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  1. Another World by Delphine (SNES)



    Today, games are becoming more and more like movies. There's that upcoming "The Movies" game, Fahrenheit for the PS2, and also that DS game whose title I forgot. Another World, released in 1991, was the first game to attempt this - and it r0x0rs. A very stylish, very absorbing game based on the Shadow & Flame engine. Play it now, you wuss.




    Intelligent Qube by SCEI (PS)


    A rockin' puzzle game that ISN'T a Tetris clone, with grand symphonic music. Nothing could go wrong, you might think - and nothing does. Well, the visuals are a bit dull I guess - but it's as fun as a weekend with Audrey Tautou and only half as exhausting.


    Basically, you're a man standing on a big, cubic structure in space. You can hit X to mark a square, then hit X again to capture whatever's rolled onto it. A group of cubes rush from one end of the arena to the other, and you have to capture some - the grey and green - and avoid others - the black. Capturing grey cubes will expand the arena, lessening your chances of falling off. Likewise, capturing a black cube will knock bits off the arena. Capturing green cubes will activate extra marked squares that you can activate seperately. It's not confusing, I'm just highly illiterate.


    You should also play Valkyrie Profile, Vagrant Story, Wild Guns and Commander Keen, but I'm not writing about those.

  2. I have the opportunity to buy a Dreamcast for $80 AU (which is something like 30 pounds). Would you say it's worth it? I can think of a couple of games I'd like, but I'm pretty poor and I wouldn't be able to buy any Cube or DS games until xmas - and I really want Tales of Symphonia and Golden Sun.

  3. My criteria for purchasing a console, in order:


    - Who is EAD developing for?

    - Are there a significant number of interesting quirky titles? (Katamari, Ico, Pikmin, etc)

    - Who is Capcom developing for?

    - Who is Namco developing for?

    - Which system has the most RPGs?


    Because of this I purchased Nintendo's console as well as Sony's this generation; but not Microsoft's. I suspect the same will be true of the next generation, though I hear Sony is losing a lot of third party support.

  4. As long as they're not taking steps back, it doesn't bother me. I'd rather have a cheap console that's easy for third parties to develop for.


    Realistically, there's not really a lot more you can do right now. Resident Evil 4 was fucking amazing, for the next few years you can only make minor improvements upon that.

  5. I think it should be called RES - Revolution Entertainment System :D:D!!!


    Hey, that sounds pretty awesome. RES (pronounced 'rez') - Revolutionary Entertainment System. Good idea.


    Personally, I'm rooting for Nintendo Waffler.

  6. have the ability to remove the "remote" and use it mid-play. Just think, playing Zelda with a GameCube-style controller, but when you start a battle, you grab the remote from the back (like a DS stylus) and wave it around to use your sword, then sheathing it in the shell again.

  7. An N64 ROM is usually about 14mb. Some are bigger (64mb is the biggest) and some are smaller (2mb is the smallest).


    A SNES ROM is usually about 2mb. I think the biggest is 8 and the smallest is 200kb.


    A NES ROM is between 20 and 200kb.


    You should be able to save 30 N64 games at any time, plus more on cards you can buy.