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  1. When you walk through a storm

    Hold your head up high

    And don't be afraid of the dark

    At the end of the storm

    There's a golden sky

    And the sweet silver song of a lark


    Walk on through the wind

    Walk on through the rain

    Though your dreams be tossed and blown


    Walk on walk on with hope in your heart

    And you'll never walk alone

    You'll never walk alone.

  2. Yeah, it's amazing. Just beaten The One Reborn.



  3. I have no idea what you're on about. Remind me?!

  4. Dude, are you Nottingham based? Moogle tells me you are....

  5. Oh man, that sounds awesome! Enjoy :-) Me and Retro will actially be in London on Thursday afternoon for a couple of hours...I'm guessing you'll be at work though? Think I'll be free from 2:30-5ish...

  6. Yo! I've reserved us both a seat at next week's fan forum :)

  7. Sup Brah! Tbh I haven't actually played much since I completed TLoU...my copy of Bloodborne is still in its packaging! I'm going to invest some time into Pure Pool and Hotline Miami 2 before I moved on to my next game.


    Witcher sounds intereting and it's getting great reviews. I'm torn between that and Project CARS...

  8. Oh btw! I think Zell would like one but he's out atm...If you have one spare I'm sure he'd love it and put it to great use.

  9. Dude thanks for the offer but Cube has just sent me one!



  10. Sent you a friend request for MK tonight!

  11. Hi mate! You still going tomorrow yeah? I'll probably be there for around 11. We can get access to the pitlane at 1 :)

  12. I've totes just won 2 tickets to Goodwood FoS and can't go because it's too far! Want them? :)

  13. You need to watch this entire set because it's simply amazing.



  14. Yeah I loved the stories they told at the end!!


    Great episode, my favourite in a while. Might start a thread on it so others listen to it..hands down the best gaming podcast!

  15. Yeah it really surprised me! I hope they do a podcast this week despite the E3 madness :)

  16. Not sure if you've seen this but it's pretty good! Although it's incredibly weird to see them in person given I'm only used to their podcast.



    Also, James looks like such a loser..I hate him slightly less now haha :)

  17. Dude, add me for some Mario Kart times. NNID is Anilp228 x

  18. Yo! I'm gonna be online for the next hour or so if I could nab that squirtle off you? Send us a trade request if you're free, currently fishing for heart scales :p

  19. Hey buddy! Just wondering if you're gonna be at the meet this year? :)

  20. Yeah I'm up for going for the day, would be good to see people (hopefully Bard will go too).


    Not a bad timetable tbh! It will def be early June, probably first week. Just need to sort out tv's etc. E3 is that week too so i could arrange it so that we can watch Ninty's conference together?

  21. Cool man, let us know when you can.


    Also, summer n-europe meet is 16 July in Hyde park and i'm pretty tempted to go given i've been on these boards since 04 aha. best be coming too!

  22. My exams end on first of June, will most likely spend a week or two in notts after. when do you finish? I'll probs try and organise a smashfest in notts too, though obv will try and arrange it so you can come. I'm trying to get Pilly back into smash as well, aha.


    Yeah looking back at it, i fucking love that game! The music is fantastic and the script is brilliant. Apparently the sequel isn't coming out in the west though as it didn't sell as much as they hoped. Bit of a bummer, I loved edgeypoo!

  23. Just downloaded Wrestlemania 17 (supposedly the best one). After exams me you and steve need a night of watching it/kfc/beer.