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  1. The Killers @ Brixton

    I just got back from seeing The Killers. Loved every second of it. They were superb. Well I knew they would be as they were good when I saw them last year at Leeds festival but yeah. The rapture supported which was a nice suprise as I quite like them Anyway yeah The Killers put on a great show, done a nice mix of new and old stuff.... Sounded really really good and the crowd loved it. They even done Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll which is my favourite I got a little vid of it on my phone which ill upload later. From start to finish Brandon was on form and they ended up doing 2 encores for us. On the way outta Brixton everyone just starting singing "i got sole but im not a soldier" was brilliant like being at a football match with everyone chanting along Ah all in all a good night out with mates, beer, good music and lovely indie chicks. Anyone else go or going ?
  2. The Tick

    Okay so who remembers a cartoon/comic called The Tick? I used to love it but I dont know what the hell happened to it?? Anyway for some reason I have had the theme tune to it stuck in my head all day. It goes something like this: dum dweeee da da da dwwweeee dowww..... So like who remembers it ? If you do then SPOOOOONNNNN!!! and who can forget Arthur "the mothman" NOT IN THE FACE, NOT IN THE FACE!! Looks like they even made a real time tv show out of it O_O EDIT: I found the opening credits on youtube!! dum dweeee da da da dwwweeee dowww!!!
  3. Happy Birthday Franky boy! I too turned the ripe old age of 30 last week - 03 October. Took myself and the missus away for the week to a 5 star hotel in Fueterventura. Was pure bliss. She got me a flying lesson for my birthday. AMAZING
  4. It does my nut in a bit but I get it. Christmas is a lovely exciting and wonderful time for most people and you just want it to happen and people get carried away with the planning and presents and what have you. Personally I don't get into the spirit until the calender turns over to December. October is my birthday month and then November there are lots of other peoples birthdays and things to do. To think about Christmas in September seems crazy? Was at Bluewater today (big shopping centre for those who don't know it) and John Lewis already had some xmas decorations out. I kid you not. >_<
  5. The Android Thread

    Sorry should have made that clearer. I have a HTC One X. It's not broken as such just things have been going wrong and just had enough. I was tempted to upgrade to the HTC One but my experience of using the One X has turned me right off HTC. - Battery has seriously degraded over the past 18 months and it was depressing not being able to use the phone for fear of running out of juice at lunch time and not being able to text the missus. - Giro sensors kept packing up so auto rotate, gps etc wouldn't work. Therefore apps and games that relied on a giro sensors wouldn't work and this also made the camera go all screwy. I worked out a temp fix but every time I need to reboot the phone they would pack up again. Annoying. - Wifi was screwed for a bit - well known problem on the 1st gen HTC one X where the antenna would squash/bend down and it wouldn't make a good connection if any connection. Instead of sending off I fixed it myself with some tin foil.... yeah that's right I opened up the phone and fixed the wifi issue with tin foil. - As it was HTC and on O2 I would wait FOREVER for updates. It is still sitting on 4.1.1. I wanted pure Android and quicker updates which I now have. Love the Nexus 4. Only worry I have with it is only 16gb. My one X was 32gb but I will just have to stop being lazy with not deleting stuff off the phone!!
  6. The Android Thread

    It's a bit fatter than my HTC one but the pure androidness is lovely. Good bye HTC Sense!! I now have a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 10. May as well get the 7 and complete the family! Slowly turning into Mr Google :P
  7. The Android Thread

    I caved and got a Nexus 4 16Gb. Yup.
  8. Trip down memory lane

    I used to post some utter shit back then. Good times
  9. Football Season 2013/2014

    Bristol appears to be stuck in the 80's.
  10. I live in London. I'm screwed on all fronts. I have some savings but to get a mortgage it will wipe me out and I would be in a crappy studio flat or something tiny that costs 200k. Me and the missus can rent bigger quite comfortable at the moment and spend our moneys doing fun things like Holidays. Would like to own of course but just not doable for us down here unless you want to live in a stabby area. We could live slightly out of London which is fine but both work in London and the train costs are ridiculous. Would rather spend that money living closer in and cutting down commute time. Some of the house prices you guys get 'up north are ridiculously cheap though. *packs bags*
  11. The Android Thread

    What's the battery life like? My current HTC one X is DIRE.
  12. Advice - Bullying in the workplace

    Sounds like you defo need to get out of there and find a new place. She sounds awful. Alternatively if you do want to stick it and make it at this place then surely you could get head office involved. They would want the best staff working for their company and the best managers running the office. If you put in a complaint about her with the proof you clearly have and this other girl can also back you up as she is leaving cos of the office manager then surely head office will listen and would want to step in and sort it out and more than likely get rid of her rather than losing good hard working staff?
  13. The Android Thread

