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  1. No problem man, I think it would be better to go for a CCP myself aswell. I use to play with the Wiimote + nunchuk controls until 2010, but after my hiatus it seems I can't get back up to speed when I play Wiimote|nunchuk, and I tend to make a fair few mistakes, and also I was thinking that the new WiiU Pro Controller is an enhancement to the current Classic Controller Pro so maybe it would do well for when the next smash comes around. But I think it would take a long time to get used to the new controls... decisions.


    How long did it take for the CCP to 'click' after you switched from the GC controller?

  2. -Dem0-

    Noooope. Haven't read the last two chapters.


    I was going to subscribe to the WSJ but it seems that my card was declined sometime last year. I tried all the troubleshooting stuff but it's still declined so that's a no-go for me.


    It's all because I used the wrong email on the one time I tried to purchase something from Google play and I wasn't responding to the emails/confirmations/verifications etc as it was an old account that I forgot about.


    Anyway do you read the other series in the weekly mag?

  3. -Dem0-

    Normally I watch One Piece on Watchop.


    But the thing is I haven't watched One Piece in a while now, and also the quality hasn't been good on watchop lately. (excellent quality during Marineford!)

    I think the subs are FUNImation because some episodes show the little FUNImation intro thing before the opening. How do I know for sure?

    What I will say though, almost every episode I've watched has been from watchop and the subs have been very good.

  4. -Dem0-

    Not a fan of AMV's in general but I Just came across this awesome one about Zoro. It's doesn't crappy music or words playing in the background. if you got time to watch it, it's only 3 minutes long.


  5. -Dem0-

    Not sure if you trust Law?!



    Yup, I remember the box-set. It's a good price that's for sure. It comes down to roughly £4.11 per volume. Pre-ordered. Thanks!

  6. -Dem0-

    Now that's a cushion I would never use. I'll just put it on display!


    Just out of interest do you watch any sports?

  7. -Dem0-

    Oh yeah, I never thanked you for answering my last question about future One Piece box sets.


    Thank you! :D


    I was looking up the Bakuman complete box set and UKPaperbackshop are selling it for £65.38 New and in stock.


    What do you think?

  8. -Dem0-

    Oh yeah! I totally forgot about his ability. I initially thought he could just make holes, but then he sent down a meteor and after that Trafalgar Law said this:




    When you add it all up it makes sense, and if that's the case it's a pretty damn cool ability.

    Although it is similar to Shiki's ability, making objects levitate.


    Also the previous Admirals were all Logias, but he's definitely a Paramecia from what we've seen so far. So now I'm interested to see what ability the 3rd Admiral has and so too the 7th Shichibukai (if they have one).

  9. -Dem0-

    One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP 2 can be pre-ordered from Zavvi for £19.95



  10. -Dem0-

    Oooh, interesting.


    Well I've got an Android smartphone (Galaxy Note).


    So how does this work? monthly/yearly subscription?

  11. -Dem0-

    Saw that you recently started playing Romance Dawn. Didn't even know this game existed until I saw it on your backloggery.

    So I checked out the trailer and it looks pretty cool. Also looks like it's a turn based game.


    How you finding it so far?

  12. -Dem0-

    Scratch that.


    The pic with Luffy & Blackbeard is from the opening, just watched it.


    I'm impressed, that's a nice opening imo.

  13. -Dem0-

    Sorry about the extremely late reply!


    That Luffy figure's great, but I really want this one:





    Also, I read about the One Piece Symphony from their twitter feed. Would like to go, but won't know for sure until it gets a bit closer.

  14. -Dem0-

    Sorry to hear that man, but at least some of these Film Z shirts are nice;





    Perhaps my favourite


  15. -Dem0-

    Sounds good. Thanks. Same day chapter releases is awesome too!


    Ah...Arlong Park. Probably my 3rd favourite arc.


    Also Arlong possesses my favourite distinct laugh.

  16. -Dem0-

    Sweetness. Look at that condensed Haki!


    I got 1,3,4 & 5 from eBay, in brand new condition. They were around £17/18 each.

    I've got to protect these books from my own drool, that's how good the art looks!

  17. thank you, the only anime I've watched was the entire Dragonball series right through to GT, some Gundam Wing when I was a kid and at the moment Naruto & One Piece. I'm about 20 chapters and episodes behind Naruto.


    3 of my friends watch OP, but they told me not to read the manga, as it will ruin it... ? I mean I read the manga & watched the anime of Naruto and I really enjoyed it! infact after reading the manga, it made me want to watch it in motion!


    I haven't read OP yet, so what do you think?

  18. -Dem0-

    Thanks for giving me your thoughts. I considered the triple volumes even though I knew they stopped at some point as I checked a while ago, that wouldn't bother me though.


    The closest Forbidden Planet to me is in Leicester (Approximately 146 kilometers away.)I live about 3 minutes away from Waterstones but they didn't have much last time I visited... which was almost a year ago now :red:


    I think I'll go single volumes when I start buying them. Will check Waterstones tomorrow too.

  19. -Dem0-

    Thanks! though I might change the sig as it's a bit too big and I don't want to inadvertently spoil/confuse Bryanee.


    No, I haven't read the last 3 One Piece Chapters because I want to build them up again, same with the anime (it's been a bit to slow as of late). I'll probably marathon them at the end of next month.


    You enjoying the manga?

  20. -Dem0-

    That is nice, but expensive.


    My brother has a PSP but haven't seen him use it in a while, might check out what games he's got actually.


    Btw, I started reading the manga about a week ago, just read from where I left off in the anime up until the point where Luffy beat Ceaser. Punk Hazard is a really great Arc.

  21. -Dem0-

    That shirt does look great. What's wrong, don't like yellow :laughing:


    I may also buy the Soul King Shirt too, it's really nice.


    Thanks :)

  22. -Dem0-

    The opening has been stuck in my head for quite a while now. It's very catchy!


    Anyway, saw some new One Piece shirts at Uniqlo. That Chopper (Franky) shirt is hilarious.

  23. -Dem0-

    There was that Berry fruit user amongst the Marines in the same arc too. I thought that was pretty bad.


    Also I got another question for you.


    Do you know if there are going to be any more One Piece manga box sets?

  24. -Dem0-

    Unfortunately I ran into some spoilers yesterday so I had no choice but to start reading the One Piece Manga again to reduce the risk of me encountering any more spoilers.

    Anyway I went from 708 to 720 since yesterday.


    You was right man, this stuff is GOOD! I think I'm going to take a break here and try and build up once more. I really like marathoning fast-paced, mid-arc chapters together. Everything flows so smoothly.

    I don't know what to do when it comes to being spoiled, I make sure that I don't visit any forums/websites/discussions/reviews etc so I make all the precautions, but even then I'm spoiled.


    Oh and by the way Rebecca looks like Nami only with really long hair. I'm guessing that she's a blond though.