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  1. Happy Birthday! Have a good one!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day :D

  4. -Dem0-

    Has your copy of SP2 arrived yet? Mine hasn't.

  5. -Dem0-

    How have you been doing lately?

  6. -Dem0-

    How have you been doing recently?

  7. I'm loving your new sig! Great stuff!

  8. Just a heads up, Ike posted the QR Code for the Fire Emblem: Awakening Demo in the thread. You going to give it a whirl?

  9. No problem, I just wanted to have some fun, besides we could just pick a day and post it in the MK Online meet up thread and there's bound to be others willing to join us.

  10. -Dem0-

    Noooope. I have watched the Z arc fillers though. Finished them off on Saturday. I'm ready for Z!

  11. so im guessing your up-to-date with OP? I asked my sister for advice on other anime/mangas and she said eyeshield 21, deathnote & fairy tale. what do you think about those?

  12. -Dem0-

    So, how have you been doing lately?

  13. Thanks! I've just added your FC too, cya online soon!

  14. -Dem0-

    Where are you up to in the series?

  15. -Dem0-

    Where do you read One Piece? atm I'm with mangafox/mangareader but sometimes I read from other websites and I often find some pretty awkward translations.

  16. where were you for the MK League GP's last night? :(

  17. -Dem0-

    Wow, some of these shirts are really good! I think I'll order some now, thanks.

  18. You're most welcome.

  19. Your avatar is all kinds of awesome... just had to say it.

  20. Your new avatar rocks fused, I'm going to play Okami after I finish Skyward Sword. After reading the posts on the Okami thread, it really does sound like a superb game. can't wait!