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  1. Happy Birthday, Jon!


    Hope you have great day.

  2. -Dem0-

    Haven't bought any volumes yet, Waterstones has them though. I might just wait for those box sets as they must be cheaper buying in bulk as opposed to single volumes.


    Also, my current Bookshelf is starting to break so I'll need to find a new one before I buy anything :p


    Btw, how did you find out about those Viz boxsets?

  3. I added yo friend code (why didn't I do it sooner...)!

    Add me back please!



  4. -Dem0-

    I couldn't find a decent video either.


    Where did you go for your holiday?

  5. I hope I can finish some of my eShop titles and climb up the rankings in MH before FE arrives.


    I've got it pre-ordered on ShopTo as a backup because I've been on the look-out for any pre-order promotions/deals but haven't come across anything of the sort. There's a possibility that we may get something from Club Nintendo, but as we get closer and closer to launch that's looking unlikely.

    If anyone one us finds something I'll let you know ASAP.

  6. -Dem0-

    I sent them an email asking them a few questions about packaging, delivery time on these kind of products, what happens if I get duplicate/missing volumes etc. Just waiting on a reply now.


    Yup, the price certainly jumped up on Amazon! It's £79.99 on ForbiddenPlanet.


    Don't know if I asked you this before but what other series are you following at the moment?

  7. I think I've seen a few of the TV Specials, they were a while ago now and I can't remember much of them.

    I'm going to watch the first Movie tonight, it will be the first bit of One Piece I've seen in a while now.

    btw if you get the chance give me your impressions of Pirate Warriors.

  8. -Dem0-

    I think it will be best if I just wait for future One Piece box sets then.


    Also the Bakuman box set has arrived (£65). I also bought the Fullmetal Alchemist manga box set (£80) as I've been meaning to get into the series for years.


    I think I'm done with manga for now. Budgeting-wise I probably won't make another entertainment purchase until MK8. If you're interested I'll be posting some pics in the manga/anime thread tomorrow.


    Oh and by the way, you should check out Hunter X Hunter (2011 anime) if you get the chance. You won't regret it!

  9. -Dem0-

    I think it's from a real show...maybe, I just came across it on YouTube.


    I haven't read 695 yet, I'll read it soon though.

  10. -Dem0-

    I was going to buy it from Amazon, as they were the cheapest last time I checked.





    What do you think?

  11. -Dem0-

    I watched the 1st One Piece movie a few days ago. Even though it looked and sounded pretty bad, I still really enjoyed it...

    But it made me watch the episodes again :(

    13 episodes in 3 days.

    I must say those episodes were great, especially as it draws nearer to end of the arc. The most recent episode had a moment where my jaw literally dropped.

    Now I'm up to date, and I can't wait.

  12. -Dem0-

    I will never forget this act of kindness...


  13. -Dem0-

    I'm fine thanks. Not much going on here either and no, I haven't bought collection 1 :sad: (sad times I know) just can't afford it at the moment. I even had enough for a Vita I've been eying for some time but I think it would be best if I just sit back instead of rushing in.


    You got a Vita right, how would rate your experience with it so far?

  14. -Dem0-

    I'm taking my time with the One Piece box set. Just finished volume 2.


    Reading like this is so much better compared to reading it on a tablet/online. Also seeing the earlier chapters feels fresh as I predominantly watched the anime up until early Punk Hazard.

    Do you think it would be better to buy the New World volumes just in case there's another box set?


    Believe it or not I started to read Nisekoi about a month ago as my sister strongly recommended it.


    At first I couldn't really understand why (she knows the types of series I like) but eventually I found myself seriously LOL, mostly at those ridiculous faces. Don't know what chapter I'm on though, not too fussed either :p

  15. -Dem0-

    I've always been keeping an eye on the Wi-fi model as I never needed the 3G one, but now this is considerably cheaper than the Wi-fi model. Also I'd prefer this one over the PS Vita 2000 as the screen is better like you said.



  16. -Dem0-

    I've got 1-5 now.




  17. It's great to hear your back in the League!


  18. It's not as great as an Animal Crossing themed birthday, but I hope you have happy birthday nonetheless!


    Enjoy, Hero!

  19. -Dem0-

    Just noticed that One Piece: Pirate Warriors is out today. The cheapest I've seen is £29.99 from both Zavvi & The Hut.






    EDIT: Just checked out the Thread for it, and it seems you're all aware of it. Are you going to buy it?

  20. -Dem0-

    Just searched for coby in the new world and I got this.



    I think it's from a one piece special. You seen this?

  21. Just wanted you to know that I've added your 3DS friend code but I can't 'mention' you in the thread. Here's mine:



  22. lol, thats happened a few times ;)


    I agree. Even though I initially said that I wouldn't play the demo, I still want to give it a go, but then again I want to experience Awakening in it's entirety when I play through the complete game... I can't wait!


    Actually scratch that, I've got enough games to keep me busy until FE arrives, I'm not playing the demo.

  23. -Dem0-

    Lot's of One Piece sounds great, but I've been saving up the episodes since the Straw hats actually began the fight against the New Fishman Pirates.

    About Pirate Warriors, what do you mean by installing? is it like the 360, where installing reduces loading times?


    And finally, no. I STILL haven't got Episode 2. I probably won't be going back to them ever again.

  24. -Dem0-

    New One Piece opening!

    "Hands Up!" from Kota Shinzato. You heard it yet? I thought it was really good, in all honesty I thought it was going to be a bit 'darker'. Still a nice opening though.


  25. -Dem0-

    Nice, I can read it in better quality now :p


    I haven't seen that spread until this morning, I found it while searching for some new colour spreads. The one I showed you is from Chapter 717.


    I get them from One Piece Wiki now. They've got all of them, in high quality.