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  1. So now it's our fault that we've inconvenienced Nintendo by somehow presuming we could have online voice chat in their own game, on their own console. My sincerest apologies, what were we thinking? Maybe I should buy a PS4 to play Zelda when it comes out as well? Don't want to unnecessarily burn out that disc drive and I'll use an XBOX1 controller to save on wear and tear of the gamepad.


    You're clearly lost. Here, let me help you.




    The one time I post something out of curiosity, you immediately try to kick me out? I can see why you and others can make new members not want to post or join in conversation.

  2. This game is absolutely brilliant! I almost ran out of time on World 1-1, because I wanted to just stay and watch those amazing visuals. I love how the gamepad adds added background sound and the transitioning of music from land to underwater is SOO GOOD.

    I had a great time playing this with my friends today! It's probably the happiest I've been for a very long time.

    People complained that this game wasn't Super Mario Galaxy 3, but when the next 3D mario game comes out, I'll be complaining that it isn't super 3D mario world 2 haha

  3. I caught the Zapdos in my game which I traded for an articuno which I traded for a moltres which I traded for an Yveltal all on GTS. That's how I filled my pokedex with those legends. I now have a complete pokedex with the exception of the non-obtainable pokemon! :)

    So yeah, that's basically a technique for filling in the dex. I've found the most annoying pokemon to get are Dusknoir, Magmortar, Electivire, Gliscor and Weavile...

  4. I was quite surprised at that too, here are some tactics if you're interested...


    Go to an area that's on the edge of a town and a route, use Repels, get on bike, cycle in and out of the area and into a patch of grass, this should speed up the process of the legendary birds appearing.


    Once the bird has appeared in front of you and fled 10 times, it will retreat to the Sea Spirits Cavern, go there, walk into the middle and it will swoop down... catch it with a quick/dusk ball if you can. :)


    Hey, that doesn't work anymore. Going back and forth in a pattern of ABABABAB won't change the location of it unless you fly or travel like ABC. Tracking it down it much harder this time around, but what I did was fly to the same town and looked in the pokedex to see its location. If it was in an adjacent route, I'd simply go there (it won't change location) and find it.

  5. If you have a pokemon in your party, and you have the experience share on, do they gain EV points still?

    I think they do as some pokemon I was evolving gained points, though I'm not entirely sure if they gained 100% of the EV points they would have gained provided they battled themselves.

    Nevertheless, level 3 super training doesn't take 2 minutes at all! It really is quick, I've done them in under 10 seconds.

    I've also spammed the hydreigon secret training one for moon stones :P. (I finally completed my Kalos pokedex :D)

  6. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nintendo-Wii-Remote-Rapid-Charging/dp/B00FQ7LT6Q/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_t_2_C5S8


    Mine should have arrived today hopefully.


    Edit: Gamepad battery is also In Stock.



    Thank you for this! I can finally stop using disposable batteries in favour of this. I was searching for this for a very long time! :bouncy:



    Wait a second. I don't really get it - Can it only charge one wii remote?

  7. You're really lucky to have gotten a normal friend zone with an audino in, Redshell!

    Up until now, I've been battling hordes of spinda which has been quite good exp. I've also spammed the elite 4 with my lv100 Chestnaught which has helped me fill the pokedex considerably. It's incredibly good at soloing it!

  8. You haven't heard its cry yet though! Always hear the cry first!!

    I mean Stoutland's and Combee's cries make them VERY EPIC pokemon indeed. I loved them so much, I can imitate it myself. :love:

    Anyway, going from an aesthetics perspective, it reminds me of Blaziken. It was the masculine strong fighting chicken (that evolved from a little chick). And now we have A feminine sorcery fox! (that evolved from a little four legged fox). I love the concept.

    You were all probably expecting a ninetales look alike, but I like the variation in this a lot.

  9. Is anyone going to get this game? It comes out pretty soon too and with a free wii remote plus! (All the wii remote pluses that I have gotten have come from game bundles - skyward sword and wii motion play. Soon I'll get 2 more with winter Olympics and this!!)

    I love party games so much, they're SO fun!