    So tempted to buy the 16GB at that price right now. Contract up in October so was going to get a new phone then anyway and prob move over to giff gaff or something. Thought about waiting for Nexus 5. But what if it's expensive or I don't like it and then the Nexus 4 is all out of stock.... I will cry a bit. WHAT TO DO?!?! >_<
  14. The Android Thread

    So Motorola or LG for Nexus 5. Both have strong rumours circling around them now with the latest about LG getting the nod and basing it on their latest G2 with slight modifications to keep the low price structure. Interesting.
  15. Football Season 2013/2014

    Enjoyed that. Better than your average friendly. Got me even more excited for the start of the premier league at the weekend too. Good to see Welbz getting a goal and 90 minutes. Needs to start delivering the goals this year. Happy for Lambert. What a moment for him!
  16. Football Season 2013/2014

    I was at Wembley today. The most exciting thing that happened was two Wigan fans fighting and me winning 20 quid on RVP scoring first. Wigan didn't turn up and it was a walk in the park for United. Zaha impressed and will get better with his decision making over time. Giggsy played well in midfield and showed his class as always and it was quite possibly the easiest game Carrick has ever had, not sure he had to run at all. Good to see Vidic back and bet he loved it that he was up against Holt and not some speedy youngster. In the pocket he went. Looking forward to the start of the season now
  17. Football Season 2013/2014

    They cost me just under 200. Only team that lost on my accumulator and I heard they should have put away 3 or 4. Would have been a dream start to the betting season....I mean footy season.
  18. Moustache, yay or nay?

    DO NOT PUT ON COCK OR BOLLOCKS. So I haven't been clean shaven for a number of years. Hate it. Plus my facial hair grows unbelievably quick and shaving takes time and is annoying. I would literally shave in the morning and by the end of the day it would feel rough again against the grain. Plus I think stubble and beards look good, I like them. I get full coverage but don't let it get too long as it starts getting the ginger tinge. My head is bald so the constant stubble I have offsets that. I need it.
  19. Update from me...... Proper couple now and we randomly decided to book a holiday away together in October which also happens to be over my 30th. This kinda thing should be making me nervous and scared as we have only known each other 5 months? but complete opposite. It feels so right and we are so happy right now. 8 months ago I was a depressive mess and hated all females but now I am happier than I have ever been in life. Just goes to show that the old 6 year relationship probably wasn't right and the she-devil done me a favour breaking up with me cos I would never have met my new Girlfriend and be as happy as I am.
  20. New update. Still seeing this lovely lady. It's going good and we are definitely into each other and I would say we are now at the seeing each other stage. We stay around each others places a lot and have been doing loads of lovely couple type things. I feel good. It's really really nice and she is making very happy at the minute. Still in no rush for it to go anyway, not over thinking it. Enjoying the now and the moments we are sharing. I did tell her I run the the worlds largest Pokemon website. Seemed to work. : peace:
  21. Amazon Logistics

    Royal Mail are the only delivery company I trust. If I'm not in they ALWAYS leave a card and the collection office is about 10 mins away and never had any issues picking up from them. Yodel, CityLink and DHL however can go do one. Delivery companies always deliver during the week when everyone is at work. Okay that can't be helped but can it? Seems pointless. Utterly pointless. Why deliver your parcels when you know the majority of people wont be in. Massive gap in the market for evening deliveries, I would pay an extra couple of quid to get my order "after hours". I've also took time off work to wait in for expensive important orders and like most the 7pm deadline comes and goes and nothing has turned up. The hassle I have gone through to get hold of some parcels I could fill a book full of moans. I dread it when I order something online and it's not Royal Mail who are delivering. Really dread it cos I know I'm in for a week of hell trying to get the parcel.
  22. Why do we always get screwed over on price conversion. 429. Seriously?! Not even excited about this so defo won't be paying that much for it.
  23. Subtitles - "Do u read ur films?!"

    Seen quite a few subtitled films (mainly French) and it doesn't bother me. It usually does take me about 10 mins or so to get used to it but after that it's generally fine and I enjoy it. I get why some people may not like it. If there is a bit of a long dialogue, sometimes I feel like I'm concentrating too much on the words rather than what is happening and feel like I lose out on some scenes which I wouldn't with an English speaking film. I would never turn subtitles on for an English speaking thing though. No way. Don't need and takes up screen space. Maybe If I had kids or something....
  24. Machete attack in London

    Yep they just need to fuck off. They have all come down from Eltham and Bexley and are just stirring it up. What are they trying to do? The police have the two people involved, let them continue their investigation. EDL will only make things worse and raise tensions in the area between communities that generally get on.