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  1. Football Season 2013/2014

    Those results made my night.
  2. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Gives you The Boss.
  3. Link Figurine

    From Destructiod Medicom Toy brings us
  4. Football Season 2013/2014

    What a game. What a result. You know what it means to this legend.
  5. Football Season 2013/2014

    So far so good for the pool! I missed the first 15 minutes but what I saw was very good. Great pressing, quick counter-attacking play and a rocking atmosphere. In truth they should've gotten a few more goals, but I'm pretty sure that Liverpool are going to win this if they keep playing like this.
  6. Football Season 2013/2014

    One lucky club is getting a top class keeper.
  7. At the moment I'm reading the manga for One Piece & Naruto. Used to watch Naruto but stopped around the 5 Kage arc, will continue when I've built up enough years (to account for the filler seasons), or maybe when it comes to an end. As for One Piece it's both. However I'm building up the episodes of the current arc as the animators have upped the overall quality, besides nothing feels better than marathoning a bunch of OP episodes. The only anime I watch weekly is Hunter X Hunter.
  8. Football Season 2013/2014

    Welcome to the club... You'll get used to it. The AFC boys better turn up today.
  9. Happy Birthday Cube!

    Happy birthday, you awesome cube you!
  10. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    I left the GC controller behind after moving on to Brawl. Could never get used to the Classic Controller as hard as I tried, eventually the Wiimote/Nunchuk combo worked for me. It's rough and a bit dodgy at times but it was manageable. Wii U Pro Controller is the way to go now.
  11. Football Season 2013/2014

    I'm rooting for Atletico!
  12. Nintendo Direct - Tuesday 8th at 11pm

    Nope. No cross-play. Sakurai confirmed this last year. All we know is that there will be some interaction between both, but to what it covers, how they'll connect, and to what degree we don't know. In last night's Direct Sakurai said that this will be explained later on.
  13. Oh man, another great chapter of One Piece. I'm going to post some thoughts on this later on. My heads still packed with Smash Bros. goodness.
  14. Nintendo Direct - Tuesday 8th at 11pm

    Since the 3DS version is coming first we'll know the complete roster by E3 at the latest then.
  15. Nintendo Direct - Tuesday 8th at 11pm

    This ninja caught me by surprise, but damn is he epic. Likewise, but unlike you, I didn't enjoy using Samus/ZSS at all so I gave up on her, but I'm a big fan of the changes they made to her character and now she's going to join my team. She's a badass inside a badass.
  16. Nintendo Direct - Tuesday 8th at 11pm

    Tell that to Josh from the BitBlock.
  17. Nintendo Direct - Tuesday 8th at 11pm

    Maybe Sakurai is saving some of the big name newcomers for a later date. E3 perhaps?
  18. Nintendo Direct - Tuesday 8th at 11pm

    The only big question I had left is going to be answered later (Wii U/3DS interaction). Thought it was an excellent direct overall.
  19. Nintendo Direct - Tuesday 8th at 11pm

    Here we go! Summer 2014 for 3DS, winter for Wii U.