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  1. -Dem0-

    Hahaha, I really enjoyed the interactions between Shiki, Indigo & the Ape. They were hilarious!


    Oh yeah the One Piece manga box set was pushed back to December 19 :(

  2. -Dem0-

    Yeah I saw it!


    That was a very enjoyable movie. Are the other films available for purchase like that?


    I really like their Strong World attire too, especially Zoro & Robin.

  3. -Dem0-

    Yes it is! I think it's on the 21st. Ever since you showed me the link, I've budgeted all my purchases for the rest of the year to ensure that I get this day one!


    Just came across the complete Bakuman Box Set too:




    Great manga. Read about 60~ish chapters I think and stopped early last year.

    I won't be buying any other manga for a long time though, I'll just focus on One Piece as there's plenty there for me already.

  4. -Dem0-

    Noooope. Haven't read the last two chapters.


    I was going to subscribe to the WSJ but it seems that my card was declined sometime last year. I tried all the troubleshooting stuff but it's still declined so that's a no-go for me.


    It's all because I used the wrong email on the one time I tried to purchase something from Google play and I wasn't responding to the emails/confirmations/verifications etc as it was an old account that I forgot about.


    Anyway do you read the other series in the weekly mag?

  5. -Dem0-

    Going to start building up the manga again. Reading One Piece chapters back-to-back is just too good!


    From now on I'll just pop in for the odd color spread appreciation.

  6. -Dem0-

    At least the hair colour is still different.


    Rebecca for Nakama :heh:

  7. -Dem0-

    I've always been keeping an eye on the Wi-fi model as I never needed the 3G one, but now this is considerably cheaper than the Wi-fi model. Also I'd prefer this one over the PS Vita 2000 as the screen is better like you said.



  8. -Dem0-

    What do you think about these Vita deals that have been floating about? It seems like retailers are trying to sell off the 3G model in time for Vita 2000.


    Do you think I should go for it?


  9. -Dem0-

    Haha, yeah! Although I've had my fair share of spoilers as of late :heh:, oh and to answer your question about what the spoiler was:

    Sanji vs Doflamingo and that "Blackbeard is back!!!".

  10. -Dem0-

    Noooope. I have watched the Z arc fillers though. Finished them off on Saturday. I'm ready for Z!

  11. -Dem0-

    Unfortunately I ran into some spoilers yesterday so I had no choice but to start reading the One Piece Manga again to reduce the risk of me encountering any more spoilers.

    Anyway I went from 708 to 720 since yesterday.


    You was right man, this stuff is GOOD! I think I'm going to take a break here and try and build up once more. I really like marathoning fast-paced, mid-arc chapters together. Everything flows so smoothly.

    I don't know what to do when it comes to being spoiled, I make sure that I don't visit any forums/websites/discussions/reviews etc so I make all the precautions, but even then I'm spoiled.


    Oh and by the way Rebecca looks like Nami only with really long hair. I'm guessing that she's a blond though.

  12. -Dem0-

    Ah cool, thanks. I'll watch the fillers first then.


    Hmm about the movies, I'll say this first. Most of the One Piece movies have been good except 3 and 9. My favourites before I watched Strong World were 4,6 & 7 but after watching it, Strong World easily ranks near or maybe even at the top.

  13. -Dem0-

    Hah! Me and my sisters were actually watching Strong World a few days ago. Great film.


    I've actually got a question for you, should I watch Film Z before or after those fillers (Z's Arc)?

  14. -Dem0-

    Nice, I can read it in better quality now :p


    I haven't seen that spread until this morning, I found it while searching for some new colour spreads. The one I showed you is from Chapter 717.


    I get them from One Piece Wiki now. They've got all of them, in high quality.



  15. -Dem0-



    I know this is a bit late, but it's great to have you back on the forums.

    How was Disney Land? how was your holiday as a whole?

  16. -Dem0-

    I couldn't find a decent video either.


    Where did you go for your holiday?

  17. -Dem0-

    Sounds good. Thanks. Same day chapter releases is awesome too!


    Ah...Arlong Park. Probably my 3rd favourite arc.


    Also Arlong possesses my favourite distinct laugh.

  18. -Dem0-

    Oooh, interesting.


    Well I've got an Android smartphone (Galaxy Note).


    So how does this work? monthly/yearly subscription?

  19. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day :D

  20. Happy Birthday, Jon!


    Hope you have great day.

  21. Happy Birthday! Have a good one!

  22. Happy Birthday, F00had!


    Hope you have a great day :)

  23. Happy Birthday, Sam. Hope you have a great day!