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  1. Ike

    Err, not too sure on the Punk Hazard/current arc, feels a bit different than what we usually get for some reason, can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's been a bit less action focused?


    Current arc is getting pretty interesting, don't want to say too much in case I spoil anything, had some funny moments and a rather surprising moment.


    Not sure if I trust Law or not, but Luffy's just going to do his own thing in the end.


    Going to let the chapters build up again now.

  2. Ike

    I was searching for ways to stop Shorty from stalking me. Apparently, it didn't work.

  3. Ike

    Not bad, started a new job recently which has been draining my energy (sorry it took a little while to reply).


    How have you been? Was going to send you a message but you beat me to it. ;) Picked up Strong World yet?

  4. Ike

    No worries. :)


    Price wise? Seems like a good deal. The individual volumes are are about £5.24 so that's £104.80, some are priced at £6.99 so it's actually a bit higher. The seller seems to have a good rating if you want to risk it and try them.


    I see the One Piece set has gone up to £130. :o


    Think I said this before but I've not read too much of the series, but I quite liked what I did read, I just never got round to reading the whole thing.

  5. Ike

    Remember the One Piece manga boxset I mentioned a while ago? Amazon has it up for preorder for £94.60.

  6. Includes both the Funimation dub and the Japanese dub with English subs. Imported the US sets but ordered these to support Manga Entertainment.


    Haha, yeah. I'm kinda out of room for all my manga as well. And anything else for that matter. :P Do you want to buy the Viz English releases or import the Japanese volumes?

  7. Ike

    Good idea, I usually test a 3rd party seller by how fast and what they respond to emails. You should't get any duplicate/missing volumes though if it's sealed like it should be.


    How far have you gotten through your One Piece box set so far?


    I've gotten into Nisekoi although I'm not sure why as I normally wouldn't and it seems a bit generic. Used to read Haruhi Suzumiya but I haven't picked up any of the new volumes for a while. I pick up the Ghostbusters comics when they come out but otherwise it's just mostly One Piece at the moment.

  8. Ike

    Yeah much prefer physical books.


    I guess it depends if you can wait that long. Probably depends on how well the first one sold and if they do a set every year, in which case could be another 2 years to get to volume 60-ish. It's hard to say at the moment, I don't think Viz has said anything about it yet.


    Yeah, I only read it because the new chapters are in the Weekly Jump. I had to go back and read all the earlier chapters to understand what was going on and who the characters were though. It's a change of pace from One Piece, I suppose. ::shrug:


    I was thinking about importing the Vita version of J-Stars Victory VS yesterday but it's pretty expensive.

  9. Ike

    Depends, since they only went up to volume 12 with the 3-in-1 books it's up to you if you want a matching collection or not. The paper is a bit cheap as well which is why it's cheaper. Plus you don't get the proper covers. They are bit heavy if your holding them as well.


    Personally, I would just get the single volumes.


    Travelling Man, Forbidden Planet and Waterstones often do 3 for 2 deals if you have any nearby that can help.


    Just a warning though; they do call Zoro, Zolo. Doesn't bother me but I know it's annoys a lot of people.


    I thought about getting a few volumes in Japanese, but I never got round to it. I do have some of the data books and Colo(u)r Walks. Thought about picking up some of the LOG books but the shipping costs too much.

  10. Ike

    It's from the new Luffy special coming out in December. Knew about the special before but didn't know Coby was going to be in it, thought it was meant to be a retelling of Luffy's past like the Episode of Nami special but it'll have some new stuff so interesting to see how Coby ties into it.


    Found a new trailer for it:



    It's supposed to tie in with the new movie (I think), which also has a trailer:



    Pretty excited for this movie, trailer for it looks great.

  11. Thanks, added you back :)

  12. Ike

    Saw this and couldn't resist ordering.


  13. Ike

    Haha, well at least you'll have plenty to read. ;)


    Just seen this will browsing Play Asia. It's a Law plush that turns into a cushion!



  14. Ike

    "Nothing happened" :laughing:


    I don't like AMV either but it wasn't bad.


    My One Piece t-shirts from UNIQLO arrived today, they are having a sale if your interested.

  15. Ike

    I'm OK, I guess. How're you? Anything new?


    To answer your previous question, nope. I don't watch any sports. Unless Davy Back Fights count. ;)

  16. Ike

    Got the One Piece Film Z soundtrack in today. Got some interesting songs, but nothing super amazing so far, only half way through listening though. One Piece has some of the best background music ever.


    Preorder bonus was a set of stickers but it turned out to just be the cover art, which is still pretty cool.

  17. Ike

    Viz announced the second One Piece boxset today. http://shonenjump.viz.com/node/2013 They announced it sooner than I thought.

  18. Ike

    Think someone uploaded the soundtrack on the Arlong Park forums if you visit there, it's probably on youtube anyway. The raw for the Luffy Special is floating about as well if you want to check it out. Got my shipping notice for the PSP game this morning.


    Yeah, saw it earlier. Dark Pit looks better than Pit, might end up buying both now. Still doesn't have a release date unless they announced it recently. Still waiting for Link to arrive. :(

  19. Ike

    Ah. I was close. I think I predicted it would go up to volume 45. Been thinking lately if I should by the boxsets just to have them all in a nice box. Don't really have the room for it though. :(

  20. Ike

    Added you back :)

  21. Ike

    Used to use Mangapanda but their translations were pretty bad so I've just been using Mangareader recently, I was wondering if there was a better place to read them myself. Wish Viz made Shonen Jump Alpha available over here.


    Viz are doing a boxset with volumes 1 - 23 if you haven't started buying volumes yet, not out until November though.



    MSRP $185.99 U.S. / $185.99 CAN • Available November 1st 2013

    A premium box set that bundles the first two story arcs of ONE PIECE, one of the most beloved and bestselling manga series of all time! The Box Set includes volumes 1-23, which comprise the series’ first two story arcs, East Blue and Baroque Works. The set includes an exclusive poster and mini-comic, and delivers great savings over buying the volumes individually to make for a true pirate’s treasure for any manga fan!


    Amazon should stock it.

  22. Ike

    Not really, been meaning try the other series' properly though. Toriko's art style kinda put me off.


    Maybe if you ask me nicely, I can get you the chapters. ;)


    I'll get you the rest during the weekend.


    I'm sure you can buy back issues of WSJ on the iOS app, but I can't work out how to do it on the Android app.

  23. Ike

    I guess you could always buy volumes 24+ in the meantime might be a while before those get a box set.


    Saw it on the Arlong Park forums, and it got reported on a few anime news websites.


    Amazon UK already has a page for it but you can't preorder yet. http://www.amazon.co.uk/One-Piece-Box-Set-Baroque/dp/1421560747/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1363713813&sr=8-1