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  1. Yep, not really going be some action for a few episodes now that we're at the end of the arc. Some interesting story stuff coming up though. Won't say too much otherwise I'll spoil it :P


    That was really We Go!?. It didn't sound like it too me, lol.


    Guess you'll find out next week about Jinebei, or you could read the manga ;) Unless you really want me to spoil it :P


    Chopper and Sanji were funny in this episode. Was laughing how Robin had to carry Chopper about and Sanji being jealous.


    Just hope they don't do a filler arc now.


    Watched movie 5 last night, was better then I remembered. Don't actual remember why I disliked it now. Think it was because I originally thought Zoro was acting odd it in.

  2. Ike

    Very good :) Wonder if you have the same version as me, the quality was pretty bad on mine as well, lol. Had to watched bits and pieces of the movies to remind myself about them, haven't seen them in ages. Movie 2 is good if I remember right. Movie 3 and 5 I wasn't a big fan of. Think I'll have to rewatch them :).


    Yeah, the lastest episode was good:


    Red Hawk was great, the anime added a few things (the Ace throwback). Wonder how Luffy managed to 1). Set his arm on fire. 2). Do it underwater. :P


    Brook was good this episode, not usually a fan of him. Zeo is hilarious.


    Also, Monster Chopper!




    Think after this arc, I'll let the new one build up and marathon them, nothing better than a One Piece marathon :).


    FUNImations next DVD is out end of October, but I usually get them a couple of weeks before the release date so shouldn't be too long before the end of the Davy Back Fight.

  3. Ike

    I've seen the first 8, not seen anything after them. I'm just going to wait for FUNImation's release of Strong World. Movie 6 is my favourite so far, but it's pretty much another Davy Back Fight. Movie 7 was pretty good from what I remember but it's been a while since I've seen that one.


    Watched the Nami special recently in Japanese since it hasn't been subbed yet, but I know what's going on really so didn't need them. made me want to watch the TV version again though :laughing:

  4. Ike

    Yeah, except it's mandatory for PS3 games.


    Even the second copy hasn't turned up? I only bought it from the The Hut because my Dad had a 10% off voucher :P but normally I avoid using them.


    Was thinking about letting the episodes build up again, might just go back and watch the ones I missed.

  5. Ike

    Yeah I just got it from Shopto since they're more reliable. Been away for a couple of days so haven't played it yet, it's installing now.


    Also got One Piece volume 64 and the latest One Piece episode to catch up on as well (anime has been dragging out the Fishman Island arc out mind), so lots of One Piece at the moment :)


    You get your copy of Episode 2 yet?

  6. Ike

    Yeah, arrived Tuesday or Wednesday last week. This is why I hate Zavvi :p

  7. Ike

    Thanks. Ordered. Shouldn't have been split up, but not a bad price. Bit surprised the first one hasn't dropped in price.

  8. Thanks. The ones with the Toei logo are, you can normally tell by the way the subtitles are done as well. They seem to use different groups, but at least I can watch them.

  9. Ike

    Where do you One Piece online? Haven't been keeping up lately so I don't know where the best place to watch it is these days. I'd prefer the FUNImation subs, but they tend to be region ip blocked, any other good ones will do.

  10. Ike

    Added you back :)

  11. Thanks, added you back :)

  12. Ike

    "Nothing happened" :laughing:


    I don't like AMV either but it wasn't bad.


    My One Piece t-shirts from UNIQLO arrived today, they are having a sale if your interested.

  13. Ike

    Last volume was 61 (English version). Last episode of the Japanese anime version I was watched was one of the post time skip episodes were the crew rejoin. Still need to watch FUNImation's English dub of Skypiea on DVD, although I did see it when it aired on TV in America.


    Not a big fan of the post skip designs to be honest.

  14. Ike

    Both! I haven't been keeping up with the Japanese Anime/Manga lately though.

  15. Thanks, added you back :)

  16. Ike

    I was searching for ways to stop Shorty from stalking me. Apparently, it didn't work.