fit Adventure April 25. Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition 26. Kuukiyomi: Consider It 27. Mega Man 2 28. Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise 29. Mega Man 3 30. Mechstermination Force 31. Ori & the Blind Forest 32. Nirvana Pilot Yume 33. Ships 34. Virtua Racing 35. Toki Tori 36. GRID: Autosport
  23. N-E Café Podcast

    Thanks again for the feedback Jonnas. 1. It feels a better and faster than game than the Gunman Clive ones, too. Gunman Clive was a little too slow at points. It's evident it's from the same developer as ideas are recycled from bosses from GC, but everything feels and plays better in MF. 2.Thanks. I've already thought of a follow up, more to include everyone in the reading of the boxes. 3. Yeah, those descriptions are hidden behind drop down menus on SoundCloud, other providers are more upfront about the show notes. 4. No problem. I'll include them every week from now on. 5. We'll definitely try to implement that as much as is feasibly possible.
  24. 51 Worldwide Games (Switch, June 5 2020)

    Preordered two weeks ago, and that new Japanese showcase trailer has just hit my hype levels through the roof. Nintendo bringing the goods.
  25. N-E Café Podcast

    We do include timestamps in written form in the show notes that appear at all the podcast providers. iTunes has serious problems implementing them into clickable form and therefore we can't use them as standard on others because it messes iTunes up. Do you mean putting the written time stamps on the forum here, if so I'll post them from now on, as I've done above (edited in)