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  1. Im doing it on pro now, and im stuck on the bit in the castle with loads of monks in a symetrical room, with little squares of water, and snipers from the top! (the one where there is a little room with two yellow switches on and a whole on the roof so enemies can jump down at u!) and it is absolutely impossible! i got past thge first 2 waves, and then used the crank to open up the next bit, and then four grim reapers came at me and threw their blades and killed me! took me 2 hours as well! waiting for monks to come in the little room so i could cap their ass. (some enemies just look at ur shotgun and run away!) AMAZING! ne tips would be helpful.thanks
  2. There Has just been so many standout moments on my lil cube, but these are the best: Metroid Prime- The Moment i realised that it worked in first person and jumping wasnt messy like i thought it would be, Phendrana drifts- nuff sed, finding the last artifact and earning the right to kick Ridleys ASS. Mario Sunshine- THE BIG YELLOW BIRD IN THE SKY! (gelato beach) OH MY GOD! that just blew me away, the scale was emense for just one shine!- roll on mario 128! Wind WAker- the first time u charghed up that sword and made like a tornado! also the first time u enter hyrule below and its all black and white, then after seeing ZELDA, the whole place is rick with colour and all the stone enemies come to life! DAMN that was just adrenaline pumping! RE4- THE WHOLE GAME! not one moment did i want to put the controller down (althouth i had to eventually) and HARD mode is impossible! has any body done it!? im stuck in the room with loads of monks, and there is a red dude, and snipers shooting from above (the bit b4 where ashley is lone ranger and u gotta snipe the freaks down) SWEET Hardware GC- yeh the jingly tune at start was so kool! and beats sony wahm!, start up and xbox humming noise. also the fact that the freeloader was invented! yay! only gamecube can play import games so easily, which is funn cos nintendo r the ones who r most anal bout priacy n stuff. THE GREATEST EVER MOMENT HAS TO BE- The Grand unveiling of a Legend Reborn....and hopefully the game will b the best of all time if not the best this gen, however metroid prime will b hard to beat. Metroid Prime was fresh, zelda isnt so much. VIVA LA GAMrEvCoLUtionBE
  3. They Already Have Unveiled The Controller! Don Tell Me U Dnt Know!>?
  4. to be honest i dnt wot its gonna b! im so excited!
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