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  1. Mario Kart 8

    Surely you can't be spoiled in a game like Mario Kart. Knowing what the roster, items & tracks are before it's released won't take away from the enjoyment.
  2. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Nice little combo there!
  3. Football Season 2013/2014

    Just come to Arsenal, Reus.
  4. Basically this week's One Piece chapter:
  5. Football Season 2013/2014

    The 2nd half of Barca/Atletico was basically the Iniesta show. FCB completely dominated the half, but Diego scored an absolute wonder goal against the run of play: Not too long after that, Iniesta gave Neymar the PERFECT through pass, which in turn allowed him to finesse the shot first time, with his right foot, and into the far side. Two great goals, all to play for in the 2nd leg. Love it.
  6. At the moment I'm squeezing in some Dual Destinies every few days or so. But I plan on returning to Uprising & Monster Hunter 3U soon.
  7. Football Season 2013/2014

    Liverpool deserve to be top. They play great, attacking football week in-week out. Rodgers is an excellent manager, but more importantly Henry & Co. stuck with him during the difficult times behind the scenes & on the pitch (manor of Dalglish sacking, poor league finish etc), and now it's paying off.
  8. Why The Arlong Park Sequence In ‘One Piece’ Is The Greatest Comic Book Fight Scene Of All Time [Opinion]
  9. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    "Pic of the day. Oh, Uncle Andross. He really isn't very considerate." All of the new items so far:
  10. The Clegg/Farage Debates

    Ah, forgot about this. I phoned home and asked for this to be recorded. Hopefully I'll watch it later. Thanks for the reminder.
  11. Football Season 2013/2014

    From disgusting to diabolical. - Arsenal.
  12. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    '"Pic of the day. Here's a comparison of characters with and without their outlines on the 3DS version. They also give off a different impression in 3D, so customize the look however you like."
  13. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    I wouldn't worry about the likes of Ness, Yoshi, Ice Climbers, Game & Watch, Falco, Ganandorf, Captain Falcon etc. No doubt they'll be confirmed, the only question is when!
  14. Football Season 2013/2014

    Hope El Classico delivers tonight. Should be good!
  15. It's Ike's Birthday!

    Was planning on making this thread, but was on the road since late last night. Good thing we've got Sam! Happy Birthday my fellow Straw-hat.
  16. Football Season 2013/2014

    No excuses, this team shouldn't be losing 6-0. Period. Even with injuries (Chelsea had some very important players out too), some may debate the red card, blame the ref for sending off the wrong player etc, etc, etc. At the end of the day it was our carelessness that caused us to concede those two early goals, which ultimately put the team in that dire situation leading to the 3rd. The players have let Arsene Wenger down YET AGAIN this season.
  17. Football Season 2013/2014

    PSG/Chelsea is the most evenly-balanced tie in the Quarters, but I still think PSG will go through. Especially if they don't concede in the 1st leg. The arrogant Ibra will be too strong for Chelsea's defence. Thought this was worth a share from Lagvilava7:
  18. Football Season 2013/2014

    Draw in full: Barca, Real, PSG & Bayern to go through.
  19. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    "Pic of the day. The most powerful commander of the Forces of Nature, Lightning Flash Phosphora!! …is a Trophy. The detail in her scarf is amazing."
  20. MGS V: Ground Zeroes

    I'll just wait for a Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain pack.
  21. Sweetness. Look at that condensed Haki!


    I got 1,3,4 & 5 from eBay, in brand new condition. They were around £17/18 each.

    I've got to protect these books from my own drool, that's how good the art looks!

  22. Mario Kart 8

    Sunshine Airport