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  1. Screen Burn!

    what type of tv was it? (model number, etc)
  2. GTA IV

    very disappointing... all hype as usual,
  3. Advice on starting an online business

    Then whatever stock it is you're buying will become cheaper and cheaper to buy, enabling you to pass the savings onto your customers when you sell it; increasing your competitiveness. Or you could keep the selling price the same and the reduction in your production costs will increase your gross profits.
  4. Advice on starting an online business

    buy low sell high
  5. Skype?

    this is pretty neat, just installed the software and everything. Think I will buy a phone for it - so when someone rings you, does your computer just 'ring'?
  6. Skype?

    oh really? That does sound easy! If so, what is the point of the starter kits they sell if you can download the software you need off the Internet? (http://accessories.skype.com/item?SID=a80e13134911fece32b3c85d2bbaf786c91:4580&sku=STARTER5)
  7. Skype?

    I've been hearing a lot about Skype from friends and family recently and I'm thinking about getting it myself. Do many of you have it? What do you think about it? How does it work exactly, how would I get my new phone number? Do I have to sign up with company or do I just plug a Skype phone into my pc and start calling?
  8. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Can someone briefly explain the various offline gametypes you can do co-op on R6V since I dont have Live but I do have an extra controller. Thanks.
  9. Region 1 South Park pixilated

    try VLC player
  10. Digital drugs

    is it just hissing?
  11. OMG Mountain Dew!

    did they arrive? How was the 'dew?
  12. OMG Mountain Dew!

    so these websites are legit and people on here and used them with success? I've always figured I'd end up being posted some out of date cans from 10 years back but maybe now I'll give it a go btw, roughly how big is the package of 24 cans of mountain dew?
  13. MP3 Player Guide

    Yes the FM does work over here, my friend has a Zune. I am considering importing a Zune in the next few days but was wondering, is it worth importing it now or waiting for a UK release (whenever that'll be!) Might there be any different features or compatibility issues?
  14. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    10 awesome games < 1 new Zelda game
  15. Gears of war Thread

    why didn't people like the ending? Thought it was pretty good myself