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  1. -Dem0-

    Wow, awesome! Noob question, but are these episodes the FUNimation dub or the original with subs?


    I've been thinking about buying the Manga volumes, but I would need a new Bookshelf. I just want some kind of One Piece collection.

  2. -Dem0-

    That shirt does look great. What's wrong, don't like yellow :laughing:


    I may also buy the Soul King Shirt too, it's really nice.


    Thanks :)

  3. -Dem0-

    I think it's from a real show...maybe, I just came across it on YouTube.


    I haven't read 695 yet, I'll read it soon though.

  4. -Dem0-

    Absolutely Hilarious!

  5. -Dem0-

    That is nice, but expensive.


    My brother has a PSP but haven't seen him use it in a while, might check out what games he's got actually.


    Btw, I started reading the manga about a week ago, just read from where I left off in the anime up until the point where Luffy beat Ceaser. Punk Hazard is a really great Arc.

  6. -Dem0-

    Scratch that.


    The pic with Luffy & Blackbeard is from the opening, just watched it.


    I'm impressed, that's a nice opening imo.

  7. -Dem0-

    Wow, great stuff. I'm definitely interested in this.


    Those screens look amazing! but does this game have some "never before seen" animation like in other anime video games.

    e.g this pic you posted:



    Just checked out some cut-scenes, I like the use of manga panels, looks really cool.

  8. -Dem0-

    Saw that you recently started playing Romance Dawn. Didn't even know this game existed until I saw it on your backloggery.

    So I checked out the trailer and it looks pretty cool. Also looks like it's a turn based game.


    How you finding it so far?

  9. No problem, I just wanted to have some fun, besides we could just pick a day and post it in the MK Online meet up thread and there's bound to be others willing to join us.

  10. Ah man, I'm sad to hear it. However, I do respect your decision.

    If you're ever in the mood, how about we have some normal online play, just the two of us?

  11. Do you still play MK7?

    Would you be interested in taking part in the N- E League this year?

  12. -Dem0-

    Ahh, looks like I posted the reply in the wrong place. I put it in my Page by accident.

  13. "One Piece has some of the best background music ever."




    I'll see if I can listen to some of the music from Youtube later today, I'm interested to hear what it's like now!


    btw, Sakurai tweeted this yesterday:


    Which reminded me has this been released yet?

  14. -Dem0-

    Just searched for coby in the new world and I got this.



    I think it's from a one piece special. You seen this?

  15. -Dem0-

    Actually, it finally arrived around a week ago. Thanks though.

  16. -Dem0-

    "Jinbei, Join.... my crew!"

    Was that great or was that great!? Even though nothing happened in this episode (action-wise) I still thought it was a really good episode. The best part was the transfusion, where it showed the suffering that had been going on in the past, and having "We Go!" played in the background added to it.

    I thought Jinbei was going to join the Strawhats but I'm a bit confused as I was recently spoiled a bit through a later manga chapter and I couldn't see Jinbei with the crew.

  17. -Dem0-

    I watched the 1st One Piece movie a few days ago. Even though it looked and sounded pretty bad, I still really enjoyed it...

    But it made me watch the episodes again :(

    13 episodes in 3 days.

    I must say those episodes were great, especially as it draws nearer to end of the arc. The most recent episode had a moment where my jaw literally dropped.

    Now I'm up to date, and I can't wait.

  18. I think I've seen a few of the TV Specials, they were a while ago now and I can't remember much of them.

    I'm going to watch the first Movie tonight, it will be the first bit of One Piece I've seen in a while now.

    btw if you get the chance give me your impressions of Pirate Warriors.

  19. -Dem0-

    Yup, The replacement hasn't arrived either :angry: it's been 13 days since the replacement was dispatched too. I'll give it maybe another week max and if it still doesn't arrive I'll get a refund instead and buy episode 2 elsewhere.


    That's what I'm doing now, watching the Ace, Luffy & Sabo episodes. I skipped them first time round.

    Also I've been wanting to watch the movies but keep forgetting, have you seen them?

  20. -Dem0-

    Lot's of One Piece sounds great, but I've been saving up the episodes since the Straw hats actually began the fight against the New Fishman Pirates.

    About Pirate Warriors, what do you mean by installing? is it like the 360, where installing reduces loading times?


    And finally, no. I STILL haven't got Episode 2. I probably won't be going back to them ever again.

  21. -Dem0-

    Just noticed that One Piece: Pirate Warriors is out today. The cheapest I've seen is £29.99 from both Zavvi & The Hut.






    EDIT: Just checked out the Thread for it, and it seems you're all aware of it. Are you going to buy it?

  22. -Dem0-

    Has your copy of SP2 arrived yet? Mine hasn't.

  23. Happy b-day Mr. Merrick!


  24. I'm loving your new sig! Great stuff!

  25. Almost the exact same situation with me. 3 brothers and from time to time my sister would join in.