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  1. Ike

    Haha, that was a lot funnier than it probably should be. :laughing:


    You probably saw in the Anime thread but I got my copy of Strong World so will be watching that this weekend when I'm not so tired. Excitement!

  2. Ike

    Just Strong World and Movie 8 so far. They said they had the rights to Film Z but that won't arrive until this time next year.


    Kinda funny how Toei won't even let Manga UK release movie 8 without having movies 1 - 7 out first. Oh well.


    yeah, I like Luffy's, Sanji's and Robin's outfits in this movie.

  3. Ike

    I think this was the best part of Strong World:




    It's a great movie all round though. Billy was the real star, a mix between Karoo and Pickachu. :p

  4. Ike

    Very good :) Wonder if you have the same version as me, the quality was pretty bad on mine as well, lol. Had to watched bits and pieces of the movies to remind myself about them, haven't seen them in ages. Movie 2 is good if I remember right. Movie 3 and 5 I wasn't a big fan of. Think I'll have to rewatch them :).


    Yeah, the lastest episode was good:


    Red Hawk was great, the anime added a few things (the Ace throwback). Wonder how Luffy managed to 1). Set his arm on fire. 2). Do it underwater. :P


    Brook was good this episode, not usually a fan of him. Zeo is hilarious.


    Also, Monster Chopper!




    Think after this arc, I'll let the new one build up and marathon them, nothing better than a One Piece marathon :).


    FUNImations next DVD is out end of October, but I usually get them a couple of weeks before the release date so shouldn't be too long before the end of the Davy Back Fight.

  5. Guess someone answered you already, but yeah it's pretty much the same as the original CPP. It doesn't add much size to the XL so it's not big as you would expect and doesn't add much weight to the XL. I found it a little more comfortable then the original as well. As for wear and tear, I haven't really used it too much to have any, but I don't expect it to either really. My original is still good as new. :)


    Depends if your going to use it much, I think they might release it with Monster Hunter in March but that's speculation on my part so it depends if you can wait 2 months and see if they do or not. Importing it would guarantee you have one and in a week or two though so that's a bonus. Worth getting one though, can't play RE: Revelations without it myself.

  6. Ike

    Both! I haven't been keeping up with the Japanese Anime/Manga lately though.

  7. Ike

    Yeah they were great together. Might watch the Japanese dub this weekend.


    Ah, that sucks. :(


    They've added Brand New World to Wii U Karaoke's song list so might use my free trial and check it out when no one else is home.

  8. Ike

    Viz Weekly Shonen Jump app is out now. £1.91 per month for a sub.


    Seems you can't buy manga volumes on it though :(.


    Edit: Never mind, you can buy manga on this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vizmanga.android&hl=en although shows in USD for me. Bit confused which one your supposed to use.

  9. Ike



    What ability does he have? I can't work it out, seems to be some sort of Earth ability? Dropped a Meteorite on Law when they fought at Green Bit and seems he can use his ability to fly by standing on a piece of ground.


    He's who I think will be fighting who:


    Doflamingo - Luffy (and possibly a Luffy/Law double team)

    Zoro - Issho

    Big Mom - Sanji

    Pekom - Chopper

    The egg dude - Brook?

    Nami on support?


    Not sure about everyone else. :p


    Luffy's going to have to drop out of the tournament if he's going to go after Doffy.



  10. Ike

    Ah, so he has a gravity ability? That makes more sense. Interesting...


    Shiki's ability wasn't really that great for combat, Issho/Fujitora's seems a lot more powerful.


    Viz's translation of 730 came out yesterday and it was a lot better then the fan translation, it actually made sense. :p


    Was trying to decide what the worst Devil Fruit power was, think it's probably the Rust ability one of the Marine Captains had in Enies Lobby who broke Zoro's sword. Doesn't seem like an ability you can do much with. :laughing:

  11. Ike

    Last volume was 61 (English version). Last episode of the Japanese anime version I was watched was one of the post time skip episodes were the crew rejoin. Still need to watch FUNImation's English dub of Skypiea on DVD, although I did see it when it aired on TV in America.


    Not a big fan of the post skip designs to be honest.

  12. Ike

    Yeah, arrived Tuesday or Wednesday last week. This is why I hate Zavvi :p

  13. Ike

    I'm fine, nothing much exciting going on at the moment. Calm before the E3 storm I guess. You?


