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  1. The iPad

    I hope they make an ipad version of flight control with like 5 runways I would buy one for that.
  2. The iPad

    If only there was some way they could shrink it down so it would fit in my pocket... It's a cool device and probably the best implementation of a tablet I've seen yet. If it ran OSX or Windows I would consider one instead of a laptop. But as I currently own a Laptop a desktop and soon an android smart phone it really wouldn't fit in my lifestyle.
  3. Broadband Recommendations

    If you can I would say always go with an LLU network. BT's network is congested to shit and you'll be lucky to get more than 200KB/s off peak. Luckily I finally get o2 on wednesday for a total cost of £54.17 for first year
  4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

    No show on my end as well. Oh well wasn't expecting it before thursday anyway. EDIT: I see people seem to be getting them on second waves so I'll keep my hopes up for now. No "we missed you note" anyway.
  5. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

    ShopTo have put dispatched next to my order as well but no email yet. I'm going with the free delivery because they had already dispatched before I woke up. I'm fairly sure it will still come tomorrow, strikes aren't until next week at the earliest and every other time it's come on time so...
  6. Building a PC

    I just touch my radiator beforehand. I've worked on computers dozens of times and never static'ed anything.
  7. Anime and manga discussion

    So nothing really remarkable like a new Death Note or a new Haruhi (i hear s02 of this sucks)? I'll try the alternated FMA but I want something fresh.
  8. Anime and manga discussion

    Hello anime thread. It's really been a while since I actually watched any anime. These days I think almost all of it is crap and even the good shows I remember really don't seem that good in retrospect. I'd like someone to remind me why I liked it in the first place with a suggestion of a really good show that's come out since I quit. http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Sanchez
  9. The big filesharing debate

    I pay £10 a month for access to Spotify and I would stop pirating completely if I could access it on my phone (coming soon) and 360 and if it had even more selection. I'm a huge pirate but I still buy CD's that I really like and go to gigs from my favourite bands. Personally I believe file sharing helps artists more than it hurts them. The artists that complain about file sharing are generally the talentless hacks and the most popular. Pirates generally have a much more diverse and elitist taste and their filesharing goes a long way to help smaller, talented bands. Many upcoming artists use filesharing networks (which are generally full of music lovers) for publicity now. Ultimately file sharing isn't something you can stop, and the music industry would be better off adapting with services like spotify. Punishing pirates (who studies have shown often spend the most on music) is only hurting themselves.
  10. Windows 7

    There's no reason to not use 64bit 7.
  11. This seems to be completely true from my experience working for a taxi company and the people I know who come from lower class families, there's a truly incredible obsession with drinking. It's really ostracising if you don't want to drink. It's seriously impossible to have a conversation with these people that doesn't revolve around how much they drunk last time they went out, or yesterday's game. On that note has anyone else been pissed off by those Sun adverts. "Sorts the fans from the numpties". Assholes.
  12. Windows 7

    You can't use any directx applications (games) with Winxp mode, sorry.
  13. Windows 7

    I don't understand why MS can't bundle IE8 with windows if Apple can bundle safari with OSX and linux distro's come bundled with firefox.
  14. Natal Motion Control/Recognition (360)

    Natal is DAMN cool. Peter Moleneux must be lonely to make himself a virtual friend. I think this has great potential if they can make it work well, the whole gesturing in the air to navigate is awesome, very futuristic. I hope someone makes a minority report computer simulator.
  15. Mixed RAM?

    It's not recommended at all. The sticks will all run at the lowest speeds, there could be some instability and some outright incompatabilities. If you want to put more RAM into your laptop you will need to get 200 pin SO DIMM.
  16. How do you know penguins?

    I actually tend to be more open with a person the less well I know them. So for example with my family I have a web of well maintained lies about my life, I feel like I can't be honest about parts of my life or they'll be angry with me or constantly bug me about it. With my friends I'm almost completely honest but I've been holding information from them for a while recently. While with my co workers I've been incredibly open, to the extent that they get the first taste of basically every thought that goes through my head. (actually I just realised it's similar online, I tell you guys more than I ever do on forums with people who know who the fuck I am) Before I started this job I was much more introverted than I am now. to be honest these people are the first time I've been comfortable in a new social situation. I went to a gig a couple of weeks ago and one of my old friends from school introduced me to some new people. When we were in a small, casual group I had time to talk and give my occasional witty comment or whatever and I started to get to know them. But when we met even more people and went to the gig it became much more of a problem socialising, they split off into their own groups (they were already friends), constantly talked about something (I couldn't really hear, combination of loud music and bad hearing). Then I didn't really get a chance to talk so I had to sit there and smile like a chump. I think one of my bigger problems really is finding something to talk about, as a geek I have a vast knowledge of music, movies, tv shows, technology and world news and not much else which I find are subjects non geeks generally don't care about. I also lack really the experience going out so nothing to say about "when I was in x club" or "I know these people who..." Sigh, well I guess I'll just keep trying and working on my social skills. It's nice to vent about it.
  17. You don't see what's special about a OLED screen, a tegra processor and wireless syncing?
  18. 3D Films, Yay or Nay?

    I'm planning on seeing Monsters Vs Aliens in 3D this weekend, I'm really looking forward to it.
  19. User Profile Customization Discussion

    Dyson you thought of me. :p
  20. Pc Hardware Upgrades dead? (OnLive)

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7976206.stm This article helps lend the service some credibility but I'm still a little sceptical. The first thing is this $20 video encoding magic chip they have apparently developed, which seems impossible but they do have cheap netbook chips that can play 1080p these days. The other thing is the video compression algorithm, which must be revolutionary if they can really encode 60fps 720p in real time on a $20 chip and only have a couple of artefacts. While I can appreciate that some games won't have much full screen movement and small changes in the screen could be done easier - other's won't. How can this algorithm be applied to all types of games?
  21. Happy April 1st!

    That was pretty good actually, I logged in and thought "hmm, I don't think I did anything ban worthy" and then I clicked and I was like "oh, duhh". I had an april fools tab open for christ's sake.
  22. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    turn up the sensetivity to max.
  23. Pc Hardware Upgrades dead? (OnLive)

    As a game, pc and encoding enthusiast I hold the same doubts as that article. The current best mainstream codec (x264) can produce decent results at low bitrates but certainly not for high motion sources like games. It is impossible to encode two videos simultaneously on one normal computer in real time (it's hard enough to do one), an expensive beast could maybe do a couple but even then it would simply be too costly to maintain. I still think this is an april fool's joke, if it isn't then they really have market changing technology.
  24. The Wire on BBC Two

    You can't enjoy it as much as people who have seen the whole thing because there's mountains of characterisation and awesome writing later on. I didn't really get it for the first 5 or so episodes and then all of a sudden I was hooked. The show gets better as it goes along too (or at least I thought so) but to be honest I don't think anything I've ever watched has made my sympathise/hate(I'm looking at you, Marlo) characters so much and I watch a LOT of TV.