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  1. Pokemon X & Y

    They do have levels in the anime, look at 2:21 of this episode
  2. Pokémon Direct - September 4th

    Did anybody notices the beautifully updated Pokemon sprites as seen in the box?
  3. Pokémon Direct - September 4th

    I love how these nintendo direct things just pop out of no where!!
  4. Rayman Legends

    I love the Murfy levels in Co-op mode. It's just so incredibly fun. That's how I think the gamepad controls should have been for New super mario bros U instead of placing plain blocks around.
  5. Rayman Legends

    so I'm guessing everyone ditched this game because of the late release? Well, I ordered it :P
  6. Wii Party U

    I love party games. Multiplayer games such as New super mario bros U just weren't cutting it to play with my friends, but nooow.. oh my galoshes , I can't wait
  7. I remember playing Pokemon Ruby (first pokemon game) and my sister giving tips on how to get past the first part Having been attacked by a wild pokemon for the first time made me extremely scared and intimidated, I thought it was going to be a really hard game... Seeing that bug catcher with 6 pokemon was too much for my poor little heart.
  8. Pokémon on Wii U?

    It's supposedly meant for the joy of trading and battling on the go, but then again, I imagine many more people looking back and forth from computer screen to DS screen on what level does this Pokemon evolve? How does this pokemon evolve? Where can I find this Pokemon?
  9. Pokemon X & Y

    I wish the 3DS bundles would be bundled with the hard copy and not the digital copy...
  10. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    I've been bored :P
  11. Hi, my friend code is 2964-8611-0527 - Mike It'd be really fun to visit another's town! I need some different fruit other than peaches >.< EDIT I just added everyone on the first post!! Wooooooooooo
  12. The NEW New Super Mario Bros. U Thread

    Why'd you sell your Wii U only to buy another one? Just curious. Reminds me of when I sold New super mario bros wii after completing it only to buy it back again a few months later. THEN I SOLD IT AGAIN! I never learn my lesson.
  13. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    BAAAH! I'm so jealous, I really want to play! Them screenshots like so attractive I have to wait until next week for my sister to come, so we can start together... Watching the Animal Crossing icon just lie on my 3DS screen screaming 'PLAAAY ME' makes me SO IMPATIENT ROAAWR! Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to stick with hovering over the icon, while it plays its little jingle for another week.
  14. Mario Kart 8

    Hey, I love that idea! Only problem is that it wouldn't work in multiplayer mode... Too bad, they didn't have a system like that in Mario kart 7; it would have been very fun!
  15. Mario Kart 8

    In Mario Kart 7, the blue shell hits everyone in its path too, so I think Mario Kart 8 will retain that feature.
  16. Super Mario 3D World (Nov 29th)

    Oh, please. Believe it or not, I MUCH prefer this over a galaxy game. This IS a real 3D Mario game for some and I'm glad they went down this route. It looks incredibly fun!
  17. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Do you think we'll get the Special So many games promotion code by midnight? :P
  18. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

    In the developers direct, it was mentioned that the Triforce quest was being reconsidered. ... WELL THANK GOD FOR THAT! I HOPE THEY COMPLETELY SCRAP THE THING! ...Really. It's the reason I never completed the gamecube version.
  19. Super Mario 3D World (Nov 29th)

    I for one am SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME! The four player Co-op is a MASSIVE step up for a 3D mario game. If you've ever played New Super Mario bros Wii or U in 4 player co-op mode, you'll notice how ridiculously fun it gets, how much you'll be laughing and enjoying the whole experience with friends and family. Throwing this into a 3D environment is literally my dream come true. The 4 players aren't just mario with a bunch of toads - each character has a unique ability and that's always fun! I personally think from the trailer that this game captures the heart of true local co-op gaming. It'll be that game you'd be bringing the peoples' houses and stuff!
  20. I really like the idea of Project Spark thing where you get to create your own world and I'm loving that they're expanding the xbox one to indie games! The zombie thing was actually quite interesting even though I don't really like that sort of stuff. Other than that, with all the shooters, I don't like it. That price? It's mad.
  21. Luigi's Mansion 2

    The sound effects glitched out on me as well STRAIGHT after reading your post haha. At least I was expecting it to happen at sometime or another. I am really liking this game. I suck at the multiplayer mode, but it's still really fun - I think the Luigi's way of communication to each other is hilarious. I'm only on the third mission of the second mansion and I'm noticing the puzzles are getting harder (well, for me at least). I'm so depressed - On the first and second mission of the 2nd mansion, I spent so long trying to figure out what to do, but in the end had to use a walkthrough (seriously, that multicoloured light thingy can be so pesky at times). This means getting all those crystals will be impossible for me :P
  22. Luigi's Mansion 2

    I just went through a nightmare round on ShopTo. There was an error with my order and I was only notified by it today. I was under the impression that both my Luigi's Mansion 2 and Lego City Undercover would arrive sometime today, but no - it wasn't even dispatched. I sent a ticket in all they could do was apologise and send me a refund. I asked for some sort of compensation, but they kept on insisting that they can't. funny thing is, is that I was already charged £70 for both of them so if I hadn't contacted them they would have stolen money off of me! The next thing I know, they delete my account. It's such a shame - looks like I won't be playing until Tuesday...
  23. Luigi's Mansion 2

    That box is so awesome!! I'm so glad I'm getting it too!
  24. Luigi's Mansion 2

    Glad you're all enjoying it! Mine, unfortunately didn't arrive today, but I suppose hearing what you guys think of it is still part of the actual experience of enjoying the game however small it is for when I do actually play (tomorrow I hope).
  25. Pokemon X & Y

    I'm actually kind of hoping that Gen6 will stop you from transferring all your gen 5 Pokemon on to it, though it's probably not going to happen.