    One Piece Collection 1 is out, did you pick up your copy? ;)

  14. Bad Dem0. Just go without food for a week or something, haha. :P


    Erm, well I've used it once properly since I got it when Dead or Alive came out which was March so that probably answers your question.


    Honestly I was quite underwhelmed with the machine, sure it's powerful but it's lacking something for me, maybe it's that Nintendo touch but I'm not sure. I found the OS very confusing and still do. The d-pad isn't as good as everyone says. The screen is nice I guess.


    I mostly bought it for the new Ys and PSO2 if that gets localised, admittedly I think I bought it too early and should have waited for Ys to come out first.


    Also doesn't help that I've been playing on the 3DS all the time.


    Might be worth it for you if you think there are enough titles you want to play but at the moment it's been sat in my draw for 2 months and to be honest I kind of forgot I have one.


    Oh, I think I saw you mentioned you took a break from gaming a few weeks back, what was up with that?

  15. Ike

    Just a heads up, next week's issue will have the Strong World Chapter 0.


    Haha, nice. Mecha Chopper. Don't think I've seen that one. Is there a site with all the colour spreads on? Been wanting to grab some high quality versions.


    I have https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44242392/Wallpapers/1920x1080_OP_Wallpaper.jpg and https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44242392/Wallpapers/OP_Halloween_Wallpaper_Widescreen.jpg as part of my wallpaper rotation on my laptop.

  16. Oh, forgot about Persona 4. Was considering picking it up but knew I won't have time too play it so figure'd I might as well wait until the price drops. Or it'll probably be on PS+ eventually. Shame One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 isn't getting a Vita release over here. At least you can afford the One Piece collection DVD now if your going to wait on the Vita ;)


    Ah, must have misread your post then. I got a bit bored of Monster Hunter, I think it has too much content. :laughing: Still jump on now and then though.


    Haha, that Chopper/law t-shirt is funny. That Zoro one is pretty cool. Still debating picking up the Elephant Gun t-shirt.

  17. Ike

    Just the first box set so far. Might be another year for a second box set. I guess they would have to include volumes 24 to 45 (end of Enies Lobby) if they did a second one.

  18. Ike

    Haha, is real?


    You read the latest manga chapter, 695 by any chance?

  19. Thanks, added you back :)

  20. Yep, not really going be some action for a few episodes now that we're at the end of the arc. Some interesting story stuff coming up though. Won't say too much otherwise I'll spoil it :P


    That was really We Go!?. It didn't sound like it too me, lol.


    Guess you'll find out next week about Jinebei, or you could read the manga ;) Unless you really want me to spoil it :P


    Chopper and Sanji were funny in this episode. Was laughing how Robin had to carry Chopper about and Sanji being jealous.


    Just hope they don't do a filler arc now.


    Watched movie 5 last night, was better then I remembered. Don't actual remember why I disliked it now. Think it was because I originally thought Zoro was acting odd it in.

  21. Ike

    Uniqlo have some new One Piece T-shirts. http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/clothing/ut/onepiece/


    That Battle Franky one is suuuper, shame it's yellow. Might buy it anyway.

  22. Nice. Waiting on Amazon shipping my (English) copy of volume 67. I got bored at work so I caught up on the manga, have you been reading it?


    Liking the new avatar/sig, btw.

  23. Thanks for the impressions. The gameplay looked a lot like the PS2 Budokai Tenkaichi games which I wasn't a massive fan of, but I saw some gameplay footage yesterday and it does look pretty fun. I like the twist they gave the story as they usually just follow the main story in every game and it got tiring. Think the last game I got was the one that included Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans and all I didn was watch that. :p


    Jaco was a preorder bonus DLC in Japan, do you know how to get him for the PAL/UK release?


    I'm a bit undecided if to get the PS4 version or buy it on Steam. My PS+ sub just expired though if that will be an issue. Unsure if I should wait for a price drop as well since I've already got a bit of a backlog at the moment.

  24. Ike

    OP Unlimited Cruise 2 is under £18 at Shopto if you still haven't got a copy.

  25. Ike

    Haha, just not my colour really.


    Saying that I ended up buying it and 3 others (including the one with the Crew's Jolly Rogers, which is also yellow :P) which arrive today! :yay: